Kate Alice Marshall: I Am Still Alive

The woods Put me up in the wilderness of Canada or Alaska and throw me in complete darkness and snow and forget it I MIGHT last 5 minutesJess is alone Her mother dies in a car crash severely injuring here and now she s got no one She s only 16 and is in turn forced to go live with her stranged father who she hasn t seen in about 12 years Dad is a homesteader and off the grid he hates the government and is living off the land They are out in the middle of nowhere in the rough Canada wilderness and this life she s dumped into is a harsh shocking reality But then something goes horribly bad Her father is dead And Jess is alone Cue me freaking outWe read through journal Nerds entries Jess writes about her life with her mom before Her brief time with her dad before And then we reach after Where Jess has no one but a loyal dog wolf hybrid named Bo and her own sheer willpower Will she survive the winter in Canada How will sheat stay warm and In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, even just survive walking through the wilderness when her body is still hurting and broken And who killed her fatherThis was anasy breezy read that had me sucked in front start to finish The writing is really good and I Bark enjoyed the suspense and found myself rooting for Jess and Bo to survive A really good book Jess is alone She is angry hurt and struggling to stay alive First she lost her mother in a car accident that left her injured and facing months of physical therapy Then she was shipped off to live with her father in the Canadian wilderness She barely remembers her father and she doesn t want to live with him in the middle of nowhere No radio Nolectricity No nothing Soon after she arrives her dad is gone too and Jess is left to face the wilderness alone Can she surviveI love this book Once I started reading I couldn t stop I had to find out what happens I binge read the On Such a Full Sea entire thing The story is suspenseful and compelling Jess is stronger and capable than she believes at first As she struggles to learn how to hunt and keep herself dry and warm she comes to learn just how intelligent and resourceful she is She not only takes care of herself and her dad s dog Bo but she prepares for a showdown with the people who took her father away She knows they are coming backbut she s going to be ready for them It s uite the showdown in thend Great bookI have a weakness for suspense thrillers set in the wilderness This book was just what I love I m definitely going to read by this author The story was well written and the pacing kept the suspense going from beginning to Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! end I don t binge read books very oftenbut this one I just could not put down I voluntarily read an advance readers copy of this book from Penguin via First To Read All opinionsxpressed are Cannibal entirely my own This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life in BooksI liked this book wellnough I decided to read this book because the premise sounded rather interesting Having never read this author before I really didn t go into the book with too many Mastered (The Enforcers, expectations I found it to be a prettyasy read that I did Man, Son of Man enjoy I did feel like there was something missing from the story that could have taken it to the next level for me but I am glad that I took a chance and decided to read this oneJess has not had itasy lately She was recently in an automobile accident with her mother Her mother did not survive the accident and Jess sustained some pretty serious injuries She has spent time in the hospital recovering and was ventually placed with a foster family Eventually she is sent to be with her father who has not played much of a role in her life and lives off the grid There is no way that Jess could have prepared herself for living with her father He lives in a tiny cabin in the middle of the woods in Canada along with his dog Bo He has very few connections to the outside world and lives off of the land When Jess arrives he starts to show her some of the skills she will need to know in her new home Jess really doesn t have a lot of interest in learning the things her father is trying to teach her and is mad at the whole situationThe book is written as Jess s journal and starts out with alternating chapters of before and after which I thought worked really well It becomes uite obvious that this have taken a wrong turn ve. Ar crash killed her mother and left her injured she was forced to move to his cabin in the remote Canadian wilderness Just as Jess was beginning to get to know him a secret from his past paid them a visit leaving her father dead and Jess strandedAfterWith only her father.

This was brutal A modern grown up gritty HATCHET I loved it Holy shit this book was goodIt kind of reminded me of The Martian I mean duh it is a survival book though instead of space Jess is stuck in the middle of nowhere in CanadaWhich to me makes it 100 times scarier because I may never make it to Mars but I can sure as hell get lost in the middle of the forest might be able to get lost in my own backyard though I d deny it And you know what I can t say I would be as resourceful or strong or patient or just pretty fricking ballsy as Jess is in this novel And with a bad leg to boot Raise the stakes and made me love Jess ven In the beginning after her mother dies and Jess is forced to live with a father she barely knows Jess was a bit moody and ANGRY And she had very right to be She is like very single one of us couch potatoes who can t go 10 minutes without checking the internet Now take a 16 year old kill her mother take away Uncommon Wisdom everything and anything that is familiar to her and throw her into the woods with her nature loving fatherYou can say she was a little pissed offBut afterverything goes down and Jess is made to survive that is when the story gets real good and the character development flourishes Kate Marshall doesn t shy away from the ugliness of survival Unseen City either Let s just say during the whole novel I didn t know if Jess would survive or not I was legitimately scared for her Some pretty disturbing shit goes down as well that is morbidly fascinating and some other things were just downright depressing but in a good way What am I sayingThe way the relationship with the father is portrayed is so complicated and precious and absolutely fantastic I felt Jess anger to the core towards this man who abandoned her and her mother It is interesting seeing the two characters interact and brings a spark to the story Yeah give me conflictI alsonjoyed how the story is told in before and after chapters The only thing I found distracting about it is that the novel is supposed to be Jess telling of her story Jess is writing down her story in a notebook so whoever finds it knows she was there and what she went through So you are reading her story and you would be firmly set in the before story line flow when present Jess interrupts the flow by making a comment It would have been helpful if her present comments were italicized or something to distinguish them better and give your Art eyes a visual cue That is all Not that the comments deterred from mynjoyment of the novel not at allview spoilerIt also bothered me when Jess digs up her father s grave gosh It may be creepy of me but I LOVED how the author WENT there that she didn t think to take her father s coatboots I mean yeah you are dealing with a corpse but Jess was WAY past the giving a shit phase Me thinks that Jess not seeing her father s coat as a way to keep warm didn t align with where she was at plus it kind of gave me a hint that she would be finding proper clothing pretty soon hide spoiler I love a good survival story but this story felt like a non stop pity party from start to finish I got so tired of listening to Jess cry and feel sorry for herself It was just way too much I seriously found myself having sympathy for the dog then I did Jess It definitely needs action and suspense and less whining I received this ARC from First to Read in God Is in the Crowd exchange for an honest review Thank you A very well written survival book First Jess s mother is killed in the same car accident that injures her leg She is sent to live with her father anxtreme survivalist Despite herself Jess learns how to survive out in the wilderness Her Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard experiences and many mistakes help her grow as a person Hernormous love for her dog Bo was the heartbreak romance in this novel Spoiler Alert This notivel is action packed and filled with riveting descriptions of the rugged but beautiful wilderness a place that does not love me and that I do not love But we don t The Matriarchs (The Family expect love fromach other the wild and me We only want to survive Respect Jess had no choice but to fend for herself in order to survive and as the title of the story confirms My name is Jess Cooper and I am still alive I Notes for the Everlost enjoyed this one Every time I read a book like this I realize how very dead I would be if Iver got lost in. AfterJess is alone Her cabin has burned to the ground She knows if she doesn’t act fast the cold will kill her before she has time to worry about food But she is still alive for nowBeforeJess hadn’t seen her survivalist off the grid dad in over a decade But after a

Ry When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) early in the book but it does take some time to find outxactly what did happen This is a story of survival Jess finds herself alone in the woods with no shelter few supplies and not a lot of skill with only a dog as support I did like Jess as a character I felt so bad for Jess and her desperation feels very authentic She has a lot of small victories and uite a few set backs all of which could prove to be fatal I would recommend this book to fans of survival stories Jess is a tough character that is working hard to survive in a nearly impossible situation I wouldn t hesitate to read of Kate Alice Marshall s work I received a digital review copy of this book from Viking Books for Young Readers via First to ReadInitial ThoughtsThis was 35 star read for me For now I am going with 3 stars but I may bump it to 4 after I can think about it for a bit This was really a survival story Jess must learn to live off the land with only a dog for help and support The first part of the book is set up with alternating chapters of before the No Biggy! event that left her all alone and after as she is trying to survive Great survival story Would recommend to anyone who loves that genre There is ABSOLUTELY ZERO ROMANCE for those looking for that in a bookAudiobook Loved it would recommend this formatDisability rep The character has a new to her disability at the start of the book She often refers to herself as broken but a later scene does show her checking her own thoughts about disability Her father shuns physical therapy and he makes no accomodations for her disability has a mindset of nature will cure you She stands up to thisvery time tw a LOT of animal hunting and field dressing described in detail character is a former vegetarian often Crush It! expresses her regret for hunting hunting is ONLY used for survival injury of a pet parent death and PTSD reliving parent death murder near drowning being stranded inxtreme cold weather thoughts of dying unhealthy foster care situation I feel like three stars always look a little weird so let me clarify that this is a positive three star rating This is a compelling survival story that is marketed as a revenge story and I just didn t get Attracting Birds to Your Backyard exactly what I was hoping But let s be real this was stillntertaining So my main thought about this is that this is very well written but it s Deep Listening essentially just a survival story and doesn t go much beyond Maybe my main problem was that I just didn t getxactly what I wanted The revenge Bird-by-Bird Gardening element is there but it s very low on intrigue and definitely not the main plot point We don tven see the lead plotting revenge until like pa This is a decent story I The Works of Saint Augustine expected it to be about survival and you know what that sxactly what it s aboutJess mother died so she is sent to live with her Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone elusive father in Alaskar I mean Canada Not that it makes much difference to the author since her idea of Canada is 10 months lasting winters and lots of wild animalsLook that is not true and I really don t like when American authors who probably haven t My Teacher Is a Robot even been to Canada before use its stereotypical aspects to develop their stories There s so much to Canada than cold weather and wild animals which all countries haveThat irks me But BUT It is anntertaining story It s fast paced action packed unpredictable and actually very interesting How could survival stories not be though Unless they are badly written one is bound to be intrigued by the character s ability to Supper Club either get themselves out of or into troubleIt s not however realistic Jess is TSTL It has been a long time I ve used that so I ll actually define it for you too stupid to live Boy is Jess clueless Sheven admits herself that she s stupid multiple times which sure doesn t help shift my opinion She makes countless mistakes and doesn t learn from them Most of the time she makes me laugh that s how ridiculously she is behaving but other times she aggravates me uite a bitLet s just say that I wouldn t want to be stranded anywhere with her Her dog Bo is adorable though and a faithful companion I ll take him So this is not the most memorable of books I ve read in my life or Jess Moanas New Friend (Disney Moana) even remotely fantastic but it didntertain me and I do want to read survival stories in the futureBlog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin. ’s dog for company Jess must forage and hunt for food build shelter and keep herself warm Some days it feels like the wild is out to destroy her but she’s stronger than she ver imaginedJess will survive She has to She knows who killed her father and she wants reveng.

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