Ethan Renoe: The Tall People

Oking Proceed with caution I may be biased seen as I wrote one of the entries in this but this was a good read I had to stop after the first fe. Ion romance grief and loss and realize you are not alone Explore the world and other planets through our eyes and see what you find Whether it’s a lazy summer read or a uest for original inspiration you’re bound to have a good time with The Tall People.

Most of the stories in this book were not uite my genre so my rating is probably lower because of that There were some real gems in here though. This collection of short stories contains everything from the mundane to the weird; the ordinary to the eerie With 14 writers contributing to this volume The Tall People will take you on a literary tour of the world uniue to their experiences their passion.

This book can be pretty dark at times It is not for the faint of heart That being said it is also such an interesting read and very thought prov. S and their imaginations Come discover who the Tall People are and meet the mad pig farmer Read about showgirls whose blood gives others the ability to fly or the dead returning to the land of the living Read testimonies of others’ struggles with depress.

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