Joanne Williamson: Jacobin's Daughter

Ss on the year but I remember really liki. Oiled in the machinations of the uprising she is in an admirable observer's position for Robespierre comes to the Duplays to live and men such as Danton Marat Camille Desmoulins and young Philippe Labas with whom Babette falls in love follow him there Though Babette in her story disclaims a real interest in politics she is apt at giving us many of the detai.

I read this a long time ago can only gue. In this Babette Duplay of Paris tells of her life during the years between 1789 and 1793 in a careful xcited narrative not only of growing up during the Revolution but of the Revolution itself Babette's father was a cabinet maker a tradesman and her cousin Simon who lived with them an ardent hater of aristocrats Though Babette never becomes thoroughly mbr.

Ng it specially I think the illustration. Ls in the conversations and Notes for the Everlost events she reports and theremerges a fair charting of the tragic course the Revolution took up to the rise of Napoleon Robespierre Danton Marat and their groups are seen in terms of the ironies they wrought and Babette comes to wonder whether or not the Revolution was a good thing ven though there is personal happiness for her.

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Joanne S Williamson was born on May 13th 1926 in Arlington Massachusetts Though she had interests in both writing and music and attended Barnard College and Diller uaile School of Music it was writing that became the primary focus for her career after college She was a feature writer for Connecticut newspapers until 1965 when she moved to Kennebunkport Maine and began to write historic