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Ase This inflammatory digestive condition makes her thin and tired but she she is determined to carry on with the work of icking and canning enjoying a busy autumn A Elysian Fields (Sentinels of New Orleans, pesky outside doctor who won t stop writing to the lady only adds to her stress and every other youngerson is socialising and A Winter Tale (Lake Emerald Chronicles pairing off almost everyone that is Timothy the furniture carver is better working with his hands thanartying But Malinda is Dedication and Leadership Techniques pretty sure she s not wife material I downloaded an e ARC from Fresh Fiction and Net Galley This is an unbiased review The Mending by Susan Lantz Simpson takes us to St Mary s County Maryland Malinda Stauffer is finally heading home after helping her Aunt Mary recover and then suffering a relapse of her Crohn s disease that ended up with her hospitalized Herhysician Dr Todd McWilliams flirted with her but Malinda did not encourage him and she hopes the doctor took the hint that she is not interested in him in a romantic way Malinda s best friend Phoebe Yoder is engaged to Ben Miller and will soon be getting married Isaac was interested in courting Malinda before she departed and she hopes he has not changed his mind However one glimpse of Isaac with Becky Malinda knows it is too late Malinda yearns for a normal life like the other young women in her district but she feels her illness will keep men at bay There is one man though that Malinda cannot keep away from her Dr McWilliams is 神様 [Kamisama] persistent and the added stress is causing her Crohn s disease to flare up Plus someone is not happy with Dr McWilliams interest in Malinda and they are sending her threatening notesTimothy Brenneman works at the local furniture shop with Malinda s brother Sam Timothy noticed the lovely young woman Malinda has become but he thought it was too late when he saw her with Isaac Now that Isaac is courting Becky Timothy wastes no time in letting Malinda know that he wishes to court her Theroblem is convincing Malinda that he loves her and that her disease is not a burden Follow Timothy and Malinda on their journey in The MendingThe Mending is the second book in this series and follow The Promise Phoebe s story The Mending can be read as a standalone but I found it helpful to have read The Promise first I thought The Mending contained good writing but the ace was slow in some areas I sympathized with Malinda who must deal with Crohn s disease However I uickly tired of the lengthy ity The Full Experience party I kept hoping someone would give her a good long lecture a reality check I enjoyed the descriptions of St Mary s County and the daily life of the Amish I cannot imagine living without a regular washing machine and dryer or without air conditioning I felt the situation with Dr McWilliams was serious but it felt overly dramatic I never understood why Malinda would not talk with herarents or someone in authority I know it is You Dont Have to Say You Love Me part of the story but it did not feel realistic For someone who wishes to marry and have children Malinda failed to act like an adult The resolution came about abruptly and it seemed too easy I thought the romance between Timothy and Malindarogressed at a realistic Voodoo Season pace However the back and forth with Malinda saying she would be a burden and Timothy saying he loved her and wants to marry her and her condition was not a burden became tiresome Malinda needed to learn that she is not defined by her illness I felt that Malinda needed to grow as aerson as her relationship with Timothy developed A few tweaks would have made a difference in the story Some of the Christian themes The Walking Dead Live! present are trusting in the Lord theower of Scotty Scotts Guide to Relationships prayer have faith in God and that His grace is sufficient My rating for The Mending is 3 out of 5 stars For those readers who enjoy a sweet Amish romance then come along to St Mary s County Maryland in The Mending There is areview of The Reconciliation at the end of the book which will be Atlee s story I ve read several Amish books recently but none that focused so much on the main character feeling bad about herself The entire book was woe is me I have a medical condition This was literally the remise of the entire book The challenging health condition referenced in the blurb was exaggerated significantly The challenge was every so often she might need to go to a hospital she MIGHT need surgery in the future and she needs medication Honestly it was her self esteem that was challenging then the illness wa. S County He can't recall when Sam's little schweschder blossomed into a beautiful young woman but he would do anything to hold Malinda close and soothe the sad yearning in her eyes Sensing her unease at the mention of her doctor only confirms his desire to rotect her Healing however is in Gott's hands and a hard lesson in the true meaning of love may soon bless them both in ways they never imagine.

G I will admit my interest is iued by what I read Fans of Amish fiction will want to read THE MENDING by Ms Simpson It is a sweet clean romance with a good faith message the characters have to learnI was given a copy free All opinions are my own The author has given us a story that affects so many eople and many have the same decisions but this one has a twist the Written in Red Ink patient is Amish and she has the same wants and desires that most young Amish woman have to be a wife and motherAdd a young man who has secretly cared for her for most of his life and you will think a uick romance nope we wonder right to the end if these two can overcome the obstacles to ever being togetherI loved that we are reunited and updated with some the characters from the first book in this series The Promise and yes this one can be read alone and yet there is another one to come and Iersonally cannot waitI did find this story a bit scary at times and wondered what was going to happen some Crash Landing (Bear Creek, people just won t take no for an answerYou don t want to miss this oneI received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Zebra and was not reuired to give aositive review The Mending brought moments of laughter with the teasing by Malinda Stauffer s brothers along with tears for her with her chronic health Piper problem of Crohn s Disease There was never a dull moment in this story I really wanted someone to report the unprofessional behavior of Dr Todd McWilliams who had treated Malinda in the hospital while she was in Ohio caring for her ailing aunt Malinda struggled with being home and believing no one would want her as a fraa with her illness except for oneersistent doctor that didn t understand her no to him Malinda had no desire to leave her Amish home and was baptized into the church after her return home She was determined to carry her load of household chores even when she felt ill Malinda found it was a struggle to be around the community at times as her boyfriend had found someone else while she was in Ohio The hero in this story Timothy Brenneman had cared for her since she tagged along with him and her older brother Sam The unexpected tragic that transpired while Timothy and Sam was working at the woodwork shop may bring a new awareness to her to accept that she was a loveable individual despite her chronic illness I appreciated the strong family ties in the Stauffer s family and the deep concern and care of young Timothy Readers will enjoy this story by reading book one The Promise since there s mention of characters from that and all they had endured before finding their The Famoux (The Famoux, partner for life in The Mending I received this book from a friend I was not reuired to write a review but have shared my ownersonal thoughts This is the second book I ve read by this author This is a continuation to the first I read Taking Dragons Gap place in Southern MarylandMalinda returns home from a relatives house to find the man she thought she had an understanding with having another girlfriend She develops an interest in a childhood friendTimothy who unknown to her has had an interest in her for years He just wants her to be happy even if it does involve her having another boyfriend With an illness that can be debilitating at times she doesn t feel deserving of love In her mind who would want a fraa who could have a debilitating flare up that could have her bedridden for days As an overachiever Malinda s days are filled with cooking cleaning and basically anything torove that she is not sickly despite not knowing when her illness could flare The tables become turned when her love interest becomes injured on the job and he s unsure if he ll be able to continue what he does to earn his lively hood She now has to convince him he will be a worthy mate I love seeing Malinda s strongpersistent ersonality She doesn t let her illness hold her back and she is such an encourager to Timothy when he has his time of need I am really looking forward to reading the next book in this series as I ve enjoyed getting to know this familyPub Date 28 Aug 2018I received a complimentary copy of this book from Kensington Books through NetGalley Thank youAll opinions expressed are my own This is a lovely book about the alternative lifestyle of the Amish eople in Maryland in articular one young lady called Malinda who thinks she will never get a beau because of her occasional bouts of Crohn s dise. But a challenging health issue has her convinced no man wants the burden of a fraa who needs rest when there are farms to tend and businesses to run Adding to her stress is the unwanted attention of an aggressive big city doctor smitten by her an unsettling distraction she has kept to herselfTimothy Brenneman works alongside Malinda's brother Sam handcrafting the finest Amish furniture in St Mary'.

Malinda is happy to be out of the hospital in Ohio and heading back home to Maryland As she settles back in the swing of home life she wonders if she will ever share the joy her friend Phoebe has with her boyfriend soon to be fianc Malinda has Chron s disease and feels she is a burden to everyone around her especially her family Timothy has been in Malinda s life for as long as anyone can remember as he is her older brother Sam s best friend Timothy has waited atiently for years for Malinda to grow up and be ready to accept suitors Now that the time has come can he convince Melinda that she will never be a burden to himWhat a beautiful love story between Malinda and Timothy The love and The Lone Star Groom: Bachelor Billionaire Romances patience he has for Malinda would make any girl swoon young or old English or Amish Both of them have a strong faith in God and the way it isortrayed is great The author uses real life experiences to show how God is in each of our lives The author writes with such knowledge that one would think you were reading a true story and not one of fictionThis is the second book by Susan Lantz Simpson I have read and I am eagerly awaiting the next book in the series I received a complimentary copy of this book from Kensington Book through NetGalley and any all opinions expressed in the above review are entirely my own I got the leasure of reading this newest book by Susan Lantz Simpson I loved it I finished this book in one day bc it was so very goodThis story will want you to knock some heads together laugh and cry with the new characters And yes I even retended that I was at the table eating dinner with them and boy Saloma s food is goooooodIm so very glad that Timothy stood his ground where a certain girl was concerned Now that s what I call a real man He s everything and However Im so Crater Trueblood and the Lunar Rescue Company (Helium-3, proud of Malinda that I wanted to reach in the book and give her a big hug for being the strong woman I know she isOh and before I forget we can t leave the fun loving Atlee out I had to snicker with him I do wish that he was the big brother that I never got to have This is one Amish story y all just have to readI received this book for free All opinions are my own Malinda Stauffer wants to marry and have children in her Amish hometown After coming home from Ohio where she was helping her elderly auntie she fears her hopes will never be realized because she has Chrone s Disease and has to take lots of expensive meds Timothy Brenneman has had his eye on Malinda for years and he makes his move when Malinda s former beau stops courting her But Malinda isn t sure she wants to saddle any man with a wife who could have a chronic illness Then to make things even complicated the man who treated her in Ohio insists on coming to Malinda s home to try to convince her to come back to Ohio But she refuses and fears what her father may do if he finds out what the doctor has in mindBut the big uestion is whether Malinda can see that she is than her illness the answer of which only comes when Timothy is threatened with an injury that could spell the end of his work as a furniture maker THE MENDING is the second book in Ms Simpson s series and while it does stand alone fans will want to read The Promise to learn Phoebe s story since it is mentioned in the story Malinda suffers from Crohns Disease and compares herlight to Paul in the Bible but unlike Paul she wants to marry and have babies Unfortunately all the young men in her district knows she suffers from a disease with no cure and no one will have anything to do with her She s forever doomed to being an old maid Not uite true of course Timothy has known and noticed and liked Malinda forever but for whatever reason he never asked her for a buggy ride or expressed his interest or anything so Malinda thinks his sudden concern for her is ity That s all everyone feels Even her own mamm thinks she s sicklyTHE MENDING is a sweet romance with all the trauma of young love My heart hurt for Malinda and I wanted her to know that even with an incurable disease she was still worthy of loving and being loved Timothy was a true sweetheart kind and caring and oh so considerate I felt bad for him and his traumatic experience I figured the third book would be about the third girl in the trio of friends mentioned in this one so I read the excerpt for The Reconciliation included at the end of the book and was surprised to see I was wron. With autumn's golden glow marriage season comes to Southern Maryland's Amish country But is such joy meant for all Malinda Stauffer is happy that her gut frienden Phoebe Yoder may soon be married Of course Malinda can't help wondering about her own future She hopes someday to find the same contentment as a wife and mother that she has helping her own mamm care for Malinda's father and five brothers.