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D on fanfiction Perfect examples of that would be things like I wondered for a moment if Scarlett might be the evil herself Hundreds of women would Shadow of the Templar die to work hereThen there are of course the scenes in the elevator and use of various BDSM toys Iid expect this book to feature a lot erotica but as it is there was very little of it throughout the book Even the BDSM scenes were tame in comparison to some of the books i ve readThe chemistry between the two mains could have been explored a little because I m a total sucker for anything DWP and I just Unforgiven (Warriors for the Light didn t feel enough sparks between Scarlett and Natalia Perhaps that s also because instead of 1 we have 2 mustache twirling villains in this book so yes it s high onrama Oh well at least the cover is stunning 25 TW Physical and mental abuseEven though I Buried Sins (The Three Sisters Inn, didn t absolutely love this story and felt it had uite a few things missing it was still fairly enjoyable and just what I needed at the moment it was filled with angst but also had it s fair share of funny moments that made me laugh out loud There was plenty of steamy and romantic scene and the bdsm scenes weren t super hardcore which I appreciatedThe only thing missing for me was getting to know the characters a little and the characters getting to know each other as well I feel like they just went straight into the relationship not knowing one thing about each other The two main characters sure had some steamy scenes but I still felt like the chemistry wasn t uite thereI also felt it was kind of unrealistic that the main chara I enjoyed this book and the characters It was very similar to the start of the 50 shades book only F F making it SO much better And there s no inner fking goddess to put up with I have to give the author credit her story pulled me The story flowed but for me the intimate scenes fell short which wasisappointing The author actually left out key words to Six Days in Leningrad describe body parts If you are going to write scenes with se. R life forever and the two falleeply in love But their The Darkness delicate balance of work and play is challenged when Scarlett and Natalia’s complicated andangerous pasts begin to catch up with them As both lives begin to unravel Natalia and Scarlett iscover that those with the power aren’t always the ones in contr.

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I was hoping this would be much better than it was I like DWP fanfiction normally but this was too close to the original to be uber even with changed names and events but it was also not close enough to the original to work as fanfiction I like fanfiction because the work in creating the characters has already been one and as the reader I can just get into the story line The first 40% was spent creating characters that are already known which seemed kind of pointless Then the relationship between Scarlett and Natalia goes from zero to one hundred in under three secondsThere is one scene of on page sex with elements of BDSM and thereafter there is very little chemistry between them so that I found it hard to believe in their connection Natalia has come out of an abusive relationship but it is treated very surface level and I think there was supposed to be a comment around consent versus abuse but neither the BDSM nor the abuse is ealt with effectively enough to have an impactI think there was a lot of potential in the story that was never fully realised which was a pity considering the great cover and title 25 stars I actually took a star away because I got tired of hearing the phrase We met eyes about a ozen times I m a big fan of Magnolia Robbins books This one was a bit Wolf Creek Homecoming (Wolf Creek different than her usual work but still very good The BDSM scenes are what I would consider mild They were however well written with plenty of hotness The story is fairly simple Two women come together and find they have much in common than they first thought It s not a blow me over kind of romance but still a nice story Iid love how the tables turn at the very end Well I have one positive thing to say about this bookthank god I read it AFTER Forbidden Melody If I had read Safe Words first I would not have read any further books from this author Everything that was good about Forbidden Melodyexcept the blah title was lacking in Safe Words Zero chemistry betwee. Natalia Ross a shy small town girl fresh out of college moves to New York to pursue her Black Beech and Honeydew: An Autobiography dreams as a journalist and lands the job “girls wouldie for” Hired as the assistant to Scarlett Stone the high profile fabulously successful editor of the fashion blog Stitch Scarlett as enigmatic as she is rich and power.

N the mains meh sex scenes and At the Italians Command disjointed plot pacing So to sum up Safe Words not good Forbidden Melody uite good Loved the cover but not so much the story Read this book after reading a highly entertaining book and was expecting a lot from Safe Words Unfortunately story felt really flat and the writing seems pretty simplistic that s just my thoughts though 25 and rou I ve been warned that this was somewhat a cross between Devil Wears Prada and 50 shades But I wasn t prepared for how similar it was to almost every DWP fanfic out there and the moviebook it self Seems like all that s been changed is the names their exes turned into woman and someescriptions of the characters Emily from DWP became Andrea Andrea became Natalia and Miranda became Scarlett I was so confused every time Andrea was mentioned This even had the that s all at the end of Scarlett s speech It s basically a rip off off DWP and it Oh Baby! doesn t really try to hide it I ve read several books that started as DWP but they were beautifully rewritten before they were publishedSomeone said that they were sick of reading we met eyes after I read that I couldn t stop noticing the over use of those wordsThe sex scenes were boring and tame And there s no talk about limits likesdislikes they just jump right into on the first night they kiss Without much build up The book wasn t that well written It was so short that I kept reading just to see how it ended But I wouldn t recommend this to anyone looking for either romance or erotica cause it has none of it There s noepth to the story or the characters Devil Wears Prada meets 50 Shades Trigger warning for physical and psychological abuseThis is a tough one to rate Although the book isn t written as a comedy I still couldn t help laughing several times over all the blatant DWP and 50 Shades references I Her Rancher Hero (Saddlers Prairie, don t know why I expected the author to try and hide it better perhaps because it s what i m used to with other books that are base. Ful is merciless andemanding of Natalia and the rest of her employees Even still Natalia is intrigued by Scarlett’s unrelenting ways and the two find themselves in an unconventional physical affair Through Scarlett’s epraved tastes in romance Natalia experiences a personal awakening that begins to change he.

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