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Meanings Spiritual growth takes dedication and practice This book will help you along the path Excellent information for those wanting to nderstand. Well prepared for the niversal training This system is niue and pays respect to all laws of wisdomBy purchasing this workbook you donate for the spiritual work in the Sura Academy This means you do good deeds with positive effects for your karma.

Excellent book to assist with spiritual development Ray is an excellent spiritual teacher his book is written in such a way to help you ponder deeper. Sura Academy Teachings This is a highly efficient training for spiritual progress It is most powerful and at the same time the simplest way for real progress especially designed for the students of Bardon So even complete beginners can se it to be.

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The chakras in a deeper wayA deep teaching regarding the chakras and how they function and activate Thank you Ray del Sole for this fantastic teachin. Members can receive a discount for the printed version as well as honest students who lack of sufficient income Please contact Ray del Sole the founder of the Sura Academy Thank you for your kind support May the Divine Spirit bless you on your pat.

Ray del Sole is known as an expert in metaphysics and mysticism and is an author of a series of books about spiritual development and training Besides running webinars he also provides workshops and lectures in the German speaking countries and in England and the USAIn Germany near Frankfurt he works as a Naturopath for Psychotherapy and as a Spiritual Healer His focus lies in the applicatio