G. Akella: The Mists of Erantia Realm of Arkon Book #7

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We e back to Krian Roman now finally together at least briefly with Max and his sister Though of course things happen big happenings are afoot and everything looks to be changing Ends a bit on a Max cliffhanger so hopefully we see what happens in the next Awww come on How can you do that to us What happens to MAX what happened to him come on you got to tell us Come on Come on Come on Come on Alright my moment. Roman was never supposed to escape the locked plane that was his prison And yet somehow the impossible task became possible with the help of new friends and despite the tricks of old enemies Too intrepid was.

Of what the hell over with This book is a great continuation of the story I love how the family is finally together again Now we just have to get Roman s Lady out of his head and in the flesh so that every one can get in on their epic conversations WowAnother great addition to the series Now an unbearable wait for the next book For those who have not Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, read this series I highlyecommend that you do It s definit. The demon driven by the fury of battle the sorrow of defeat the bonds of unbreakable friendship and the longing for his beloved But when gods themselves join the fray the chances of victory fall from slim to.

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Ely one of my favorites Great seriesI ead these as soon as they are eleased so I end up with a gap between It makes it a little difficult to emember all the gods and champions and takes a little to catch up Once you do it falls back to a novel you just can t put down Can t wait for the next Epic The scale of this series is crazy Truly epic fantasy and storytelling I highly Au bagne recommend this to any fan of LitRP. None Just don’t tell that to Roman better known as Krian the Prince of Craedia or to his friends for their will to fight for theealm they now call home is inexhaustible and fight they will to the bitter

Georgy Smorodinsky44 years old live in Moscow married with three daughters Akella has been my game nickname for almost 17 years My love affair with the MMORPG genre began with Ultima Online and I played WoW from its release date My main classes are Warrior Rogue and Death Knight Back in vanilla WoW I made Grand Marshall with my warrior for those who still remember what that is Throughou