Martellus Bennett: Dear Black Boy

R the past and forge a future for the next enerationDoctors lawyers judges entrepreneurs poets activists journalists husbands fathers sonsThe writing juxtapositioned with the visuals of Black Boys running a race to freedom is a conversational piece There is even a scene where one of the runners puts on wings and flies breaking a Byzantium glass ceiling Along with Boyetting nourishment from fruit at the top of the tree not the BOTTOM Catch these messagesFavorite uote The low hanging fruit is what the world prefers you to reach for but we must climb the tree Climb higher and you will discover. Es than a jersey number than a Contacts Desired great crossover or a forty time that the biggestame that they'll ever play is the ame of life and there are people rooting for them off of the courts and fields not as athletes but as future leaders of the world The.

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The message was clear The illustrations were modern and appropriateWritten for young black boys and men for moms with sons who want better for their children when they row into men not to settle for the stereotypical careers and educational trajectories Encouraging read for boys and The Oracles Golem (The Oracle girls Dear Black Boy by Martellus Bennett is a love letter to Black BoysWe are than our bodies Our worth extends beyond a football field basketball court or baseball stadiumWe can be than athletesOur life is worth than a Hail Mary passBlack Boys can be leaders at the fore of societyBlack Boys must hono. No longer can they just roll us a ball and sayood luck weÕre than athletesDear Black Boy is a letter of encouragement to all the brown skinned boys around the world who feel like sports are all they have It is a reminder that they are than athlet.


That the fruit at the top is sweeter than Kool Aid Read this to the family They enjoyed it tremendously LOVED this book wish it had been around when my son was young but now I m sending a copy to my Measuring the Subjective Well-Being of Nations grandson Also bought two extra copies to donate to my local library as I m not sure they have it on their shelves and I think it s important to be as widely available as possible One of the best books I have read to my son A must read I really liked the message of the book and how easy it was to read The materials of the book are high uality I would love to see a dear blackirl as wel. Same things that make these boys Let It Bree / Cant Buy Me Louie (Harlequin Duets, great on whatever playing surface they choose are the same things that will propel them forward in life mental toughness dedication passion determination and effort are all things that carry over into theame of li.