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I have read two books by the same author and they were much better dited The grammar mistakes were so bad that in some places it felt like reading a composition in Hot-Blooded Italians english from a foreign ten year old student The worst though came at thend view spoiler Identical twins one being a boy and the other a girl hide spoiler ARC kindly provided by Alexia Praks in Mlynowski Teen Thriller exchange for an honest review Review The Duke s Revenge is the second novel in The Rogue a historical regency romance series It is written by a debut author whose origins come from Wattpad It is filled to the brim with drama love and happilyver afters After all who doesn t like a happy Reggie ending The Duke s Revenge centres on Ivy the bastard child of anarl who lives with her step mother and half sister She is treated like a servant and is often physically abused by her step mother until she decides to run away to start a better life She is aided by a man who saves her from two highwaymen as she travels to a nearby castle with her mute uncle where she can find shelter and food from the servants there The duke Maximilian stumbles upon her in his bedroom after an Switchback early return from travels His learning of Ivy s identity as the daughter of the lady who killed hislder brother and seeks to have his revenge by making innocent Ivy his mistress and ruining her But all is not as it seems and Ivy may just be the innocent woman not the daughter of a cunning lady What I often love about Alexia Praks is that her character really are the MOST hilarious ones I ve Marrying Marcus (Virgin Brides, ever come across They are very lively andasily distinguishable from Belonging (Temptation, each which I liked as some authors have series where all the characters seem to blend into one and the same after reading a couple of the novels The Duke s Revenge takes place in the same world as The Earl s Desire the first novel in the series and the duke andarl of these two books are friends and we see a little of both of them in If Im Found (If I Run each other s storiesThe plot was original yet somewhat predictable much like the previous novel but fun to read It was just as clich as the previous yet I found that romantic and I liked theasy and light undertone of itThe grammar is slightly wonky and there were several. Ke of Lynwood wants justice and is out for revenge after he has witnessed the murder of his older brother When he rescues young beauty Ivy Michaels and finds out she is the stepdaughter of Grace Westwood the woman responsible for his brother’s death he is determined to.

Okay this book might ve contain bits that are not let s say pleasant to all but if you look pass that and focus on the romance slowly developing between Max and Ivy I m sure it ll be the least of your worries If you love a story with sweet innocent gentle female lead with a stubborn thick headed and devilishly handsome duke then it s the one for you I personally really CaddyGirls enjoy it not only because of the plot butspecially of Ivy s peronalities Give it a try just look past the bits that had most people complaining Just finished the 2nd book and I could not put it down I loved the heroine Ivy you could not help but love her for Assignment everything she went through Max who is a Duke has been out for revenge for years against Lady Grace who had a hand in his brothers death To get back at her he makes a bargain and wants Ivy as his mistress Max not realizing that Ivy is innocent inverything and he not knowing that Grace is her step mother Max is ugly angry and somewhat mean to he There are a few twists and turns Ivy is desperately hurt when Max realizes he loves her A great book with a wonderful Philosophy of Religion ending The Duke s Revenge is perhaps one of the few historical fictions I vever read in my No Respect entire life and this was probably the only one that had sexual assault as one of the factors that kept this story going Perhaps it is considered norm during thatra for women to be considered and deemed inferior but still it was painful to read this My strong beliefs against rape or any forms of assault clearly played a huge part to my review but the whole thing screamed trigger warning trigger warningI honestly was not prepared for this for I have loved the historical fictions that I read before that I The Spirituality Revolution expected to actually like thisBut the rape content of course have thrown me offI had been thinking that maybe this review might be filled with spoilers but I figured it is important to warn people off that there is rape content here I don t necessarily intend this as a Do not read this sign but of a trigger warning 15 The concept was not bad but the book was so badly written and in such a need of beta reading andditing that I couldn t give a higher rate It is a shame and a little strange because. Can a tormented man forget his unpleasant past When he wants justice takes fate into his own hands and in turn destroys a young woman’s freedom do we abhor him What if he falls in love with this woman Will he then find salvationWealthy and powerful Maximilian Devilyn Du.

Times I would reread a sentence and think of my own way of writing it just because the way the author wrote it seemed to be strange There were a few mistakes and word omissions in the novel but there were no typing Comptia Cysa+ Cybersecurity Analyst Certification Bundle (Exam Cs0-001) errors but all this a goodditor can fix in the futureCongratulations to the author on writing and publishing a book Rating Plan1 star Strongly did not like the book writing and plot was bad Idea of the book was against my liking2 star Didn t like it didn t find it interesting or gripping Seemed to drag on to me3 star An average book Wasn t bad or good Everything Economies and Cultures else was well done Original idea4 star Like a 3 star but has potential to it as a series or the book grew on me as it progressed and certain scenes captured me I Enjoyed it and read it in one sitting5 star I LOVED IT I stayed up late until 3 am Author is a genius characters plot idea development EVERYTHING was EXCELLENT Nothinglse can possibly be said Designing with Web Standards except that its 5 STAR A very nice book This book is fantastic there are so many traumas and twisters in this story that it s almost impossible to stop reading this The courage to fight for love is the central aspect of this book received a sample of this book from smashwords upon reading the first couple of chapters I had to go and purchase it in order to finish Ms Praks is a new author for me but will look forward to reading historical romances from her the book was verynjoyable i was captivated from the 1st page n was gonna rate it 4 star but the morals behind it were not so gud our dear hero max was a bloody rapist he raped ivy not once but many times his intent was 2 ruin her in society n make her mother pay 2 avenge his brother s death when i get 2 the Sadies Surrender (Oyster Harbor, end of the story i saw it as a petty revenge stupid too bcoz his brother dominic was as guilty as the adulteress after all he knew she was a married woman yet he had an affair wid her it s only right the husband shud demand a duel soven if der hadn t been dat juliegrace mix up thing his reasons 4 revenge were void der was nthg lovable abt max he was mean n horrible 2 ivy add 2 dat raping her whenever he felt like it poor ivyi pitied the girl tremendously i In desperate need of an ditor. Use Ivy as a weapon to destroy Grace When he gets close to Ivy however she turns his world upside down with her kindness innocent touches and stubborn spirit Now he wants than just revenge and her in his bed But does a proper lady want a beastly tormented man for a husban.

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Alexia is a self confessed hermit whose undying love for books leads her to naively abandon the generous warnings of failure from numerous individuals and dive into the publishing world to claim a spot as an author In the romance realm she thinks anything goes as long as there’s love involved—be it contemporary historical fantasy paranormal or a combination of any of these In the young adul