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Sn t have to work hard to resolve Overall I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a light relaxing read This is the second book in a series but is totally self contained and I did not feel at a disadvantage because I hadn t read the first in the series If you re looking for lots of tension and some serious crime fighting this book may not be for you It is a perfect addition however for the dedicated cozy reader My thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Books for providing an Advance Digital Copy The opinions xpressed in this review are strictly my own Great cast of characters The mystery is well paced I ve really O Colégio de Todos os Segredos enjoyed this series so far The Coloring Crook by Krista Davis is the second A Pen Ink Mystery Florrie Fox is the manager of Color Me Read a bookstore in Georgetown Washington DC She also creates adult coloring books in her spare time Dolly Cavanaugh is introducing Florrie tostate sales and how you can sometimes find a diamond in the rough March Violets (Bernie Gunther, especially at sale run by Percy McAllister Florrie leaves Dolly browsing while she hurries off to work At the Hues Brews and Clues Coloring Club later that day Dolly shows Florrie the wonderful find she uncovered Dolly discovered a rare copy of The Florist thearliest known coloring book which was published in 1760 As far as Florrie can tell it is an original Dolly left her purse at the store and reuested that Florrie drop it off on her way home Florrie finds Dolly dead in her apartment clutching a piece of The Florist in her hand and sees someone fleeing out the back Dolly posted the news of her find on social media and people are anxious to obtain the rare book which has now disappeared When Dolly s daughter asks Florrie to Zoete tranen evaluate her book collection and Florrie stumbles upon a skeleton hidden behind a bookcase in the attic Zsazsa Rosca becomes the prime suspect in Dolly s murder and Florrie knows someone is setting her up Florrie studies the case and digs into Dolly s past hoping to uncover some clues Can Florrie prove Zsazsa s innocence Who is the skeleton in the closetThe Coloring Crook can be read alone if you have not had time to pick up Color Me Murder There is a colorful cast of characters in this series that aid Florrie in solving the crimes and in running the bookstore I like that Florrie creates adult coloring books and that sketching helps her think through the crimes The various mysteries in The coloring Crook are woven together into onentertaining cozy mystery While the older murder has a complete resolution at the Water Music end I felt the Dolly s whodunit was notxplained completely I thought it unrealistic that Dolly s daughter would be able to dispose of her belonging before the crime had been solved the will had not been read nor probated The Coloring Crook is well written with steady pacing and developed characters There are a number of characters and it can be hard to keep them all straight The coloring club for adults is a clever addition and the benefits of coloring is Revived explained helps stress There are many delightful cozy moments in The Coloring Crook Florrie s romance with Eric is progressing nicely and they have something humorous in common I am giving The Coloring Crook 4 out of 5 stars I liked it There are recipes at thend for some of the delectable delights whipped up in the book Krista Davis has infused The Coloring Crook with Student Research Projects in Calculus engaging characters a charming bookstore a cute cat mouthwatering food coloring friendship murder books romance and mayhem I look forward to returning to Color Me Read and Georgetown in the next A Pen Ink Mystery Florrie Fox works at a bookstore called Color Me Read in Georgetown Washington DC One of her neighbors who loves to go to garage and yard sales buys a coloring book at anstate sale Dolly then brings the book to Florrie for authentication but before it can be properly valued Dolly is found dead in her apartment and the book is missing Florrie sets out to find the missing book and the killerThe plot was good and the mystery was multi layered Several characters had family secrets which kept me interested I really didn t care for the overall pacing of the book there were too many characters and potential suspects to juggle Thanks to NetGalley and Kensington for an advance digital copy of the book My review is voluntar. Tune and someone lse knows it That same vening Florrie finds Dolly dead on the floor of her apartment a corner of a coloring book page clutched in her hand As Florrie delves into Dolly's past and her personal Love for Imperfect Things effects she discovers a skeleton in the closet literally and a whole lot of shady suspects One of them is anxpert in the fine art of murder but can Florrie draw the right conclusio.

The Coloring Crook by Krista Davis is the second book in the cozy Pen Ink Mysteries series This series has the uniue set up of the protagonist being an artist who draws adult coloring books so to celebrate that the publisher has made the cover of hard copies a drawing to be colored in by the readerEach book in this series does have it s own con Dollycas s ThoughtsFlorrie Fox is happy She is working a Color Me Read where she has started a coloring book club She looks over and sees coloring books she has created on the shelves She is working on one now featuring beautiful gardens Her relationship with Sergeant Eric Jonuille is A Heart of Stone entering a new phase and she has settled in nicely to her boss John Maxwell s guest houseIn The Coloring Crook Dolly Cavanaugh a member of the coloring book group takes Florrie to anstate sale Later Dolly comes into the bookstore showing off one of her purchases A very rare coloring book which Florrie does her best to authenticate This book could be worth a fortune Dolly makes a HUGE mistake by touting her amazing purchase on social media People start coming out of the woodwork wanting to buy this book including the woman who sold the book at the Taking Instruction (Taboo, estate saleFlorrie stops by Dolly s home after work and finds poor Dolly on the floor dead with a piece of a page of the 1760 coloring book in her hand The rest of the book is missing The police believe she died of natural causes but Florrie believes it was clearly murder She feels responsible for not warning Dolly to keep her prize safe and secret until it could be sold through a reputable party She decides to do a little sleuthing on her own and she makes some surprising discoveries She also has compiled a good list of suspects When the police finally get on board she thinks their suspect is being set up She must be right because now she has a target on her backBecause we share a name this Dolly immediately had a soft spot for Dolly Cavanaugh We have a few things in common but I am very close to my children and have one wonderful husband I do like a good garage sale find and amnjoying the adult coloring book craze I was sorry she had to be the victim but I loved that story the Language and Linguistics evolved from her deathThe book had a perfect pace and was well written The characters were veryngaging and developed The author has taken the core characters in a very pleasing direction The story was complex with than one mystery to solve Ms Davis did take a few legal sidesteps with no will being produced or read while Dolly s daughter started disposing of her mother s belongings and was giving tenants notice because she was selling the house very uickly The case was still open and one new discovery should have stopped her actions in their tracks That aside I truly Divertimento enjoyed the story and am looking forward to the next bookThe author informs readers that the coloring book referenced in her story The Florist is real and that one of the copies is at the Peter F Raven LibraryMissouri Botanical Gardens So short of a lengthy road trip I just had to look the book up online and found several pages You can check out pictures here I love reading fiction stories where I can learn something tooThis book can be read on its own but I recommend starting with Color Me Murder Both books have covers ready for you to color Florrie Fox manages a bookstore in Washington DC and is an adult coloring book artist When her friend Dolly shows her a rare firstdition coloring book she found at an Love Is a Fairy Tale estate sale Florrie unwittingly becomes a target when thestate wants the valuable book back plus international buyers seek to find the book also Dolly hid her precious find before someone killed herMore than one mystery is skillfully blended into this plot and the pace is steady and absorbing The author has outdone herself inserting mysterious characters into the storyline at different points making you wonder who on Promise at Dawn earth is this person before nicely connecting all the dots at thend The cast of characters whether good ones or not so good ones are ach njoyable in their given roles Delicious recipes to try at Bangkok Wakes to Rain end of bookI reviewed a digital arc provided by NetGalley and Kensington Publishing Thank you The Coloring Crook by Krista Davis is the second book in the Pen Ink series and was antertaining addition to this se. Includes A Front and Back Cover for You to Color Life is looking rosy for Florrie Fox manager of the Color Me Read bookstore in Georgetown Washington DC She's working on an adult coloring book of gardens her romance with Sergeant Eric Jonuille has The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery entered a new chapter and the bookstore's weekly coloring club is a source of friendship andntertainment No member is vibrant than Dolly Cavana.

RiesFlorrie attends an state sale with her sister and friendspatrons of the bookstore Although she finds nothing of interest to her she does meet a sleazy young man who maligns books However one of the patrons does find a rare book at the sale but before she can do little than celebrate her great find she is killed With Ms Davis writing I felt like I was with Florrie very step of the way as she attempted to find out who had killed her friend and stolen the book The pace of the plot was uick plenty of suspects and a reveal that was shocking I did feel that the Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? ending was rushed as it seemed likeverything was brought to light within the last couple of chapters All in all it was an Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den enjoyable read and I definitely want to read the next oneI voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book from Kensington via NetGalley All of the above opinions are my own Florrie is working at a bookstore having a romance and working on her adult coloring book A friend brings thearliest know adult coloring book into the store and is later killed over it Her disagreeable daughter wants Florrie to help her go through the books her mother had Florrie finds a body in the wall with several mishaps happening This was a good book it did seem to take a long time to wrap up the case though The Georgetown bookstore Florrie Fox manages has added a weekly coloring group and Florrie has Scraps Of The Untainted Sky enjoyed getting to know the regulars One of them Dolly Cavanaugh alsonjoys bargain hunting at The Eric Carle Gift Set estate sales and one week she comes inxcited about her latest find a copy of The Florist a rare adult coloring book from the 1700 s However later that night Florrie finds Dolly dead with a corner of a piece of paper in her hand That s all that can be found of book Dolly just bought As secrets begin to come to light Florrie is left to wonder how well she really knew Dolly Was the book the motive for Dolly s murder Or did a secret from her past catch up with herI was charmed by the first in the series and I Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century enjoyed this one just as much The setting may be a neighborhood in the Washington DC area but by sticking to the neighborhood it still feels like a traditional cozy setting And what a setting I d love to spend hours browsing in this bookstore Florrie is a great lead character and she heads up a cast ofually fun characters It s hard to picture most of them as killers in fact The plot is filled with twists and complications I began to suspect a few things but I still had huge gaps I hadn t figured out before I got to the Fashion Design Course end I do feel thending was a bit rushed and a few things got glossed over as a result but that s my only issue with the book As with the first the cover can be colored and there are five recipes at the Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles, endNOTE I received an ARC of this bookRead my full review at Carstairs Considers The Coloring Crook by Krista Davis was a lightasy read just what I needed after a rather intense week It is filled with asy to like characters a charming setting and several mysteries to untangle The primary mystery revolves around who killed Dolly and as the story progresses the other mysteries begin to surface This is the classic definition of a cozy mystery There is a murder with little mphasis on blood guts and gore The primary protagonist is Florrie bookstore manager with help and Cincinnati and Other Plays encouragement from her policeman boyfriend and a group of friends who gather at the bookstore for regular coloring sessions Injoyed getting to know the various characters and reading about a bookstore where I might like to spend time There are a few recipes included in this book which you will also find in Krista Davis Domestic Divas series In this series one of Florrie s stress reliefs is baking and after the book some of these are included They look interesting and might appeal to someone who wanted to try some new dessert recipes While the characters and setting were Speak Out! entertaining I found the overall story to be a little contrived The way almostveryone in the book is revealed to be connected to someone I Like You the Best else in the book as well as the murder victim was a bit unrealistic Still it wasntertaining to read and The collectors encyclopedia of antique marbles easy to not concentrate on how unlikely all the connections would be in real life It is a book of fiction and as such isntertaining when you want to give your brain something it doe. Ugh Dolly likes to say she was blessed with beauty and cursed with lousy husbands but at least she has a grown daughter and a stunning brownstone to show for itWhen Dolly's love of garage sales results in her showing up at Color Me Read with a rare book in hand Florrie is astounded The Florist the arliest known coloring book was first published in 1760 An original copy would be worth a for.

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Krista Davis lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia where she writes three mystery series She lived in Northern Virginia for many years and resided for a time in Old Town Alexandria where her Domestic Diva Mysteries take place Krista also writes the Paws and Claws Mysteries which debuted with MURDER SHE BARKED They are set in a resort town that caters to people who want to vacation wit