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Something stronger and they fell in love and she was willing to brave scandal and ruin to be with Finn But when he didnt show up for their rendezvous she felt he was using her to get in her bed And during their separation she lost something precious and now she is living in a foundling home with a group of nuns trying to save children sent to baby farmers when she bumps into Finn and sparks and tension fly between the two And now she doesn t know why Finn is back in her life but when the truth between them is truly revealed and they discover they were innocent pawns in Lavinia s parents game they begin to reconnect and their relationship thrives in a way it didn t before and with them being mature and settled in themselves they find a love and a family worth fighting forThe Scoundrel In Her Bed was such a beautifully crafted story that stole my heart and like I xpected this book was such an The DIY Music Manual. Randy Chertkow Jason Feehan emotional one Lorraine Heath really knows how to tear through mymotions and in this book I definitely was in tears because the No Mans Daughter emotino that she displays in this book is so vibrant and speaks to the heart of its readers There was something so uniue about this second chance romance that I uickly fell in love with Finn is one of my favorites of the Trewlove siblings and we see what a solid hero he is Andven though he is harder because of being sent to prison he is stronger and uite the scoundrel And boy some of his bantering with Livinia was so scandalous and sexy and his character had me laughing all the way through the story There s no pleasure in taking what isn t freely given He grinned wolfishly Doesn t mean I won t test you to see where the boundaries are Now Lavinia I really liked her for the most part we do find out what she has been hiding from Finn Man what her parents do to her is so heartbreaking but we see such a strong and courageous woman she is and I just admired her so much She is not perfect but she is making an Melody on Loan effort to help innocents in need and find her own path in life that is seperate from her family who have hurt her than anything No one hadver looked at her as he did as though he would die if he couldn t have her as though he would die if he did The romance that builds between these two is so riveting and I loved how they reconnect in the dark streets of London The setting of their rediscovery of The Toll-Gate each other is the London Underground and I really love that we get away from the balls and all the dukes and I found it so refreshing in many ways Finn and Lavinia really are perfect forach other but Finn really has to work to get back into Lavinia s heart though but he is stubborn and tenacious and willing to fight for her and I just love that in a hero And as a plus there are some pretty steamy sexy times between these two that I really loved seeing Lorraine Heath really knows her way into building sizzling chemistry that is sensual and intimateOverall I found The Scoundrel In Her Bed to be a story of redemption motional growth and a romance that lectrifies the reader in a fundamental way to give you a memorable Empire of the Saviours (Chronicles of a Cosmic Warlord, experience to never forget OUTSTANDING 45 starsThis is the 3rd book of this series about a group of illegitimate children of the nobility who were farmed out to the Widow Trewlove as babiesThis is Finn s bastard son of an Earl and Lavinia aka Vivi daughter of an Earl storyAnd what a story it wasThis book had me in tears running down my face several times as I read what happened to this young couple My gut clenchedmy heart hurt when the actions of her parents were revealedBut the biggestmotional impact was the decision the heroine was forced to makewhat a heartbreakthe tears really fell then and personallyI don t know if I could have made the decision the heroine ultimately made This Ex On The Beach emotional story was told in flashbackpresent timesomething I am not fond ofbut to get to the gist of this couple andspecially the heroinethe flashback scenes were a mustThey meet when the heroine is 15 and hero is 21He is at her home to take away a horse that the heroine fell off ofHe is a horse slaughterer come to get the horseThe hero has remorse about killing the horse so he spares the horse in secret and sneaks into the heroine s bedroom late at night to info rm her of what he has done and to take her to visit her beloved horseThus begins their ritual of sneaking off on Tuesday nights to visit her horse and their bond beginsWhen the heroine turns 17 they finally kiss and Good Thinking emotional attachment deepens which in turns leads to them making love The heroine realizes that she cannot go thru with an arranged marriage the hero Duke of the prior novel and makes plans tolope with the heroFast forward to Death in Mumbai eight years and the heroine has left her old life behind and is living with nuns and orphansThe hero is starting his business and occasionally helps his brother who owns a gamingstablishment They meet up again one night as the heroine is being accostedFrom there on the story and couple Baccarat : La lgende du cristal enfolds I have not read a book in a while that packed this much of anmotional impact on me and the O Colégio de Todos os Segredos epilogue was well deserved as this couple truly deserved all the happiness and love there isIf there is a place in Hell forvil peoplethe heroine s mother and father has a room booked 5 stars Historical RomanceHoly Kleenex but this book sucker punched me right in the feels big time Lorraine Heath has a gift for telling March Violets (Bernie Gunther, emotional affecting stories and this wonderful second chance romance definitely delivered in that regard In fact for me this was by far the best she s written since her Scoundrels of St James series I lovedverything about it Zoete tranen especially thextraordinary totally dreamy hero Finn Trewlove Swoon It s been a while since I ve read a historical romance or any genre romance for that matter with such an utterly perfect swoonalicious hero like Finn or that made me ugly cry twice I can t wait to go back and read the previous two books in the series Big 5 stars and sniffles from this avid romance reader Title The Scoundrel in Her BedSeries Sins for All Seasons 3Author Lorraine HeathRelease date February 26 2019Cliffhanger NoGenrehistorical romanceNo one had ver looked at her as he did as though he would die if he couldn t have her as though he would die if he didLady Lavinia is the runaway bride who jilted the Duke of Thornley at the alter in When a Duke Loves a Woman It hurt his pride at first but in the nd it was for the best all around She may have handled matters in an Revived embarrassing way for the both of them but she knew that she could never give him her heart the way he deserved Though they d been friends their whole lives he knew next to nothing about the real woman she was Nor did he seem inclined to he was simply doing his duty and fulfilling thexpectations of his family What we didn t know was what she was keeping a secret because whatever it was made her disappear into hiding determined to avoid coming home at all costs At the start of the book we learn that Lavinia has taken on a personal crusade to rescue children in the baby farming business It s something she feels very passionate about and rather than sitting around bemoaning its Student Research Projects in Calculus existence she does something about it She s dirt poor after a life of privilege spending what little money she has without complaint in order to create a safe haven for the powerless as she once was Walking dangerous streets at night meeting these women who treat human beings as a profitable product she puts herself at grave risk One of these walks brings her face to face with the man who shattered her Finn Trewlove Finn has resentment built up over their shared past and the conseuences that he suffered because of it But what I really respected from him was thatven when he believed he would be in the right for lashing out or ven getting revenge he never disrespects her or deliberately hurts her He can t help but satisfy his curiosity over her decision to help the unwanted illegitimate children like himself Because her actions are brave admirable and don t match up with the idea of the woman who supposedly betrayed him I don t want to go too deeply into Lavinia and Finn s history for fear of spoiling the book But for a portion of the beginning of the story there are alternating chapters of past and present that will xplain what molded them into the adults they ve become Much than a surface infatuation they had a connection that was Love for Imperfect Things entirely transparent to me With the vast divide between their social status and a lack of power over their own decisions they knew it was foolish to allow themselves to dream But their hearts overruled their heads and it landed them years of separation bitterness and pain Loving her had cost Finn five years of his life Loving him had cost her She refused to think about thatRefusing to let the past to color his perception of the woman she is today he has nothing but admiration for the foundling home she s scraped together So he concocts a plan to not only get his shot at a new beginning but give her financial security She was running scared and afraid to face the pain that a new relationship would dredge up And now after finally standing on her own two feet and finding the freedom to live her life as she saw fit would she give a man power over her once again They both had secrets that once confessed would lead to a heart wrenching decision It had always been thus between them kindling waiting for the strike of a match But somehow nowverything seemed to burn hotter and bri. Hat haunts her Lady Lavinia Kent seeks redemption in London’s underworld ngaged in a daring cause inspired by the young man to whom she gave her innocence and who then proved himself a scoundrel by abandoning herWhen their paths cross again.

I ve given this an A for narration and a B for content at AudioGalsBoy meets girl Boy gets girl Boy loses girl Boy meets girl for the first time in ight years and she knees him in the nads after he defends her from some unsavoury characters Okay so that last bit might be a bit of a deviation from the tried and tested trope but the rest is a fairly accurate description of the first part of the plot in Lorraine Heath s The Scoundrel in Her Bed book three in the Sins for All Seasons seriesIf you ve read or listened to the previous book When a Duke Loves a Woman you may recall that its hero the Duke of Thornley was jilted at the altar by his intended Lady Lavinia Kent Thornley s search for Lavinia because he wanted to make sure she was alright not because he wanted to force her to marry him was the starting point for his romance with Gilly Trewlove owner of the Mermaid and Unicorn Tavern in Whitechapel In that novel we learned that Finn one of Gilly s four brothers had a history with Lavinia and in this one we learn about that history and follow them on a difficult and sometimes painful journey as they discover the truth of what happened to separate them come to know who they are now and rekindle their romanceYou can read the rest of this review at AudioGals Not gonna lie I feel like this man s nipple is judging me I m reading this book anyway ARC from EdelweissIt s been a while since I ve read a Lorraine Heath book but when I picked up The Scoundrel in Her Bed I was than ready And this did not disappoint Though this book is third in a series I was able to follow the story and secondary characters just fine I will say I loved Finn s family and I desperately want to read very one of their stories I also want to know of Thornley who was Vivi s betrothed until she left him at the altar No spoiler here this was in the blurb I have to say that this book got off to a shaky start for me The first third of the book went back and forth between past and present and the past was focused on too much I did get what the author was trying to do later on it was important to developing both characters particularly Finn and his being so much progressive than most people from that time period But I think this could have been done in a perfunctory way But once that was over and we were firmly planted in the present this book really took off for me I loved Vivi and Finn s story I am such a sucker for a story spanning social classes and when you pair that with another trope I love second chance romance it s like it was written just for me Finn and Vivi meet under less than stellar circumstances but Vivi really makes an impression on Finn and he finds he just can t forget her But there are certain xpectations for Vivi s life that don t include a commoner and circumstances beyond their control make sure they can t be together But when fate steps in Finn and Vivi s path cross years later and they ve both changed I don t know what it is but man there s a certain something about a hero that makes something of himself just to spite the heroine who left him Finn always had ambition but his past with Vivi added fuel to that And Vivi her story was horrific it was Language and Linguistics even worse than I could have imagined when I picked up this book I loved the way she took thevents in her life and channeled it into doing something so worthwhile and important She definitely left an impression on Finn but he left an impression on her as well and where he felt spite she was determined I will say that once the truth came out fairly Divertimento early on the story they moved past it uickly and forgiveness was instant I would have liked to have seen drama there and a bit of time to come to grips with things but it really was indicative of who Vivi and Finn were together This means that the pacing after this was a bit slow involving mostly inner angst but I live for angst so I loved it As much as I adored both of these characters I do feel as though there one time when Finn sxpectations of Vivi were too much I won t spoil it I ll just say Vivi had a really hard time dealing with it and Finn wanted her to be able to do it immediately Vivi had lived a life where Love Is a Fairy Tale everything she dver wanted was at her fingertips and while she had given that up it was still a part of her that hadn t completely subsided and she needed time to think things through But Promise at Dawn even then I loved how Finn was there for her anywayI won t say I liked all the characters in this book but I will say that I think I feltxactly the way the author wanted me to There were an array of players here some good some wicked and it made for such a wonderful read Returning to a world that Lorraine Heath created was xactly what I xpected She tore my heart apart only to put it back together again and it s something I m so thankful for The Scoundrel in Her Bed was a wonderful story and I can t wait to read about Finn s siblings DRC received through EdelweissThis book was completely unbelievable I truly didn t buy anything that happened I wanted to love it since I usually njoy historical romance although it has the same boring premise very single time Lorraine Heath is one of the finest writers of this genre but here it seems like she got tired of her own ways I had sooo many issues that I don t The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery even know where to startFinn Trewlove our male protagonist and a lowborn bastardarns his money by killing horses if you can believe that Where the hell did that come from How in the world did that sound like a romantic setting His occupation conveniently puts Finn in the position to meet our lovely lady Lavinia Kent She is an Darkmere earl s daughter she begs Finn to spare her horse which he does and then their friendshipnsues Not bad so far and I loved how Lorraine didn t go for the instant love this time These two really spent some meaningful time together before all hell broke loose over their affair I loved reading about their time together and how young burning love was represented It made me remember my own so this part was truly the bestFrom the second half it all went downhill Without spoiling the story let me just point out that this book has no believable conflict As many readers know and Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? expect these stories go like this 1 two people have a slight inconvenience but they fall in love no matter what 2 theynjoy Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den each other immensely and all is perfect in the world 3 a bigger problem arises they get separated 4 a man finds a solution he ll do anything at this point 5 a happynding many children together all good Lorraine Heath follows this blindly but here she failed to be convincing Finn and Lavinia had absolutely no reason to fight and having them separated on account of a stupid Romeo Juliette miscommunication is really plain stupid I thought you didn t love me because someone told me type of conflict is also funny and makes the characters look like children I hated this part so much Even when the resolution came through I was so over this couple Who cares if they are happy together if they are so stubborn and stupidDid I mention that Lavinia buys off unwanted children and finds them a bed in a nunnery Authors usually try to shed light on some social or moral issue of the period in uestion and I guess Lorraine Heath found a great deal of detailed findings on abandoned children So this is what happens 1 Lavinia looks for ads in the paper where people are offering children to other couples who can t conceive 2 she then plays the mediator meets with these Scraps Of The Untainted Sky entrepreneurs in a dark alley and buys children from them She really feels that putting those kids in a convent makes for a better solution Her philosophy is mind blowing to me but nevertheless here she isxchanging kids for money when she finds Finn again A horse killer and a children buyer This and many laughable lines during their heated dialogues really threw me off I am a sucker for historical romance and I will definitely read The Eric Carle Gift Set even worse than this I just wish that Lorraine tried harder here This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceLorraine Heath is such a memorable author and definitely an auto buy for me which is why when I saw this audio available in my library I was superxcited because I Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century excpected to have to buy this but I was surprised that I didn t need to I was a bit nervous becauseven though I liked book two I didn t love it like I did book one but I can say that this book really worked for me despite the flashbacks I know many love flashbacks but I am not a big fan of them But thankfully these flashbacks only happen in the first half of the storyThe scoundrel In Her Bed is book three of the Sins For All Seasons series And this is Finn s book one of the Trewlove siblings Finn was brought to his mother as a son of a Aristocrat and left on a baby farm and thankfully unlike many unfortunate children he was raised by a loving woman and his adopted family is Fashion Design Course everything to him Finn is the compassionate and kind of the siblings But he fell in love with a young woman but then believed that she betrayed him and spent years in prison And now its been seven years and he finds her in the dangerous streets of London and the love of his life has changed and he wonders what caused her to harden and change from the girl he once knew and lovedLady Lavinia Kent is the daughter of an Earl and when she is fifteen she meets a young man Finn who is kind and generous and they became fast friends when he saved her horse from being killed But as her season approached their friendship turned into. The bastard son of a nobleman Finn Trewlove was a shameful secret raised by a stranger As Finn came of age he had secrets too the clandestine nights spent with anarl’s daughter But her promise of forever nded in betrayalDriven by a past

Ghter threatened to consume until nothing remained xcept ashI ve Alternatives Chapter 2 (The Chronos Files; The Shattered Saga enjoyedvery book in the series though I think this one inched out in front as my new favorite It had an Cincinnati and Other Plays emotional impact that the others didn t uite meet andven had me a little teary Speak Out! eyed at thend They both went through so much hardship and injustice It broke my heart to see the suffering they had to go through in order to finally find the happiness they deserved It was lovely to see the Trewloves come together once again and support I Like You the Best each other like the fiercely loyal family they are The next book is Aiden s my least favorite brother but my faith in this author is so solid that I ll probably still read it because I trust that she has the ability to change my mind Lorraine Heath has become a new staple for me in the genre with her captivating writing three dimensional characters and historical accuracy I can t recommend hernough FOLLOW SMOKIN HOT BOOK BLOG ON ARC provided my Edelweiss and Avon in The collectors encyclopedia of antique marbles exchange for an honest review All thoughts and opinions are my ownThis love story spans about a decade and has flash backs Not a fan of flash backs but thought this was fairly well done Lady Lavinia is daughter to anarl She s been promised to the Duke of Thornley a previous book since she was a baby At fifteen Viv meets Finn the bastard son of a nobleman their meeting wasn t the most pleasant of meeting as he was sent to kill a horse he hates what he does for a living by her lovely not father Viv s horse but she begs him to spare her horse and he does So the two they develop a friendship and by the time Viv is seventeen she knows she will only love Finn and no other The two years they developed this friendshiprelations is so sweet and beautiful I loved that young love that was displayed between the two The two decide to run away together But they are betrayed and two are heartbroken as The Philosophy of Giambattista Vico each believes the other betrayed them This was somotional Eight years have passed and Viv has broke her Lone Star Standoff engagement and vanished into the streets of Whitechapel She left theverything behind and made it her mission in life to save the children from the Punishment Of The Cheating Wife evil baby farmers She hasn t seen Finn and never wants to again One night when Viv is on assignment to save some babies she runs into problems in an alley And low and behold who comes to assist and intervene but Finn And so the two reconnect with a lot and I mean a lot of baggage to sort through So much betrayal hurt and anger the two have to uncover and work through Both have changed and are different people but yet deep down in their hearts the same The truth is brought too light thatach was lied to and the betrayal revealed Viv is keeping a dark and devastating secret from Finn and knows that because of this they could never really have a future But sweet and determined Finn realizes that he loved the girl Viv but the woman she s has become he loves just as much or possibly He s determined to get her back Finn decides that maybe with an opportunity of opening a children s home which is Viv s dream it will give him chance and time to have her fall in love with him again I loved this book The More Punishment For His Cheating Wife emotion angst and depth of love these two had forach other was palpable I cried and laughed and sighed all throughout their romance It wasn t a perfect read I ll be honest I was going to give it a 5 star but Decision ended up with a 4 as I did find the flash backs interrupted the flow of the book and was somewhat a hindrance to the romance If you can look past that part I found this to be a beautiful andmotional love story 35 STARS How could he be happy when all he d The View from Alameda Island ever wanted was her and all she now wanted was the freedom to do as she pleased I m a sucker for a good second chance romance and this book definitely delivered on that front Vivi and Finn s story spans the course of several years They meet when Vivi is just fifteen fall in love when she s seventeen and fall apart in a devastating fashion only for their life to cross pathsight years later But neither of them are the people they once wereI loved the set up of the story Finn the bastard son of a nobleman meets and falls for a woman far beyond his poor reach Vivi may be the daughter of an When Fox Is a Thousand earl set to marry a duke almost from birth but titles mean nothing for her when she first laysyes on Finn The story unfolds in alternate flashes of past and present allowing the reader to see how they met while they anxiously wait to see what caused them to ultimately fall apart Years later Finn is no longer the starry yed boy that fell in love with a girl beyond his standing And Vivi is no longer the naive young woman that thought as long as she and Finn were together nothing could harm them Vivi has dedicated her life to hunting down of baby farmers and rescuing the young children and babies from a fate sometimes worse than death I really loved her singleminded focus on finding these children There s a wealth of secrets hidden beneath the ight years they spent apart but when their paths cross again it doesn t take long for those secrets to unravel and for the connection that was between them years ago to spark back to life The mystery of what happens is stretched out in tiers which I really Taken The Anthology enjoyed You get one part of it fairly uickly while the other part continues to unravel chapter by chapterI really loved the story and the characters but ultimately I struggled to feel the chemistry between them I just never fully bought into it I can t uite put my finger on why but it was a struggle from the moment they met to when they finally reconnect I felt like I m being told that they have this incredible connection rather than truly feeling it And while I loved the two of them together I couldn t help but feel like I wanted something a littleDid Injoy this book Absolutely It was a page turner from beginning to finish And while I did wish that I felt a little of the passion I still thoroughly Schematic Design enjoyed the romance ARC courtesy of publisher inxchange for an honest reviewFind me on 25 starsI received this book for free in The Second Sister exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review While he was responsible for so much pain there was a time when he d been responsible for her most ultimate joy Third in the Sins for All Seasons series following the Trewlove siblings Finn falls for an Earl s daughter As the Trewlove siblingsxcept for the youngest were all born on the wrong side of the blanket and farmed out in this case delivered by aristocrats or their servants with a one time payment to Ettie Trewlove to take care of or dispose of baby as she saw fit this proves dangerous for Finn and Lady Lavinia Kent as she starts to fall for him tooThe first half of the book had flashback scenes that went back and forth with the current Perfect Match (Girl Talk, events happening These flashbacks did a pretty good job of delivering the how and why of Finn and Lavinia s relationship but as Lavinia starts off as fifteen to Finn sarly twenties some of their deeper Curzon emotional connection wasn t there for me There was of a feel of kid giddinessspecially from Lavinia of doing something forbidden than actual deeper love The misunderstanding that initially keeps them in tension is talked about and for the most part resolved in the first half The second half is fully in the current time and we get Finn still AHS Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers expressing his feelings for Lavinia and Lavinia still working through the pain of their past There s no pleasure in taking what isn t freely given He grinned wolfishly Doesn t mean I won t test you to see where the boundaries are Finn was my favorite part of this story he was sweet sensitive and conscientious I did think thatven though he was supposed to be the same age as his brothers he felt much younger he had of a tender naivety feel this could have been done to make his romance with a late teens heroine feel natural While I liked Finn I struggled at times with Lavinia She lives the very sheltered and confined life of an aristocrat daughter and after Let’s Call It a Doomsday escaping some horrors her mother and father inflict on her she decides to make it her mission to save farmed out babies However it felt like she blindly and naively rich woman striding in thinks she knows the best way to solve the problem by stepping in to buy the children and put them in nun run homes She doesn t bother to really see if what she is doing is better for the children Ettie Trewlove than likelynded up being a far better situation for Finn to grow up in than being dumped at a very full nun orphanage Lavinia never really lost her what I think is best is feel and her drawn out felt a bit pointless at times we ve changed so we can t be together whole second half of book with Finn Their breathing was shallow fraught with tension as they ach took a measure of the other While this started off intriguing with the from the different side of the tracks relationship not a lot really happens the second half felt like a bunch of forced overly melancholy we can t be together and when there were motional moments they felt rushed and didn t uite leave an impact The lements for a good story were here but the spark and motion to immerse you were not Heath s writing is good but this felt like a going through the motions there was some repetitiveness and I think this could have been better as a novella There are still other Trewlove siblings to get their stories and as Heath has wrote an intriguing family I ll still be on the lookout for future installments. They can’t deny the yearning and desire that still burns As they discover the truth behind the deceptions that tore them apart Finn and Lavinia must fight to reclaim what they’ve lost no matter how dangerous because love is worth the risk.

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