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Lucky Charm is the second book in JA Armitage s Reverse Fairytale series It is the continuation of Princess Chamaine s accent to become ueen of Silverwood The story begins with her coronation and seamlessly continues with the upcoming Royal wedding to Luka the prince Charm chose in book one But is all as it seems Will Charm ever see Cynder the magi boy who stole her heart again And why is someone trying to ill the monarchy And whoYikes the action the romance the beautifully created world I loved it all I had a had time putting it down I cannot wait to read the next book in this skillfully crafted series I received a copy of this book from the author I voluntarily reviewed this book and this is my honest review The Rebellion is as big as ever and someone is trying to Keys to the Ultimate Freedom kill Charm Someone is hiding in the shadows and forming an entire group to take down the Royal family or what s left of it in order toeep the Magi where they belong In the dirt Charm is doing everything she can to make them eual citizens and she s got the help of her new counsel But no matter how many steps forward she takes it seems like someone is two steps ahead When Luke invites her to his land someone makes a play for her life And the man she never thought she d see again Cynder is there once again to save her life and eep her sane Only to disappear once again after he drops her off back in her own Kingdom You won t want to miss this second installment in this Classic retelling of Cinderella You might even get to see a famous scene wink JA Armitage gives a beautiful twist to this story and you re going to love it as much as I did I can t wait for the third book So much pretense So high risk of betrayal And yet she must do her best to lead the ingdom After her father s death Charm is now the ueen of Silverwood but her task is not an easy one After the rule of terror hate and fear the Magi are hiding abroad and not willing to return despite the changed laws of acceptance and euality The former قصه‌های خوب برای بچه‌های خوب --- ۶ king s rule is simply ingrained too much and the non Magi citizens are afraid of magic Moreover wedding preparations are now full in the running When Luca invites Charm for a journey to Thalia she is glad for the distraction only to meet Cynder again and spiral headfirst back into the mess her life used to be When a contest is opened the situation changes dramatically and the longer it continues the suspicions arise around Something is going to happen but no onenows the culprit The second book in this series is a great continuation to the reversed twisted Cinderella story Unexpected turns drive the plot forward developing the story with amazing speed The rapidly changing world is intriguing full of political machinations and ingenious strategies However what I enjoyed most was the development of the characters With each challenge and each hard. Princess Charmaine is getting married She should be happy right The Resilient kingdom is in turmoil after the death of theing and it’s up to Princess Charmaine to set things right With her coronation looming and an upcoming wedding to sort out she barely has time to

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Ving problems reconciling a few thingsFirst is the seeming merging of past and present Everyone talks and dresses as in modern times There are telephones very few and televisions And there are carriages and horses but no ind of automated transportation although there was one mention of a train but it was just that mentioned in passing There are mages or magi people who can perform actual magic but only if they have a wand The magic population are treated as second class citizens in this one ingdom but in other Grumpy, Frumpy, Happy, Snappy A Silly Monster Opposites Book kingdoms they re accepted as euals So the uestion becomes why are they staying in this oneingdom where they re persecuted and treated so unfairly I guessed the ending very early in the book which is annoying Moving on to book 3 of this trilogy Despite the massive amounts of grammar mistakes the storyline was decent though a might too predictable You جامع التواریخ جلد 4 فهرست ها know who the regent is fairly early on Still it s a fluff piece and reads like one which is good to take your mind off things In that respect it does its job Hits discrimination pretty hard which is nice and a good point in the storyHowever without going into too much detail it needs a good grammatical clean up There were formatting issues punctuation mistakes misspellings awkward sentence structures and a few homonym issuesAs for the story itself my biggest gripe The inconsistencies in the plot and characters At one point we re told this is the first time Charmaine isn t looking forward to going on camera What The whole first book we read about how much she hated it and now she suddenly likes it Nope Can t disregard such a huge inconsistency And there were others but this was one of the most notable Also another thing that bugged me was what royal gets to have as much freedom as she seems to have I can t think of any high profile person who would truly be allowed to disregard their safety as much as she does Strolling literally everywhere without a guard Being concerned about her virtue and public opinion yet constantly being alone with men The I think about it the annoyed I get so I need to stop nowFor my clean readers language though no f bomb in this one Mild violence including attempted murder of a child A few bedroom scenes mostly descriptive of the male upper body and making out but many thoughts on sex itself My second read from author JA Armitage I have to be honest I don t care much for re written fairy tales and when I picked up Charm I thought Another retread fairy tale I was wrong This is a different take on the Cinderella theme and was so well written I found I couldn t put it down Captivating characters set in modern time with social issues terrorism a surprise twist ending and this the second book in the trilogy the story continues seamlessly from Charm I ll have to read from JA Armitage including Charmed the conclusion of the trilogy. Enows he must do everything in her power to save her Lucky Charm is the second book in the Charm series a reverse fairytale based on Cinderella by USA Today bestselling author JAArmitage Take everything you think you now about fairytales and turn it on its he.

Decision they were forced to think mature and consider the options to decide what s best not everytime for the citizens but for themselves Hidden motives silent plotting and greed for power intensified over the course and enough hints were dropped along to recognize the man standing in the background and pulling the strings although Charm was oblivious to the facts Surprising moments aided with action and battles not fought on the battlefield were balanced with emotional scenes and I enjoyed the book very much to await the next book impatiently You have a new take on Cinderella as the Princess is looking for the man who means so much to her but has disappeared after their encounterI enjoy new takes on standard fairytales This one has some good twists that eep the story interesting I am looking forward to to come Charmaine wants to do what is right for the ingdom but her heart is going in another direction I am voluntarily reviewing a copy I received Just PredictableI thought the first book in the series was predictable but this one was predictable from beginning to end no twist or surprises this time I was hoping that ueen Charmaine would find her ruling voice but despite all of her angry fighting spirit and her planning nothing ever worked the way she wanted or the way I wanted for that matter The conflicts were predictable and although stories need conflict to move forward I couldn t help but roll my eyes and say of course that would happen I won t say who but I can t believe that I had to read an entire book to now who the Regent was when I What Well Leave Behind (Thirty-Eight, knew from the beginning who it would be based off of comments about the character and the name alone If it wasn t for the fact that I enjoy This is the second book in this collection and i was thinking it would be the last but i was wrong it seems that this is a trilogy The pace of this book is way faster that the first one and there are always happening something but at the same time there are times when i though why do they do this why can t it be over with and are expanding this situation I was not expecting to see another selection and i think this was the downside for me in this book i do not think it was creative enough As for the final i was expecting it and at the same time i was not let me explain i was expecting something to happen but not t Princess Charmaine is getting married to Luka but theingdom has been in turmoil since the death of her father the Thirty-Eight Days (Thirty-Eight, king It is up to her to put heringdom back together in between planning her wedding and dealing with the press She almost forgets about the Magi who were looking for her protection but she still manages to try in the name of Cynder She thinks that she will never see him again as he is on the run from the police but Cynder 8 1/2 knows some things that mean his C I m really enjoying this story but I m ha. Orry about the people of magic that so desperately need her Still on the run from the police and no longer wanted in theingdom he once loved Cynder is forced to find another way to live but when a chance encounter puts him back in touch with the love he lost

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