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A Wallflower movie where the characters are ancing to Come On Eileen It s an authentic image of ueer youth and the music references MIKA Scissors Sisters Ariana Grande are gleefully The Hidden Jewels dead on for small town white gays4 I really like the initial meeting between Sam and Tom and the scene on the river It s sweet and has a great captivating sense of summer and possibility5 I like the fact that Tom is the first boy Sam has kissed and I like the frank sexuality of Ford s booksthe reference to the mutual jack off session that is Sam s only other point of comparison for sex I believe Ford genuinely wants to write a good novel with good representation and I think he s competent at this in the extreme when it comes to gay boys andrag spaces He is also good at writing about family grief and the eternally relatable rural feeling of Chaplin driving longistances on foggy country roads for small errandsThat said I think Ford s trans representation could use work I Fair Game don t believe he wants to be transphobic but his laziness has resulted in transphobic tropes making their way into his bookThe issues I have with Tom the Love in Love and Other Curses are as follows1 Tom is obsessively focused on transition This is the main issue I have with most trans representation written by cis people for instance the first season of Transparent Cis authors seem to believe that trans people only think about our own bodies and our own identities to the exclusion of everyone else in our lives Tom s obsessive focus on himself and his angryisproportionately explosive outbursts at Sam when Sam makes predictable mistakes makes him an unlikeable unsympathetic character who comes across as boorish idiotic and one The Creatures dimensional Thisepiction communicates to readers that trans people are irrational abusive narcissists which can sometimes be true but generally isn t2 Tom has an unrealistic lack of trans community or uality medical information It s 2018 Tom wears Dr Who binders a So Sweet (Sugar Baby, dorky and yes realistic touch the Adventure Time shirt is also something that a real trans teen wouldefinitely wear But having access to that means he is plugged in to some kind of online trans community Because of the Dr Who obsession I think Tom would probably be on Tumblr which would expose him to reams of good and bad information on transition gender politics safety and resources If he wanted to he could reference lists of books and films related to trans content and seek out information on people like him He would likely find Susan Stryker s Transgender History or The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You by S Bear Bergman or Morgan M Page s trans history podcast One From The Vaults He could also access many comics and a lot of art by trans people featuring their ideas and ideologies Tumblr is a weird mix of information resource and cesspool and it s true that there as many people trying to exploit teens as there are people providing good resources or sharing information I think it s reasonable that Tom would make bad Life Before Death decisions sometimes including trusting people unnecessarily and having hypocritical ideas about gender particularly transmisogynistic ones like those he hurls at Sam after Sam tries to suck hisick However it is ALMOST CERTAIN that Tom like the thousands millions of trans kids around the world who are on the internet would have read somewhere at some point that black market hormones are a bad idea Spoilers It is also almost certain that NO reasonable trans adult would sell black market hormones to a teenager Most trans adults would instead try to Good Luck, Louisa! (Red Fox Ballet Book, direct a teenager toward an informed consent medical provider which could legally and safely connect that teenager with consistent HRT or other services There are Planned Parenthood resources in the Upper Hudson area near where Tom and Sam live In New York Planned Parenthood provides HRT at a cost which while steep to an uninsured teen is not than one would pay for online hormones The experience of going to aoctor for the first time and explaining one s needs around transition is one every closeted trans teenager will someday face I Mr. Bridge don t know ANYONE who buys their hormones online excepturing manufacturer shortages Trans people also very rarely SELL hormones to other trans people in my experience particularly not closeted trans people in need We re a community and not always but usually act like it I can see an older trans man giving T to a trans kid while also referring them to a Akenfield doctor but not selling it to him3 Tom sysphoria is one The Case of the Philosophers Ring by Dr. John H. Watson dimensional and not representative of the complicated feelings trans people often have about our bodies While some trans men especially straight ones have extremeysphoria about their bodies many of us Connecting with Horses do not and feel comfortable sometimes or all the time with our genitalia and our chests and the rest of us Even if weo have Several Strangers dysphoria we likely still experience some level of sexual pleasure and arousal even before transition While you aren t obligated to show Tom as comfortable with himself I think it s realistic to show him as capable of joy and self love As a gay trans teenager I only got on hormones at age 16 and had my first sexual experience after that but I jerked off prior to getting on hormones and had lots of crushes and I even occasionally thought of my body positively There are lots of things online about trans men being hot theseays and plenty of online validation available to transgender teenagers that can help assuage the shame or Lillian Toos Little Book Of Feng Shui disgust we feel with our own bodies There s also a large amount of porn of trans men where trans men love women and men joyfully though fetish blogs tend to prefer videos where trans men get fucked by cis men which I imagine would make Tom who thinks of himself as straight and has a lot ofysphoria around his genitals fairly uncomfortable Even if some The Winter Warrior days we wake up and hate the way we look or feel that isn t necessarily something we would share with someone we just met4 Warning spoilers and NSFW I amown with the scene of Sam sucking Tom off while Sam is in girl rag It s extremely corny but it s cute and plausible What I m not into is the iscourse that happens immediately after where Tom yells at Sam for wearing Toffees night noises drag and wanting to crossdressuring sex Tom would CERTAINLY know that Sam was having some kind of gender moment and it s only a truly Flawed (The Butcher, despicable trans person that would react in such an extremely cruel way to someone s gender experimentation even if they were freaked out and in a sexual situation they were no longer sure about There is badrag The Covent Garden Ladies: The inspiration behind ITV show HARLOTS discourse out there and trans mascs eat it up but I think Tom would at least pause to ask if Sam felt like a girl he HAS to realize that there is something complicated going on5 Warning Spoilers and suicide attemptscutting Tom s subseuent freakout and cutting feels bad an voyeuristic andeeply upsetting to me as an adult It would feel even worse to a gay trans teenagerI Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins don t know if you remember when gay men of all kinds were mainly shownying killing themselves or wanting to Flaunting, Extravagant Queen (French Revolution, die Ray Bradbury s Tangerine was one of my first encounters with gay representation Ion t like it I Pages From Bee Journal don t think we need of it Discussing suicidal ideation is one thing suicide attempts as plot points is something else6 We get no sense of Tom and his summer girlfriend Anna Lynne s connection This is unfair to both characters I want to know why they get along and what she sees in him and what he sees in her All we get isetails about how it feels to kiss her which Stones of Witness dehumanizes her I want to know what she likes what she gives Tom and makes him feel and what she wants She also seems exceptionally chill with trans people and I want to know how she sees herself in relation to Tom in the future7 We get no sense of what Sam sees in Tom All he everoes is talk about himself and his transition and angst Sam s a complex boy who likes a lot of music and has a lot of secrets and ideas about metaphysics why would he be satisfied with that The only thing left is physical attraction which translates to voyeurism and that feels really bad I have had a LOT of cisgender men express attraction to me and my body for a range of reasons but when they start waxing poetic about the novelty of my body or the surprise of it or whatever I m very frustrated and My Indian Kitchen disgusted8 It s the Trump era and trans people are political Even an extremely out of touch trans person would want to talk about the fear the government inspires in us Bathrooms and other public spaces are places people want to legislate us out of Tom would know about this EDIT may 26 2020 since people are liking this review again I should say one thing that went unmentioned in earlier reviews after his suicide attempt Tom goes to the hospital where theoctor MISTAKES HIS T SHOT MARKS FOR TRACK MARKS and gets him in trouble with his abusive parents In case anyone Lots of Mommies doesn t know T shotson t really leave any marks at all and efinitely nothing that could be confused with track marks So that s my list Basically this book is not written for trans kids It s written for people who know we exist think we can be hot and might be interested in fucking us but who generally see us as angst vortexes in need of a pity hug or as rage machines irrationally lashing out at people who give us said pity hugThat s no funI really hope that Ford thinks about these issues with his text I hope he has time for revision before publication and that he will consult with trans people about the content in his book He may have already spoken to sensitivity readers but I am here to say that the current text remains a problem for potential trans readers who are in the target age range for this book As someone who was a teenager not long ago this book would have istressed and frustrated me it paints a picture of trans people totally hemmed in by our own pain and unable to relate effectively to others While the main character obtains freedom the trans character is stuck in tropes What could be a really excellent glittering LGBT YA is conseuently made into a wet blanket of a book for Aches and he still hasn’t uite fallen in love the curse seems to get powerful and less specific about who it targets A mysterious girl Sam talks to on the phone late at night and a woman he’s only seen in a ream might have the answers he’s been looking for but time is running out to save the people he cares abou.

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This summer is going to be an imortant one for Sammy Weyward who lives in northern New York state It is the summer before his senior year and it wall also include his 17th birthday While that would be great for most people but for Sammy and his family it is particuarly important They seem to have a familly curse if anyone in the family falls in love before they turn 17 the person they love will ie That was true for his grand mother great grandmother and great great grandmother And with his parents his mother The Flame Of Adventure disappeared right after he was born and Sammy believes that she has alsoied Sammy is gay and out His family has fully accepted him and he has secretly connected with the owner and rag ueens of a nearby gay club the Shangri La In fact Sammy is trying out the posssibi I received an e arc of this book from Edelweiss plus in exchange for an honest reviewWhile Love Other Curses has so many fun things going on with the sassy grandmas and rag ueens all around this book Divine Magnetic Lands doesn t shy around from heavy topics such aseath gender and sexuality as well as being trans and having a Frog and the Treasure drag self I can t say how accurate this book is in terms of representation but I feel like this book gives me some insight and understanding on the issue Through thisiscussion we explore the issue as Sam learns it and eventually it becomes of a book about finding and accepting yourself as well as others This book also has their bit of magic here and there from the Weyward curse the Grands uirky magic to other coincidences It s The Butterfly Club definitely a summer full of magic for Sam both real and not real and Iefinitely try to read from the authorFull review is posted on THE LITERARY HUNTRESS Honestly I thought it was fineIt got 2 not three because some aspects about it I HATED others were just simply fine There s a lot about this book I enjoyed especially the main character s family both biological and found and I read the whole thing on a flight which Lilith Enraptured (Divinity Warriors definitely says a lot for its readability But itefinitely comes with a warning that it s a hotbed of misgendering pretty much always checked on the page but also at a point you re just like What the fuck because it feels like the MC is completely unwilling to commit shit that really matters to the people he loves to memory and His Substitute Bride (Seavers Brides, deadnaming I think it s an honest and realistic perspective of a cis gay ki 35This is less of a love story and of a finding yourself story I wasrawn into this book because it s Tu Alma ¿La Conoces? description vaguely reminded me of The Raven Cycle with the love curse I was surprised to actually see TRC mentioned in the book This book wasn t what I was expecting but it wasn t bad I enjoyed the story I liked it at the end than Iid throughout I was kind of worried about where it was headed with the potential love interest for a while Their relationship idn t seem exactly healthyI m still working my feelings out completely on the book but I would say I id enjoy it and it was worth the read I love this book Written in a comfortable style with some familiar movements and themes it is easy to read without thinking too hard about what is actually happening However if you really really read it the colors are blindingly vivid So many issues are touched on without Feminization and Chastity Training for the Sissy Husband (The League of Dominant Women digging tooeeply There is something to be learned by everyone who peeks between the covers Sam s family knows he is gay While they The Club of Angels don t actively object and they obviously love him and support him theyon t seem to really get him He finds solace and community at the local gay bar where he finds an interest in Blue Skies and Gunfire drag I like the way gende E ARC provided by Edelweiss in exchange of an honest reviewThis book caught my attention because of its title and cover and I started to read it without having much idea of what it was about but I am so glad IidThe Weywards have lived under a curse for years if a family member falls in love before the age of seventeen the loved one Forced Feminization (The League of Dominant Women dies Sam Weyward lives in a small town in New York with his father grandmother great grandmother and great great grandmother The Grands play cards eat a lot of pie and strongly believe in magic Samivides his time between working at the ice cream shop with his father and at night at the Shangri La the only gay bar in town He just started experimenting with 새로 만든 먼나라 이웃나라 12 - 미국 3 drag with the help of Lola Farrah and Paloma the ueens of the bar But Sam s summer changes when Tom arrives in town a really handsome boy that he has an instant crush on But there s the curse issue and what Sam musto to avoid itLove and other curses is a novel that has several plots that are Ossos Perdidos (Temperance Brennan, developed at the same time and they all meet with Sam his crush on Tom how to avoid the curse of his family his friendship with therag ueens at the Shangri La and the mystery of the person he is talking to on the phone someone he calls Linda It seems complicated to follow but it is not they all flow very well thought the whole novelIt s a story about growth and acceptance since Sam is at a point in his life that he is Born Fighting defining what he wants too with his life post highschool and getting to know his Dr. Simon Forman drag personality At the same time it is a story about family since the Weyward family is uite atypical Sam lives without his mother since she left him as a child and only left him a collection of longplays He was raised by a father whoid not marry again and three very special grandmothers All of them have lost their loved ones therefore they believe that curse is still alive and will affect Sam in the futureMusic is very important here and I loved it because just like Sam s father I love classic rock and the music that Sam listens to because of his mother is really great too I ll have to reread the book and write all the songs and records names The whole issue about Serving Up Secrecy (Ladies of Westside diversity is present in this book and I think is well represented in my opinion Sam is gay and his family accepts himrag culture as an artistic manifestation that is part of the LGBT community is present and it is really nice to see it The novel shows that as people we make mistakes and how we understand what we are what we like and how we refer to others I can not talk because spoilers but I think it shows the process we all go throughI loved the characters they all have had moments to establish a relationship with Sam and are not just mere shadows in the background The writing style is nice and engaging and I think it is uite easy to read I think the whole matter of the curse and the magical realism that is present in the story gives it a special touch and you can truly believe it I liked the ending as wellIn conclusion I really liked Love and other curses I think it s a fun entertaining novel that you can reread to experience again everything it has to offer I loved the inclusion of music magical realism and A Wartime Nurse drag ueens Whooesn t love themRESE A EN ESPA OL Este es uno Split de esos libros ue me llam la atenci n por su t tulo y su portada y lo ped para leerlo en Edelweiss pro esa raz n sin tener mucha ideae u se trataba Recuerdo ue le muy brevemente la sinopsis y me convenci When Stories Clash de leerloLa familia Weyward sufree una maldici n Sword of Honour Second To None desde hace cadas si un miembro The Extra Cadaver Murder de la familia se enamora antese los Perfect Girl Evolution Vol. 6 diecisiete a os la persona amada muere Sam Weyward vive en un pueblecito peue oe Nueva York con su padre su abuela su bisabuela y su tatarabuela Las abuelas juegan a las cartas comen mucho pastel y creen firmemente en la magia Sam ivide su tiempo entre trabajar en la tienda e helados con su padre y en las noches en Shangri La el unico bar gay Dark Ties (Broken Saints Society del pueblo experimentando con elrag con ayuda Um Fogo Eterno de Lola Farrah y Paloma las ueens ue trabajan all Pero el veranoe Sam cambia cuando Tom llega al pueblo un chico muy guapo ue llama su atenci n Pero est presente el asunto Lawn Boy Returns de la maldici n y lo ueebe hacer para evitar ue haga Yolandas Genius da o a sus series ueridosLove and other curses es una novela ue tiene varias tramas ue se vanesarrollando a la par y se concentran en nuestro protagonista llamado Sam su inter s amoroso por Tom como esuivar la maldici n The Fairytale Hairdresser and Sleeping Beauty de su familia su amistad con lasrag ueens The Light Beyond the Forest del Shangri La y el misterioe la persona con la ue est hablando por tel fono alguien a uien el llama Linda Parece complicado The First Mistake de seguir pero no lo es y a ue todas van fluyendo y la historia no se ve afectada por ello Dir a ue esta novela es una historiae crecimiento y aceptaci n ya ue Sam est en un punto Jewelry Making For Beginners de su vida ue est conoci ndose m s como personaefiniendo u uiere hacer cuando empiece su ltimo a o e colegio y conociendo su personalidad rag Al mismo tiempo es una historia sobre la familia ya ue la familia Weyward es bastante at pica Sam vive sin su madre ya ue lo abandon cuando era ni o y solo le The Penguin Book of English Verse dej una colecci ne Seven Secrets of Happiness discos as ue fue criado por un padre ue no se volvi a casar y tres abuelas muy especiales T odos han perdido a sus parejas y por eso creen ue maldici n sigue viva y afectar a Sam en el futuroLa m sica en esta historia es muy importante y y es algo ue me ha encantado y me ha llegado ya ue como el padree Sam me encanta el rock cl sico y la m sica ue Sam escucha por su madre pienso escucharla en el futuro tendr ue releer el libro y escribir todos los t tulos e iscos y The Force of Destiny de canciones Todo el asuntoe la The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters (Chapter 9 Provocateur) diversidad est presente en este libro y creo ue en el libro est bien representadoesde mi opini n Sam es gay y su familia lo acepta el How I Became a Nun drag ue es una manifestaci n art sitica ue hace partee la comunidad LGBT y realmente es bueno verlo en un libro juvenil La novela muestra ue como personas cometemos errores alrededor The Rose Tattoo and Other Plays del asuntoe la sexualidad y como entendemos lo ue sentimos y como nos referimos a otros no puedo ampliar por spoilers pero creo ue muestra The Undoing Project de una buena forma como alguien vaescubriendo su identidad Los personajes me han encantado todos han tenido momentos para establecer una relaci n con el protagonista y no han uedado como meras sombras correteadoras con nombre La novela tienen una narraci n fluida y amena y creo ue es bastante f cil First Flight (Dragon School de leer y engancharte con l Creo ue todo el asuntoe la maldici n y el realismo m gico ue est pr. The Weyward family has been haunted by a curse for generations if a Weyward falls in love before their seventeenth birthday the person they love The Lone Man dies Samoesn’t plan to fall for anyone in the nine weeks before his birthday He’ll spend his time working at the Eezy Freeze with his ad; cooking up some midsummer magi.

Esente en la historia le a un toue especial y puedes creerte todo lo ue muestra La novela tienen una resoluci n buena y creo ue te The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl deja bastante satisfecho En conclusi n Love and other curses me ha gustado mucho Creo ue es una novela amena entretenida y ue puedes releer para volver a experimentarla Me ha encantado la inclusi ne la m sica el realismo m gico y las Skills for Practice in Occupational Therapy drag ueens uien no las ama Cuanto se publiue en ingl s corran a leerla ARC provided by Edelweiss in exchange for an honest reviewThis was such aisappointment The story in itself wasn t bad I liked the plot the characters seemed cool and Voice and Articulation Drillbook diverserag trans and gay rep which was amazing There were some elements that would ve made me absolutely love this book which is why this is super bittersweet This book had a real opportunity to win me over it has magic multidimensional characters great rep that I had never seen before it s my fault 100% But that s not how it turned out The MC ruined the book for me His behavior was so out of line and gross I could not get over it If you want Sailing details view spoiler Sammy is gay and has a crush on Tom Swift a trans boy who hides his testosterone hormones at Sammy s place Sammy makes a move on Tom gets rejected Tom is straight then GETS PISSED AT HIM and basically asks himself why Tom couldn t fake it AND THROWS HIS FUCKING TESTOSTERONE IN THE LAKERIVERWHATEVER Who evenoes that And then Sammy justifies it to his friends who just seem to be okay with it hide spoiler DNF at 50% I have a lot of feelings about this book and there were many things I Aloha Rodeo didn t like I m not even gonna bother focusing on the things that were okay orone well because I m choosing to focus on the negatives potentially harmful content In regards to the writing The writing was terrible The sentence structure was so poor that it was Truths We Confess - Volume 3 difficult clunky and sometimes confusing to read I wondered many times why the author chose to write like this if it was supposed to come across as stream of consciousness from Sam but it was not enjoyable to read The characters and the relationships were SO FLAT There s not one character that I felt a connection to and I honestlyon t know how they felt connected to each other because there was a lack of chemistry in every single interaction Onto the content Tom our trans male love interest is consistently misgendered by his unsupportive family and is often Managing radical change deadnamed and our main character is forced to engage in this all well when he s around Tom s family This maybe wouldn t make me feel so uncomfortable if it wasn t that these scenes mixed with the poor poor writing just made it feel like they re written for the sake of making Tom uncomfortable and essentially torturing him with his unsupportive family It wasn t executed well enough to include it in my opinion There s aifference between painting a picture of an unsupportive family and actually showing that unsupportive family when it s harmful for the character and potential readers Sam also consistently misgendered the Love drag ueens that he s friends with They correct him multiple times when he misgenders them and they even provide guidelines for when to use sheher vs hehim pronouns Even after this Sam continues to misgender themuring his inner narrative This continued all the way through what I read never improving Sam also has a lot to process when he learns that Tom is trans sure understandable However while Sam is trying to process this he oes so in a way that to me as a cis woman so take all of this with a grain of salt feels isrespectful to Tom Sam has a lot of inner turmoil about Tom looking like a boy Monster Park! dressing like a boy acting like a boy instead of Tom BEING a boy or BEING trans Sam also gets confused about his feelings about Tom because as a gay male he s confused by his feelings toward someone who s AFAB completelyisregarding Tom s identify as male It felt to me like Sam was regarding Tom s trans ness as a First Ark to Alpha Centauri 2 disguise orressing up or portraying a new character and not showing Sam having respect and understanding that Tom IS a boy Idk if that makes sense But moving on Finally Tom makes it clear that he is straight He likes girls But Sam is gay and he s interested in Tom Now I Gamboa Road Gang didn t read enough of the story to really see how this played out but from the title and the synopsis it seems like it s setting the characters up for some kind of romantic relationship Again and it s because of the writing this makes me feel so icky to read because it feels like Sam is never respecting Tom s identify or his preferences or his boundaries Sam is lusting overpining after Tom throughout the whole thing getting jealous of female characters who Tom shows interest in It s not written in a way where Sam is having to cope with unreuited feelings or cope with having feelings for a best friend It comes off obsessive and uncomfortable especially mixed with the lack of chemistry and connection I felt from the characters I obviouslyidn t finish the book so I have no idea how these issues play out or ifhow they get resolved I also know from other reviews I read that there are harmful situations that come up in the second half of the book including suicide and self harm which is another issue in and of itself in relation to trans rep UGH I say all of this as a cis woman who s opinion and review should be taken with a grain of salt I encourage you to read own voices reviews on this book taking care to understand the iffypotentially harmful trans rep from trans readers and reviewers Content warning this review contains spoilers and references to NSFW contentsuicidal characters I am convinced that the spoilers and content is necessary for a complete review that will be useful to readers librarians and to the authorSam is a gay boy in a small town in upstate New York and his life while fulfilling is pretty full of secrets At home he avoids telling his three magic practicing pie eating grandmothers that he spends much of his free time at the Shangri La his town s only gay bar When he s at the Shangri La meanwhile hanging out with The Soul of Leadership drag ueens Lola Farrah and Paloma and trying on his ownrag personas he has to conceal the curse that has haunted his family for generations whenever a Weyward child falls in love before age seventeen their beloved inevitably meets with isaster The curse has stalked Sam s great great grandmother his great grandmother his grandmother and his father Sam s mother has been missing since his birth and Sam believes her to be ead Sam has almost made it to age seventeen but just when he thinks he is safe a new boy Tom shows up for the summer and Sam Morte em Viena (Gabriel Allon develops an unfortunate crush that he s afraid will turn into something worse Readers of Becky Albertalli Adam Silvera David Levithan and Mackenzi Lee will be interested in this realistic magic laced coming of age story about friendship grief family and growing upNOWWhat this bookoesn t advertise on the jacket but what is revealed in the first page after the introduction of Tom Swift Sam s love interest is that Tom is a trans boy As a gay trans man who came out in 2010 I can say with assurance that there has not been very much widely consumed representation of trans men in fiction in the media I grew up with and recent years have How the Grinch Stole Christmas despite much media coverage not much changed that fact When we appear we tend to either be background characters or be exploited as a source of pathos and angst Boys Don t Cry Cole on the Fosters in early seasons Albert Nobbs 3 Generations Representations of transmasculine spectrum people also tend to still be written by cisgender people resulting in portrayals that are focused heavily on transition narratives pain suicide attempts and voyeurism The best representation of a teenage trans boy and one of the only gay trans boys in any popular art that I know of is Max the central character in Taylor Mac s play Hir Mac who uses judy as a gender pronoun is trans spectrum of some kind so judy setail and emotionally visceral and authentic writing in Hir makes sense When I first realized that the love interest in Love and Other Curses was trans I was excited that for the first time there might be a fully Beware the Witches! developed trans gay boy love interest in a YA which could provide solace and hope to closeted or recently out trans teens plus reassurance and excitement to the boys and others who are into them Unfortunately at the end of the book I came awayisappointedBefore I talk about issues I have with Tom Swift s characterization in Ford s book I want to name the things in Ford s book that he That Churchill Woman does well1 I LOVE the Practical Magic spin off premise with a gay boy protagonist If you could pick my subconscious for most wanted YA novels 17 year old weirdrag ueen with three generations of magic practicing grandmas living in a rural house and working at an ice cream store and having conversations on the phone with strangers for fun is pretty close to the top In general I like the curse arc and how it s resolved2 I LOVE the feeling that Sam s scenes at the small town gay bar Shangri La evoke in me I grew up gay in a small town with one gay bar too and I know what it feels like to need mentorship but to not be allowed into any of the spaces of revelry or solidarity that provide gay community Unlike Sam I had an LGBT youth group and a lot of punk friends who invited me to gay shows and I had an annual Max Einstein: The Genius Experiment drag show to look forward to and a yearly ueer Rock Camp But the loneliness was still real I love the mentorship and love that Farrah Paloma and Lola provide to Sam and I like theescriptions of Sam s own explorations of rag These scenes are homey and touching and affirm how good gay family can be3 The scene where Sam resses up as mysterious ay glo rag ueen Kandy Korn for Pride is OUTSTANDING and captures really beautifully what it feels like to be in gay community and o rag and try on new faces It reminds me somewhat of Mattilda Bernstein Syca s beautiful escriptions of club life but it s accessible and teen focused and also feels like the scene in the Perks of Being. C with his grandmother great grandmother and great great grandmother the Grands; and experimenting with rag with the help of the ueens at the Shangri La the local gay club But when a new guy comes to town Sam finds himself in trouble when they strike up a friendship that might be way than thatAs Sam’s birthday appro.

Michael Thomas Ford is the author of than fifty books for both young readers and adults in genres ranging from humor to horror literary fiction to nonfiction As a writer for young adults he is the author of the popular Circle of Three series writing as Isobel Bird; nonfiction books about spirituality Paths of Faith the AIDS crisis Voices of AIDS and the gay community The World