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Much in depth than the movie Great novelization of the film Lots of added elements don t know why this differs from the movie its a great movie but a terrible novel at times it reads as if the writer has let a child have a bit of a go I believe this is the book from the movie Predator Someone correct me if I m wrong Anyway don t laugh It s a great book It s like bloody damn oetry The novelization to the movie Predator is very interesting Like all novelization should you get to enter the mind of the characters so you get to truly understand their motivation outside of facial expression body language and tone You also get small sections of the story that got cut from the movie These two reasons are why I enjoy hunting down novelization to movies I love Granted some of the authors aren t the best but it still gives you a second take on the same story One other reason I bought this Cat Out of Hell particular novelization is because the creature villain didn t fully flesh out until well into the filming of the movie and novelization are written from the script often before or at least during the same time as the filming so the creature in the book is very different from the final version we see in the movie The book villain is very much an alien insect like creature that seems to have the ability to morph its shape instead of using the invisible cloaking technology seen in the movie It s alien culture is also different as it uses terms like drone and soldier to describe others of its race It also has orange blood instead of green and it uses a spear as a weapon instead of a shoulder rocket If you are a fan of the films comics and other books I d recommend the book if only to see what almost was A novelization of the move Predator Pretty good I enjoyed the movie a lot though I ve developed a fascination over the years with film novelizations When I was younger I understood that books were often turned into movies but I never understood why anyone would bother reversing therocess Movies are an essentially visual storytelling medium and they work within the confines of that technology The idea of translating Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work prose to screen was understandable to me but doing the opposite made no sense Movies aren t booksNothing brought thisoint home to me than reading RL Stine s novelization of Spaceballs back in grade school Spaceballs relies almost entirely on toilet humor and visual gags so Stine was ham strung trying to translate those to a text based med. From the author of Scarface comes this explosive adventure Dutch Schaefer heads an elite CIA aramilit.

Ium On top of that Spaceballs was a junior novelization meaning all the rofanity and innuendo got bounced out the airlock censored for The Late Romances protection of our youth That s all well and good except thatresumably the target audience for a young adult Spaceballs book was let me check my notes here young adults who had already seen SpaceballsObvious Passion for Christ, Passion for Humanity problem is obviousMovie novelizations didn t change my mind until I read Alan Dean Foster s adaptation of Aliens While Cameron sicture is a big budget action extravaganza apparently nobody bothered to tell Foster Thus he approached Aliens the same way he approached his adaptation of Alien from a few years earlier like a straight up horror film Not only that but Foster s adaptation had scenes appearing in the script but sliced out by Cameron for the theatrical release including the excellent sentry gun seuence and Ripley finding the cocooned Burke and handing him a grenade Up until Cameron My Curvy Valentine (Perfect Fit, put out the Special Edition LaserDisc for Aliens in 1991 Foster s novelization was the only way you knew those scenes ever existedAnd if the Aliens book was that good then damn the novelization of Predator by Paul Monette had to be eually as awesome right I spent months scouring used bookstores for a copy turning uplenty of copies of the True Crime Attainment (Temptation, paperback of the same name by Jack Olsen before I finally located one on the fifty cent rack of a tiny hole in the walllace in Speedway which has long gone out of business Excitement at a fever Hatred in the belly pitch unable to believe my luck I got home stashed myself in my room cracked the cover and started reading only to discover the novel was nothing like the film Characters went by different names very little of the humor that lightened the tension wasresent whole scenes missing and the Predator itself the most integral Always Be Ready part of the film the thing they named the entire movie for bore zero resemblance to the costumed nightmare embodied by Kevin Peter Hall Paul Monette whoever the hell he was had managed to ruin one of the greatest action films of the 80 sI was crushed Iut the book on my shelf but figured I d never open it again Downsizing my collection a year later it hit the give away Encyclopedia of International Development pile I actually felt guiltyassing it off to someone else because they were sure to be as disappointed as I was It was further roof of my first inclination towards adaptations if you want to watch the movie watch the damn movie You can t count on the bookWell that was 1992 A lot s hap. Ary rescue team chosen for a simple one day job in the Central American highlands But there's another.

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Pened since then and my older self has begun looking back on stuff I read when I was younger wondering if it was really as bad as I remembered it and giving it another try Some stuff is just as terrible as when I first icked it up but occasionally I m surprised at what a few years and a lot of growing up can do for one s appreciation of the material This brought to mind Paul Monette s Predator and I was interested in finding out if it was as awful as I remembered Thanks to the wonders of modern technology it took me all of a day to locate a dirt cheap copy and when it arrived I dug into it with tempered expectationsAs an adaptation of the film we got it s still a failure It was clearly based on an earlier draft of the Jim John Thomas script likely one bearing the Hunter title before it was changed to Predator midway through Rooming in the Masters House production As such it s lacking all of Shane Black s contributions and Schwarzenegger s improvisations including the infamous Stick around that everybody remembers Many characters die differently as the Predator creature hunts only with a spear like bladed weapon something it didn t acuire until Predator 2 so there s no laser targeted shoulder cannon no wristblade gauntlet no flechette launcherAs noted earlier the Predator creature itself is completely different from the film version too The hunter is still an alien which can camouflage itself almosterfectly but it can also mentally infiltrate and take over the mind of any host body it desires then assimilate that mind into its own to take complete control of it Thus it can become a bird soaring high above the jungle or it can morph itself into a static Media, Home and Family part o Read with Monette s non fiction and own biography in mind this novelization oddly becomes a decentarable for the cruel chaotic devastation of AIDS in gay communities throughout the 80s to be honest the only thing that kept me reading after the first chapter was a love of the movie The writing was amateurish the dialogue was chunky and the messed up the alien The Multicultural Partnerships predator I have loved from the movie is replaced by aink and red chameleon This was A Convent Tale probably based on the first screenplay the one that was trashed when they got a new director The new director was said to have completely change the alien and if this is a taste of what could have been I m glad it was scrapped Sofollowing up War Peace with the novelization of Predator might not have been the best idea Who knew gettothachoppa moviebeatsboo. Kind of hunt going on in the jungle and one by one Schaefer's men areicked off by an unseen redator.

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