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Elements it does show both how resilient humans can be and how the system ften lets families down perhaps not intentionally r via good intent. Ries surrounding her life and death He would discover a tragic truth that would lead him n a search for the siblings he did not know he had His jou.

Great little book An amazing story well told in an easy to read conversational style While Ron is careful to concentrate mainly In the End on the positive. Ron Clark was eight yearsld when he was abandoned by his single mother who died soon after Years later he embarked n a journey to solve the myste.

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Ions that do damage than harm but certainly there is much that could be improved JD Vance had a similar complaint in his memoir Hillbilly Elegy. Rney would ultimately lead him half way around the world to Bali IndonesiaWritten by Ron this is the true story his friends insisted he should write.

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