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All I can say is Magnificent This book is headed straight to my favorites shelfOh that poor mother in law Boy she s been getting a bad rap lately This is the third book I ve read recently regarding a so called evil mother in law This timeit s just a bit different There are two sides to every story Maybe it s time we all heard the mother in law s side of the storyTold from 2 points of view of Lucy the daughter in law and Diana Yup you guessed itDiana the mother in law Lucy is over the moon about marrying Ollie and becoming part of his family She d also like nothing than to befriend Diana and develop that special bond between mother and daughter in law If only it were that simple or easyWhen Diana is found dead in her home no one nows if it was a suicide or if someone with an axe to grind may have wanted her dead After all it s not a stretch to say she may not have been the Snow Monsters Do Drink Hot Chocolate (The Bailey School Kids Junior Chapter Book, kindest person to those closest to her Oh my gosh I absolutely could not put this book down This was such a different take on the typical mother in law story I just loved it I ran the full gamut of emotions reading this book It will make you smile shock you at timesit may even bring a tear to your eye It did for meSally Hepworth does such a fantastic job creating a character that you can love and hate at the same time This is my second book from her and while I loved The Family Next Door this one just blew me away I was so ready for something original Needed a different take on a subject that has been repeatedly done This was that book Fantastic job Ms Hepworth I am now anxiously waiting for your next releaseA buddy read with SusanneThank you SusanneThank you to Jordan Hanley at St Martin s Press for an advanced copy to read and review Families there is the one you are born into the one you marry into and the one you chooseWhen Lucy marries Ollie she desperately wants to be accepted into his family especially by his Mother Diana as Lucy lost her mother at an early age But from day one Diana appears reserved and distant The rest of Ollie s family embraces Lucy but Lucy feels that she just can t do anything right in Diana s eyes Lucy is a lively woman who chooses to stay home with her children and is doing the best she can to be a good mother wife and daughter in lawDiana was basically disowned by her parents during her later teenage years for choices she made and was taken in by her Aunt She eventually meets her husband Tom and her life changes for the better With Tom Diana raised two children Ollie and Nettie Diana often must play the bad cop in her family yet has a generous and giving nature with the refugees she helpsI don t want to say any about the plot and encourage fellow readers to go innowing as little as you can about the plot This book pleasantly surprised me I have been a fan of Hepworth since reading her first book and this book lived up to my expectations of her writing I loved how she gave us the inner thoughts of each of the two main women Lucy and Diana I also appreciated how she showed each s intentions and how often intentions can be misread or someone might have difficulty fully articulating hisher motivesthoughtsemotions to another person effectively thus causing others to make inaccurate assumptions about that individual It s what you say how you say it and sometimes the things you don t get the chance to say choose not to say or don t say Relationships are tricky things In fact relationships can be messy Worry about overstepping worry about not being liked worry about not teaching your children the skills to live worry about being over bearing worry about not being involvedahall the worriesDiana and Lucy are not the only characters with relationship issues in this book There are uite a few things going on in the relationships of others in this book as well These subplots with are a part of the larger plot are just as important and show issues which can occur in marriages with co workers and with people we interact with in our personal lives I found this book to be a fast read which did not disappoint I enjoyed how the Mother in lawdaughter in law complicated relationship unfolded How each tired with the other in her own way It was refreshing to read both of their POV sections to see how they interpreted situations and often misinterpret each other intentionsBut this book is also not all about relationships it is also about what happened to Diana There is a mystery here Was her death a suicide Was she murdered Who nows One must read to find outI found this book to be thought provoking and captivating It was a fast read which did not disappoint this readerThank you to St Martin s Press Sally Hepworth and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own I try not to give out 5 stars too often but this one was special and deserving in terms of how much I enjoyed it and took away from it I went into this thinking it would My reviews can also be seen at am a huge fan of this author The Mother s Promise was my first Sally Hepworth novel and is one of my favorite books The first line in the description of this novel grabbed my attention A twisty compelling novel about one woman s complicated relationship with her mother in law that ends in murderI couldn t wait to start readingThe story begins with a police car pulling up to the home of Lucy and her husband Ollie Although the car doesn t have its lights or siren on she nows immediately that something isn t right Police don t arrive on your doorstep at dinnertime unless something is wrong The police ask if they are relatives of Diana Goodwin and right away Lucy Atlas of Anatomy knows what they are going to say nextThe story then jumps back ten years to Lucy s first visit to the Goodwin home Ollie s father is friendly and seems happy to meet Lucy as does Ollie s sister Nettie But Ollie s mother s greeting is lukewarm She s not rude to Lucy she is very politeshe just seems sort of cold and standoffishWhen Diana meets Lucy her first thoughts are that Lucy was probably adored by everyone in her life and things probably came very easily to her Take the pregnant refugee girls I deal with every day They ve been through unimaginable hardships and here they are working hard contributing and grateful Lucy just wants Diana to like her However it seems the harder sh. Someone once told me that you have two families in your life the one you are born into and the one you choose Yes you may get to choose your partner but you don't choose your mother in law The cackling mercenaries of fate determine it allFrom the moment Lucy met Diana she wasept at arm's lengt.

E tries the strained their relationship becomes And nowDiana is dead As they learn about Diana s death and things are brought to light Lucy finds herself uestioning everythingsome things just aren t adding up Did anyone really now DianaI thought this was an excellent story filled with engaging characters and an entertaining plot We are given insight into the complicated relationships within the family I liked how it alternated between Diana and Lucy s point of view in both the past and present It was interesting seeing how they each read or misread the same situationsAs I mentioned in a previous review of A Mother s Promise Sally Hepworth does a wonderful job of bringing her characters and their individual stories to life She creates characters that readers can relate to and empathize with This was definitely a thought provoking read I ve read other novels that deal with the relationships between men and women and their in laws but I found this to be uite a uniue story I was really surprised by a few things and extremely satisfied with how everything came together in the endIn my opinion this was another winning story from Sally HepworthI d like to thank St Martin s Press for providing me with an advanced copy of this novel Mixed Feelings One fascinating character coupled with one who was lacking turned this into just an ok read for me The Mother in Law is a family drama that tracks the tumultuous relationship between a mother in law and her daughter in law The book begins with the reader learning of the death of Diana mother to Ollie and mother in law to Lucy The narrative is divided into both Lucy and Diana s perspectives over the course of ten years Diana has been described as some as a hateful character While she is not necessarily likable I found her chapters to be fascinating As cold as she was her character was much compelling than Lucy s who fell rather flat for me I wanted to now about Diana especially her past and her relationship with Tom There are allusions to what shaped her but I wanted the whole pictureI am split between so many elements of this book The characters the narrative structure the plot etc At times I was completely enthralled whereas during other times I was bored out of mind I wanted I felt that the reader is only offered the surface of Diana and Lucy s relationship We dive in a little deeper towards the end but it seems like in an effort to Under Crescent and Cross keep an element of surprise going throughout the novel we lose what could have been a complex reading of the relationship between these two women I also thought that this book was trying to be too many things at once Domestic drama women s fiction psychological thriller all in one Overall while I loved some parts of The Mother in Law it just didn t work as a whole I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and St Martin s Press 15 starsLet me be clear that I think an author can choose to write her characters any way she wants and I can choose to read it or not But this was an issue book with characters vs a book with characters who have issues I prefer the latter If the author is going to write an issues book then I m going to comment on what I disliked about her stance on those issues It is not the characters so much as the fact the author seems to be pushing an agendaWe are told from the start that Diana the mother in law is dead of an apparent suicide but the police have their suspicions that it was murder not suicide From the blurb She was a pillar of the community an advocate for social justice who helped female refugees assimilate to their new country But she was not well loved by her family and for good reason I don t reuire my characters to be likable but if they are unlikable they d better have other redeeming ualities be sympathetic or be funny Diana was none of these The author tried to generate sympathy for Diana and while I sympathized with what happened to her in the past it was no excuse for her behavior in the present She was cold and mean spirited even to her own children and grandchildren She had money but found money distasteful and judged everyone accordingly Diana was just a vehicle for the issues the author wanted to highlight money is bad Being poor is good and will make you happy Money in and of itself is neither good nor bad It offers people choices and can be used for good But not to Diana She was a stingy miser who refused to help her children even when they were clearly hurting and in need Plus she was hypercritical of everything they did even to the point of openly criticizing her future daughter in law in public for spending too much money on her wedding dress Instead of making sure her own children would not suffer from being unloved as a child as she was she repeated the pattern But she s only cold and unloving to her family She had no problem showing love and concern for strangers or giving them a helping hand They got her attention and her money while her own family did not Little wonder that her own grandchildren were unmoved by her deathI also felt the author trivialized severe depression even to the point of intimating that assisted suicide is a valid option instead of ensuring the person received the psychiatric help they needed btw this is NOT a spoiler there are a lot of characters twists and turns and red herrings There were dramatic personality turnarounds in characters that were absurd and behavior that made no sense Other characters like her husband were undeveloped I for one needed tonow why he married Diana in the first placeThis was definitely easy reading and the first 75% was interesting enough for me to continue But the last 25% was ridiculous2 stars because I finished the book and did want to Atlantis, Alien Visitation Genetic Manipulation know what happened to Diana I shouldn t have bothered Thank you to my friend Marialyce for reading this book with me and listening to me ventI received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I ve read a number of thrillers lately ranging from the uiet character drama of Miracle Creek and Disappearing Earth to Coben s high octane Run Away And this book just sits blandly somewhere between the twoI had 5 Simply Irresistible Stars Sally Hepworth is the Master of Domestic Suspense This is a heart pounding mystery that I was racing to finish It s complexities and craziness had me wild eyed right up until its shocki. H Diana is exuisitely polite but Lucynows even after marrying Oliver that they'll never have the closeness she'd been hoping forBut who could fault Diana She was a pillar of the community an advocate for social justice the matriarch of a loving family Lucy had wanted so much to please her new.

Ng end A favorite read for this the yearMother in Laws as well all Vamped (Vamped, know are not to be trifled with Sometimes they re scarier than others and sometimes you hit the jackpot Perhaps it s because of the competition factor mothers not being able to let go of their sons or wives simply not feeling like they measure up Whatever it is Lucy one of the main characters in Sally Hepworth s The Mother in Lawnows exactly what I m talking about Here she desperately tries to make a good impression on her Mother in Law Diana and she fails miserably Silly Lucy Mommie Dearest always Egomaniac knows best Diana however isn t so lucky after all In a crazy turn of events her body is found in what initially looks like death by suicide Nothing about Diana s death adds up and once the investigation begins everyone in the family is scared stiff The only motive the cops can find Money It always comes down to money doesn t it If only things were that simple In The Mother In Law by Sally Hepworth the twists and turns simplyept on coming and none of them are foreseen Discount whatever you think you now start from scratch then do it all over again The storyline is utterly wicked with moments that are simply jaw dropping The characters are multi faceted and their intentions are never straight forward Having read three of Ms Hepworth s prior novels this was my favorite to date The characters the mystery and the storyline all came together in a way that fit perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle where once the pieces interlock I couldn t help but sit back and smile absolute perfection A favorite of the year for 2018A buddy read with Kaceey This was my favorite by far KaceeyThank you to Jordan Hanley at St Martin s Press and to Sally Hepworth for a galley of this novel in exchange for an honest review It was my pleasurePublished on Goodreads Twitter and InstagramWill be published on in April of 2019 4 This was NOT what I was expecting BUT I LOVED it stars Diana was a complicated woman Her outward appearance depicts a wealthy strong and even altruistic woman Yet we instantly come to see that her family had a vastly different view of her and it wasn t all positive Thus when the story opens and we find Diana dead we are easily enveloped by the uestions was her death a case of suicide or murder The story is told from multiple view points as well as alternating timelines filling in the blanks of Diana s life and leading us to the circumstances surrounding her death I was expecting of a thriller but the story ended up having of a domestic mystery vibe It definitely worked within the plot and allowed us to get a feel for the family dynamics between the characters There has been uite a lot of commentary about Diana and her actions in other reviews I personally felt that Hepworth did an amazing job of explaining why she was who she was and ultimately acted the way she did She was a very guarded person rarely letting all her walls down Tom her husband was by far one of the only people that truly new her They were definitely a yin and yang relationship each providing the other with what they needed most Their relationship as well as the parts told from her point of view helped me warm to her character and have empathy for her Hepworth has talent for developing multi layered characters Things are not as cut and dry as they seem Her writing evoked many different emotions in me as I read through the story and came to The End of the Hunt know and understand each characterSo much of what takes place between the family ultimately involves miscommunication and misunderstanding You can t help but feel for where they ended up and wonder how different things could have been if they had just taken the time to honestly communicate with each other and connect about the things that were important to them versus suffering through them alone Overall this one drew me in immediately andept me engrossed throughout It wasn t so much about the whodunnit as the complicated family dynamics that Rozvaliny Gorlanu (Hraničářův učeň, kept me turning the pages Thank you to Sally Hepworth St Martin s Press and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book I am just going to put my thoughts down and I am not going to get into the story but you can read the blurb for thatThis is not a thriller It is a contemporary fiction and a slow burning mystery I want thriller fans tonow this because I really struggled with This book I am the wrong audience for it I am not a big fan of contemporary fiction or a slow burning mystery I did like it close to the ending but I didn t love it I did love the premise of the book and I was intrigued enough to find out what happened to Diana This one seemed to drag a lot I think of it was shorter it would be a lot better It just had too much random imformation that was not needed In the last 70% of the novel it did a complete u turn and I really enjoyed it but it was a little too late for that My connection with the characters grew and I was happy that I finally grasped the connection to the characters I was shocked when I found out what happened to Diana I never guessed what happened to her and found this to be an unpredictable read I also thought that it was pausible I think the author did great with the characterization of Diana Close to the end I felt like I really understood her She suffered through depression My favorite characters were Diana and Lucy and I loved the bonding that they shared close to the end Lucy really needed this My most unlikable character was Lettie Diana was wealthy and she asked for an enormous amount of money and I can understand why Diana said no because I thought she was unstable and couldn t handle the responsibility I thought she was a selfish spoiled brat Diana did help out her family when they needed it She did help out Ollie She just wanted her children to be able to stand on their two feet and work hard I do think she could of done for them though I also thought it was very well writtenI just love that bookcoverThis was a Traveling Sister read and it really made a good discussion because we all felt differently about the characters and things that happened in the bookI would strongly recommend this book to contemporary fiction and slow burning mystery fans I think that audience will love this bookI want to thank Netgalley St Martin s Press and the author for the copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Mother in lawThat was ten years ago Now Diana has been found dead leaving a suicide note But the autopsy reveals evidence of suffocation And everyone in the family is hiding somethingFrom the bestselling author of The Family Next Door comes a new page turner about that trickiest of relationships.

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