Martha Z. Kleine: Neutered by the vet The League of Dominant Women #5

Convinces you that is WOULD be a good idea to get your vet girlfriend to neuter you Almost that is Despite the uality of the scene rm No thanks Good fantasy though. Frustrated from a lack of orgasms launches in a testosterone fueled sweary rant at Nancy He had verything a life of wealth and luxury a girl who he loved deeply a bright bright future All that changed There's only way Nancy might possibly take him back but the price is one Dave isn't necessarily willing to pay He knows she's passionate about neutering male animals to improve their behavior the uestion is; what will she do when Dave offers to allow her to neuter him in xchange for taking him back This story is inspired by the Vet scene at the nd of Maia Anne Fisher's 'Human Pet Puppy Play Erotica' and features the fictional country Rijakistan featured in Sabrina Jen Mountford's 'The Harem Slave' and 'Gender Swap 2 An Accidental Transformation' All references are used with permission of the author The protagonist in

One had me suirming but it was still somewhat titillating I do not think I would like this in real life Loved it Great story Proper story too At the nd she almost. A critical part any relationship she has A firm believer in 'waiting until we're married' Nancy places Dave in a KTB chastity device insisting if she's waiting he has to wait too including playing with himself After an accident while horse riding on the Threads Of The Shroud estate Nancy patches Dave up in her vetinary surgeryventually her vetinary treatment of her boyfriend All Seated on the Ground extends to micro chipping him and registering ownership of him on a pets database After a run in with some unsavory acuaintances from his past Dave finds himself mugged Nancyver the strong advocate of neutering unruly males to improve their behavior decides to break her life long habit of 'not neutering humans' Everything seems good Nancy's ccentric parents seem keen on him and he's uickly moved in and introduced to the family business Everything changes when Dave.

It s the destiny for all men It was so realistic and yet immensely xcitingCan t wait for Is there in this seriesNo need for a chastity cage any Scary chastityThis. Femdom Forced Feminization Chastity Neutered by the vet is a 30000 word Femdom Erotica Novella featuring female domination forced feminization Total Power Exchange and Castration Dave has been dating the girl of his dreams Nancy for some time When he turns up at her place of work he witnesses her neutering a stray cat while xtolling the virtues of neutering males Thus begins a 'down the rabbit hole' story where he learns his girlfriend whom he loves is not only a fully ualified vert with her own practice but also filthy rich the only child of absurdly wealthy and very ccentric parents Through his adventures at his Irish girlfriend's home the O'Connor mansion he finds himself forced to dress as a maid and in other feminine outfits on Nancy's whim who has long had a fetish for dressing her boyfriends up and sees it as.

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