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Ighttime sojourn and the impact it makes in his lifeA natural comparison would be Miyakos A young boy the only one still awake in his ormitory late one night spies a mysterious invitation in this mostly wordless picture book from Daniel Miyares Sneaking out the window and biking away he meets up with a friendly turtle who escorts him to a magical tea with a group of woodland animals After a wonderful night out the boy returns to his school with a marvelous tale to tellI expected something uite magical from Night Out given the beautiful cover art the fact that it involved a turtle always a plus and that I enjoyed the illustrations in PI Maltbie s Bambino and Mr Twain the only other work of Daniel Miyares that I had previously encountered The artwork here Ryugakusei no tame no Kanji no Kyokasho SHOKYU 300 - Japanese Writing Study Book done in gouache and colored pencilid not let me A Study in Scandal (Scandalous down This is a beautiful book one in which the visuals are than capable of telling the story Given that this was so I found the minimal text here unnecessary at I loved this The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and I loved the minimal words Would work well for an older child reading at a beginning reader level Aelightful Letting it Go dreamlike adventure Sweet gently surreal illustrations This one s a lot of fu. Mals serving tea andancing late into the night And finally After the journey back he has a fantastic story to tell the perfect way to make a friend.

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A young boy who has trouble making friends at boarding school sneaks out in the middle of the night to accept an invitation to a special party A ride on the back of a giant turtle to an island tea party with forest creatures gives him an amazing story to tellBeautiful illustrations that have very little need of text puts the reader right into the story sharing the child s loneliness and his joy at finding new friends First sentence All alone An invitation A ecisionPremiseplot A lonely boarding school student has a once in a lifetime adventure leading to a fantastical story to relate to his classmates the next morningMy thoughts How many times should you have to read a picture book to know if you liked it I know two times wasn t enough to persuade me to like like it But I id like it the second time than the firstThe text is sparse to say the least One is really reading the illustrations The pictures Shadow of the Wolf (Hearts Desire, do a good job of conveying the themes of this story loneliness and a longing to belong One of the first spreads shows the boy eatinginner all alone This isolation continues through the evening But by the next morning things have started to shift a new Smijurija u mjerama day with new opportunities hasawned for the boy The i. When a small friendless boy goes to bed at his boarding school an adventure is about to begin First he finds an invitation in his turtle's bowl Next.

Fference An adventure that only a reamer could haveI wanted to like this one than I Ultralearning did I should like a book where the ADVENTURE ends up in a tea party But it is such an odd gathering I had trouble suspending myisbelief if I m honestText 3 out of 5Illustrations 3 out of 5Total 6 out of 10 Gentle story A lonely boy gets an invitation and sneaks out to a partyin the woods with animals Sweet and nice illustrations but The Ring Of The Dove didn t move me Nice ending where the boy shares his story with the other boys I wouldescribe this as pleasant but not special I The Lost Literature of Medieval England don t expect it to linger in my memory the way the somewhat similar The Tea Party in the Woods Possibly a little text would have helpedIid like that at the end the adventuredream motivates the loner boy to connect with his peers by telling them the story Pretty but could have used some words The content is a little beyond the inference abilities of very young audiences but that could just be me Of the two just a Dream books I have read recently I prefer this one Night Out is essentially a wordless book held up by evocative punchy sentence fragments a style I must admit that I have something of a weakness for This is a uite simple story about a boy s imagined He makes an escape out the window through the woods across a river and onto an island And then he joins a grand celebration with larger than life ani.

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Daniel Miyares is the author and illustrator of several books for young readers including That Neighbor Kid Bring Me a Rock and Float He lives in Kansas City Missouri