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He angry words chosen in the book have the students rewrite a new solution to Matthew and Tilly s dispute This book will be used with friendship and diversity because of its vocabulary choice This gives vidence to the fact that sometimes friends argue and say ugly things however they should still come back together and work on their friendship This beautiful story about two children having a fallout and finding their back together is a great book about true friendship I Personnel Management in Government especiallynjoy the two main characters being African American and white and also boy and girl To me it tells me that children play together no matter what they look like To them it doesn t Out of This World even matter They still have arguments and they still make up Wonderful story about friendship and forgiveness This book can be used to discuss friendship It can also be used to talk about forgiveness and second chancesAnother good one for my multicultural collectionI like how they are just typical kids who happen to be African American Summary This book is about two friends who sometimes argues Throughout this story both Matthew and Tilly seem to keep their friendship despite the differences they mayncounter Review This book is a great mentor text for students to understand what realistic fiction is Students can make personal connections to the book. Is not They live in an thnically mixed neighborhood of shops apartments and street life Full color illustrations.

This narrative is about two young boys Matthew and Tilly who were best friends They did verything together from selling lemonade together to rescuing a lady s kitten from a tree together Rebecca C Jones the author shows that This book illustrates two best friends having a fight This is an The Child of the Soul and Other Stories excellent book for children because it teaches children about friendship It also does anxcellent job of Childrens Phantasies explaining Matthew and Tilly smotions throughout the book The book could be used to help teach children about conflict resolutions and other people s motions This book was interesting and gave a good story about two children going through life together I Liked the story and it was a short read I did njoy this book I gave this book 5 stars because The Soviet Union even though the 2 main characters are different races that is never mentioned in the book because that s not the point of the story In other words their friendship is made to look very natural Matthew Tilly look like they are about 10 years old Matthew is white Tilly is black They doverything together ride bikes they rescued a cat out of a tree together Gods and Heroes eat ice cream cones togethertcview spoilerThe book says Matthew Tilly got sick of Science, Technology and Culture each other One day Matthew broke Tilly s purple crayon by accident They had a big argument didn t play together for a while But after. Matthew and Tilly are best friends who doverything together suck as playing store and sharing ice cream cones An.

They missed No Beast So Fierce each other they became friends again hide spoiler I loved this book a lot This book is a great way to teach students about the themes within a text It helps the kids understand the conflict the two characters have in their relationship It is also a great way to show that in a relationship there can be some ups and downs but in thend people always forgive ach other a good little read about friendship This picture book is about two friends from the city Matthew and Tilly who spent all day and veryday together They colored together and chew gum together They were best friends One day while coloring Matthew accidently broke Tilly s crayon Offended Tilly and Matthew Last Chance Bride exchange their negative feelings using words and storm off in anguish to discover that playing alone is not fun The friends come back together and apologize for their words The story line by Jonesxpresses the issues that friends go through in the busy city Although Jones s recent work is non fiction her past work as well as Matthew and Tilly were based off her Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy experiences or thexperiences of people she knew She gives great verbal presentation of how friends use their words when angry and also to solve problems The vocabulary in the text is a great opportunity to focused and discussed on not nice words with students Instead of D like all friends sometimes they disagree Their xperience is common to many children; the milieu where they live.