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35 starsA good introduction and overview of Vietnamese cooking with lots of ractical tips and recommendations for roducts to use to achieve authentic taste and flavorsThe chief drawback was a lack of hotographs Only one of every three or so has oneMy Reign of Ash (The Chosen personal favoriteBeef Stew with Star Anise and LemongrasNo Churn Vietnamese Coffee Ice CreamPerfect Rice I really loved this cookbook You won t find restaurant food likeho and banh mi the author has other books for these More home recipes focusing on Vietnamese flavors and techniues which were seamless to add into my kitchen Andrea Nguyen does a great job at making Vietnamese food accessible from small towns to those with easy Asian grocery stores The first recipe I made was the Shaking Beef recipe my family enjoyed it I loved that I could Bred by the Beastmen (Bred by the Beastmen prepare all thearts ahead of time and then at the last minute book the Fline en Lingerie protein and get dinner on the table effortlessly The writer s style is friendly and relatable I enjoyed hearing about her family and how they worked to use new ingredients in traditional waysThe only change I would make is giving suggestions for those who do have an Asian grocery down the street I liked how the condiment section was laid out I d love one that was extensive not that the book was missing information I just think it is so helpful to have the brands I spent 20 minutes trying to find a dark soy sauce from a recipe from another book There were about 20 different choices I love a good cheat sheetThanks for a great book it is nice to add Vietnamese food to our home menus i m not one to review cookbooks on here but i love this cookbook really delicious recipes beautiful job of framing why and how andrea nguyen found the best ingredient substitutes for things not easily found outside of asian markets and some super helpful tips this is such aleasure for me to flip through i have seriously been talking this book up a storm to my friends I received a free copy of this book from the Surface publisherThis cookbook was well thought out making it simple for the novice cook to explore Vietnamese cuisine I appreciated the introductoryages in which Nguyen explains Asian ingredients noodles spices vegetables etc Trying something new and shopping for it can sometimes be overwhelmingI have tried a few recipes Shrim. Delicious fresh Vietnamese food is achievable any night of the week with this cookbook's 80 accessible easy recipes IACP AWARD FINALIST NAMED ONE OF THE BEST COOKBOOKS OF THE YEAR BY NPR The Washington Post Eater Food52 Epicurious Christian Science Monitor Library JournalDrawing on decades of experience as well as the.

P in Coconut Caramel Sauce Shaking Beef and Versatile Vegetable Soup All were delicious and my family really enjoyed it The instructions were easy to understand and I felt really comfortable and confident while cooking The Orange 5 (オレンジ, photos in the book are lovely and I wish there were The next thing I m going to make is Vietnamese coffee Can t waitI need to check out earlier cookbooks by Andrea Nguyen Theandemic has been a cooking bonanza for us We had joined a Food 52 cookbook group last fall and never really got deeply into it but once we were on lock down at home it unleashed us to try tons of new things In April it was hard to get anything but now we are able to get uite a few things and it seems important than ever to support our local Asian grocery which we have shopped at for over 20 years and has really had a good supply of things even when the grocery store has run low This month is Vietnamese foodcooking from this magnifiscent new cookbook from Andrea NguyenWe have two of her other three or so cookbooks and have made a few things out of the Bahn Mi cookbook including the rolls but not much This book is The No-Spend Challenge Guide: How to Stop Spending Money Impulsively, Pay off Debt Fast, Make Your Finances Fit Your Dreams packed with recipes that have two goals One is that you find the ingredients in a regular grocery store we are skipping that step and two is that they areared down so that they can be made easily on a weeknight So far we have made about 20 dishes from this and have another 15 to 20 that we The Scot plan to make evenutting unusual ingredients on our shopping list in order to make them Everything has been out of this world delicious and flavor Spring Snow packed and best of all we have gotten well into the habit of making things that were long forgotten like just how easy it is to make riceaper spring rolls and how delicious the flavor combination of lime juice fish sauce and sugar are This is a book to buy you will not be sorry Read the introduction if you are new to Asian cooking and you will be well euipped to make spectacular meals This is a great book for the interested and aspiring cook to begin investigating Viet cuisine Nguyen does a very good job using simple language to explain the traditions methods and ingredients used in the vibrant food of this culture She started this book by visiting chain supermarkets in various cities to see exactly what was available to the average. Cooking hacks her mom adopted after fleeing from Vietnam to America award winning author Andrea Nguyen shows you how to use easy to find ingredients to create true Vietnamese flavors at home fast With Nguyen as your guide there's no need to take a trip to a specialty grocer for favorites such as banh mi rice aper roll.

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Home cook She then devised very reasonable alternatives to traditional ingredients that would be difficult or impossible to find without access to a decent Asian grocer One can buy spices and condiments on the internet but sourcing fresh roduce is a different storyI have decades of cooking under my belt so to speak ha and have always been very thankful to have been born and raised in the South where food is a big Second Chance Pass (Virgin River, part of who we are and has been influenced for 200 yrs by many cultures known for their cuisine This includes the wonderful Vieteople many of whom settled in my city back in the 1970 s Because of this we re blessed with several Asian grocery stores so I can also indulge my own Chinese heritage I m what a lot of folks would call a cookbook nerd and actually read cookbooks from cover to cover like novels I m looking forward to trying several of Andrea Nguyen s interesting recipes and expanding my culinary horizons Fates Monolith (MacLomain, probably along with my aforementioned belt Wonderfully written cookbook and I really enjoyed how the author makes these recipes accessible foreople who may not have the best Asian or Vietnamese marketplaces in their area Pictures of recipes Most have At the Wolfs Table pictures Commentary on recipes YesNutrition facts NoRecipe Style Vietnamese cooking Any keepers A couple I m not sold on the simplicity of some of these recipes but many looked really good Not a good choice for those shy of long ingredient lists Vietnamese Food Any Day Simple Recipies for True Fresh Flavors by Andrea Nguyen Ten Speed Press 2019 64159597 Vietnamese food has been my absolute favorite cuisine ever since I stumbled across a superb Vietnamese restaurant in Greensboro North Carolina in the late 1980 s I have craved this cooking ever since but I have never found another restaurant that could duplicate the tastes and aromas from those days I have foundlenty of A Family Scandal places to enjoyho and bahn mi but I have been on the lookout for thirty years for a recipe book that approximates my memory of these meals While Andrea Nguyen has written a lovingly crafted cookbook this is not the instructional manual that I have sought all these years The recipes are lovely and I m sure that they are uite tasty but the dishes I crave are not included in this volume I ll keep looking My rating 710 finished 81919. S and ho as well as recipes for Honey Glazed Pork Riblets Chile Garlic Chicken Wings Vibrant Turmeric Coconut Rice and No Churn Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream Nguyen's tips and tricks for creating Viet food from ingredients at national supermarkets are indispensable liberating home cooks and making everyday cooking easie.

A bank examiner gone astray Andrea Nguyen is living out her childhood dream of being a writer editor teacher and consultant Her impactful books—Into the Vietnamese Kitchen Asian Dumplings Asian Tofu The Banh Mi Handbook and The Pho Cookbook—have been recognized by the James Beard Foundation International Association of Culinary Professionals and National Public Radio for their excellenc