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Hen the Nazis Though the mother in the story is difficult to like it is obvious from the start that she has very serious reasons for her behavior Waiting to learn the details of what led her to become such a different person from her younger self was what kept me reading In the end it all made senseThe major detraction for me was that the book should have had far superior editing leading to a rewrite It reads as though an earlier draft rather than the finished polished product was published Too bad because if not for that it would have been a truly lovely story This is a favorite author of mine and I was thrilled to receive this book for review Rosanna Chiofalo has a talent for writing stories that touch your heart and are visually stunning In this next book the reader is swept away to a flower farm in Italy A beautiful place that is home to Maria and her daughter Maria harbors a terrible heartbreak from WWII and the loss of her great love She lets her grief guide her as protection for her daughter who she watches over and wants to protect from any heartbreak As the sunflower farm grows into a rose farm and the seasons change Maria is not able to let go of her grief and heartbreak Her inability to move forward affect her relationship with her daughter and soon her daughter will also have a broken heart I love the vivid descriptions and being swept away to a flower farm in Italy The compelling timelines that traverse from WWII to present day are done in a pleasing way to the reader The full effect of the complexities of Maria are foremost in this touching story I loved it and highly recommend this book Thank you to the publisher and to Net Galley for the opportunity to review this wonderful book This is a book to read when you can savor it and not be interrupted for you will want to indulge yourself in the authors wonderful prose and the fields of Italy I ve read all of Rosanna Chiofalo s books and have loved every single one of them including this one This book begins by telling the story of Anabella and her mother Signora Ferraro who own a rose farm in Pienza a city outside of Siena Italy Anabella is sheltered as a child and now as she has become a young woman is being courted by an artist by the name of Dante who paints pictures of Anabella based on how he views her in his dreams The story goes back and forth from the present to the past in which we learn of Signora Ferraro then Maria Rossi and her time serving the resistance during World War II We are then introduced to Maria s family which include her father brother and sister in law as well as her true love Franco As the book continues on we learn of Signora Ferraro s desire to keep her rose farm blooming and Anabella s longing to be with Dante I thoroughly enjoyed the author s historical accuracies when speaking of Italy s involvement during WWII along with the desire of Maria Franco and the rest of th. Gh an nlikely source cultivating roses on her farm in the Tuscan countryside Now the blossoms symbolize everything that is both good and safe and she nurtures them with as much care as she guards her past Yet to Anabella the rose farm that once delighted her has become little than a pretty prison Despite her beautiful surroundings Anabella longs for During one of her regular visits to Siena to sell their flowers Anabella encounters a handsome young artist named Dante Galletti His canvases are filled with images of a girl who looks just like Anabella and Dante claims to have seen.

This story is breathtaking Anabella is a young girl growing Desire Island - The Niece up on a rose farm in Pienza Her father passed away years earlier and her mother is raising her alone Sunflower Girl is about this mother and daughter but it s so much than that It s about life in Italy during World War II and the courageous people who madep the resistance The author tells the story of two young people part of the resistance who fell in love during this dark time And In thi This was such a fun book to kick off summer As a Kansas native and avid sunflower lover I LOVED getting to read a book that centered around sunflowers so much The story pulls you in and won t let you go The symbolic representation of the roses and sunflowers throughout the story adds the perfect to touch to the emotions the characters experience While this book was slightly confusing to read due to the multiple character POV s and two different time era s it was interesting to see the world through both the mother and the daughters eyes Experiencing all of their emotions individually had a much deeper impact on me as the reader than if the book would ve been written through only one of their POV s Adding Dante s POV into the mix made it that much of a delectable readThe relationships throughout this book are extremely realistic and very relatable I thoroughly enjoyed the parallels between Maria Franco and Anabella Dante In the end you have become so close and What a novel And to think I found it hidden in a thrift shop It s a beautiful emotional hilarious and brutally honest story about mothers and daughters and a war that threatened to ruin Italy There were many moments in this book that caused a lump to form in my throat and think of my own mother It was one of those books where I didn t want it to end and now that it did I can already miss the characters This book is set in Italy and tells of a shy sheltered daughter raised by an overbearing mother who homeschools her daughter to keep her close and all to herself We learn about the mother s marriage an Italian who worked against the Germans during their occupation of Italy and also the mom s own work in the resistance Annabella the daughter falls in love with an artist but her mother rejects her boyfriend and she is forced to choose between her mother her boyfriend It s painful to read about the atrocities the Germans inflicted on the Italians but it is balanced by a beautiful love story woven throughout the book This had the potential to be a wonderful story Set in Italy and told from the perspectives of the three main characters the story shifted seamlessly between the 1970s and the WWII occupation of Italy by the Nazis The characters are interesting the plot intriguing The author s voice has a lyrical Sweet Valentine uality that lends itself well to this story I learned much about Italy during the war and the work of those who secretly resisted first the Fascists and In the fields around Tuscany in summertime sunflowers grow in profusion wavepon wave of gold and green standing tall against the Italian sky But for Signora Maria Ferraro the bright yellow blooms carry only bitter memories Though she loved them as a child sunflowers have come to represent the most painful episode of her life Not even her cherished daughter Anabella knows what happened to her during World War II when the Germans overran her hometown of Florence and Signora Ferraro fell in love with a Resistance fighter In the aftermath of loss and grief she found salvation throu.

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E resistance fighters to continue on with their dream of freedom despite the danger it posed to their lives I also loved the love stories between Maria and Franco and later on Anabella and Dante each of them displaying the The Rancher and the City Girl utmost patience kindness and perseverance when faced withnspeakable tragedies The author did a wonderful job of giving Ice Wolves (Elementals, us as readers the chance to know each of the characters in depth with our love only growing fonder for their happiness as the story continued Overall a very well written piece of fiction which kept me wanting as I ended the book would highly recommend to anyone wanting to read about history and love all wrappedp into one One of my favorite authors and this plot was so interesting I learned so much about Italy during World War II that I didn t realized happened What a difficult time period and it was interesting to see events Some Like It Hotter unfold and truly why some experiences in life shapes to be who we are including our fears as well as our growth I am never disappointed with this author s books Well done dual time line mother daughter novel set in Italy during WWII and today Maria fell in love with a Resistance fighter during the War You can imagine what happened and why the effects linger in her mind today She is entirely too protective of her daughter Annabella who some might think should have stood More Than a Convenient Bride (Texas Cattlemans Club: After the Storm up for herself at some point in her life They sell flowers lovely roses and it is this aspect that makes thisniue Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC There are secrets there was trauma there s a nice love interestall the ingredients for a good read Review also found at received an advance copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Thank youI chose this story because there isn t a wartime story I can walk away from To add to that I also discovered that I had previously read Chiofalo s work Rosalia s Bittersweet Pastry Shop and had loved it I just had to read thisThis story is written through two perspectives Maria s during the occupation of Italy in WW11 and her daughters from childhood to adulthood Both stories eually interesting and eerily similar while being different at the same time if that makes senseAs with most stories of this genre it is filled with the things you would come to expect Tragic love stories horrific events and a theme of perseverance I struggled with the character of Maria and how overprotective she was of her daughter At times I just wanted to slap her however as the story progressed I was able to nderstand her and what drove her to be the person she wasHaving just finished the book only moments ago I find myself reflecting and still feeling the story This is an indication of a good book in my world when you just can t shake it after completion I do know now that Chiofalo is an author I will actively seek out as after reading two of her books I have yet to be let down. Her in his dreams running through a sunflower field Through Dante Anabella begins to see sunflowers her cloistered existence and the world itself through new eyes As their relationship deepens Anabella knows she will soon have to choose between loyalty to her mother and the risks and rewards of living on her own terms Alternating between the viewpoints of both mother and daughter and between Italy during World War II and a arter century later The Sunflower Girl is a poignant and moving story of the choices we make in the name of love and the secrets that echo through generation.

Rosanna Chiofalo is a first generation Italian American whose parents emigrated from Sicily to New York in the early 1960s She is the author of Bella Fortuna Carissima Stella Mia Rosalia's Bittersweet Pastry Shop and the novella Seven Days of Christmas which appears in the WHEN THE SNOW FALLS collection She lives with her husband in New York City Visit RosannaChiofalocom