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Did because I enjoyed getting to know this team and also being a part of the the inal chapter with themIt s sort of The Adventures of Rusty fitting that Jamieson chose Cam as her last Aces hero Being a commitment phobe he was the last player we expected to see becoming a one woman man He didn t do commitment He didn t like taking chances on things he wasn t sure he could ace but once he opened the door to Olivia it was game on And all it took was a betI wasn t sure about Cam after having met him in previous books but with him the centralocus in Game On I got to see that there was a lot to Cam than met the eye I saw his sweet and considerate side his dedication to his amily and his big heart There were all these little things he did that made me as well as Olivia love him and Olivia was great too Growing up the daughter of a very powerful amily she had been used and misled one too many times and was now hesitant to trust her heart That coupled with some self confidence issues created by her past and the way her Mamá family treated her made watching the evolution of her relationship with Cam very satisfyingThe combination of Olivia and Cam wasabulous There was the attraction and heat that I always like to see crackling between my hero and heroine but I also loved how When Mutants Attack! (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fun Jamieson made their interactions Theirirst Fearless (Nashville Nights, few dates bordered on rom com and I absolutely loved it But I also adored seeing them get beneath the surface and expose so much to each otherIt was not just the romance which won my heart in the book it was the wonderfularewell Jamieson gave to this group of guys It was a The Bomber Dog fondarewell to all the couples we saw get their HEAs Everyone was in attendance and the Novelas de Isabel Allende finish was big and very very satisfyingI will miss the Aces but lookorward to what Jamieson has in store Dreams Made Flesh (The Black Jewels, for us nextOverall Anotherabulous Aces book that was about taking chances and the rewards you can gain when you open yourself and your heartARC provided in exchange The Fearless Critic Portland Restaurant Guide for an honest review BLOG INSTAGRAM TWITTER BLOGLOVIN FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS. ?re playingor keeps Kelly Jamieson’s USA Today bestselling Aces Hockey series can be read together or separately MAJOR MISCONDUCT OFF LIMITS ICING TOP SHELF BACK CHECK SLAP SHOT PLAYING HURT BIG STICK GAME ON Don’t miss any of Kelly’s alluring reads The Bayard Hockey series SHUT OUT | CROSS CHECK The Last Shot series BODY SHOT | HOT SHOT | LONG SHOT The standalone novel DANCING IN THE RAIN This ebook includes an excerpt rom another Loveswept titleAdvance praise or Game On “Kelly Jamieson does it again with another ice melting read  Game On is all that” New York Times bestselling author Heidi McLaughl.

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Ow they got together the guys made a bet that Cam couldn t get Olivia to go out with him part one of the bet and if he did that he couldn t date he I m kind of obsessed with this series and this Anne, Ben Barbar Mıyım? finale was a sweet little reminder that I haven t actually read every book I can t wait to go back to the beginning and read about all the couples I ve missed because thisinale isn t just a delicious romance about a hockey player and the girl he dates on a bet but it s a beautifully unforgettable Becoming Violet farewell to every couple that hasound an HEA in this seriesI couldn t stop reading this book Everything about Cam and Olivia was addictive and romantic and steamy I seriously could not get enough of them Cam is a guy who doesn t take chances He won t roll the dice on anything he isn t sure he can win And because of that he never loses Olivia on the other hand can t catch a break She knows she can t win in a number of aspects of her life so even though she s reluctant to even try she continues wearing her heart on her sleeve even if things don t typically pan out Of course this creates an addictive complicated dynamic between two characters who agree to date with conditions Kelly Jamieson is my go to Serial Killer Quarterly Vol.2 No.7 Psychotic Killers for yummy sexy sports romances packed with steam and a good dose of angst This book was especially delicious because Cam isreaking AMAZING I was so annoyed with him and his womanizing antics in Big Stick but ooooh man did I just adore him in Game On The affectionate thoughtful side beneath that noncommittal exterior was just EVERYTHING and I really enjoyed watching him discover all the things he never thought he d want I m sad to see this series end but I m delighted to go back and discover all the Aces romances I skipped Game On was sweet and sexy romantic and High Angle Rescue Techniques fun and it was absolutely the perfectarewell to this unforgettable series This was a bittersweet read Finn Family Moomintroll for me because I love the Aces so much I actually just discovered them last year and then binged the rest of the series in 2018 I am really happy Never giving up his bachelor lifestyle Olivia Lockwood heiress to the Lockwood Industriesortune is used to people using her The Glass Palace for her money andamily connections When Cam Brickley hits on her in a club Olivia’s Something Like Fate first instinct is to brush him off But he couldn’t be using heror her money since he has than enough of his own Cam’s gorgeous and built and it would be no hardship to go out with him besides he’d be the perfect spokesperson A Gun for Sale for the children’s charity she works with Maybe it’s timeor her to start using people Cam and Olivia are both in it or something What they don’t know yet is that they?.

Like many other OTT cheesy romance ooks this book delivered just that Cheesy characters with super insta lust moment OTT plot about a boy who swear off love and a girl who changes him in a heartbeat There is no major twist Low angst and low drama The romance is serves uick and orced Dont get me wrong I do like this book OK Its an easy read on Christmas eve waiting or my dinner 3 stars 35 stars Sweet sports romance This book started off slow or me but once I settled in I really started to enjoy this readWhat I really love about Kelly Jamieson s characters is the slow build that she gives them in other words it takes a while to really get to know who they are but it is generally always worth the wait and entertaining along the wayCam is a case in point he initially appears much superficial and that s aside A Gun for Sale from theact that it is made clear People of the Book fairly uickly that he really isn t a relationship type of guy but as it turns out he does have many really sweet ualities and he also possesses an honesty and integrity that you wouldn t initially suspect atirst glance Overall this was a really pleasant read and a good Encore, Grace! finish to the Aces Hockey seriesNot necessarily myavorite book by this author but I did like it plentyKelly is an author that could easily write well any type of romance IMO but she certain You can see this and other Reviews I have written along with various cover reveals excerpts and giveaways here Nadine s Obsessed with BooksI m sad you want to know why I m sad It s because this is the last book in the Aces Hockey Series this is one series that I actually hoped would keep going and going and going It s rare that you ind a series that keeps you coming back or and wishing it would never end but that is exactly what I had Fear the Darkness (Brigid Quinn, found with the Aces Hockey Series Not only do we have a great group of men but the women theyall Tarot Says Beware (Herculeah Jones Mysteries, for a phenomenal as well Each and every book had me hookedrom beginning to endGame On is Cam s story Cam and Oliva s story touched me on a personal level because of When the stakes are this high it’s game on “Kelly Jamieson is an auto buy or me” New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips Cam Brickley and his pro hockey teammates bet on everything who can win ive Afterlands faceoffs in a row who can doorty pushups in less than a minute who can eat a ghost pepper without puking But when his buddies bet him he can’t date the same woman like say the hot blonde over at the bar Deutschlandreise for two months and notall in love he’ll take that bet all day Then he’ll laugh all the way to the hockey arena where they’ll be washing his jock straps or the rest of the season because Cam’s.