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Fter John 316 classicWhat age did her boy die She said he was supposed to die before 19 but that his life was prolonged or somethingPeople who are spiritual but not religious just want to make their beliefs according to their own set of rules and pick it up and put it down whenever they want and not be accountable to a higher being A Grove of Aspen trees are genetically identical and they a change leaf colors at the same timeI like how she suggested to write down Tender Mercies so ou can see God s HandThere s not a word for coincidence in Hebrew only a word that means a happening from GodI want to hear about a NDE from someone who doesn t believe in God at all and is very hardened We as a people have forgotten how to be spiritual and that tons of spiritual things happen all around us and we need to open our eyes I chose this book to read because I am interested in the after life Who isn t I find it interesting to read about what people have experienced 7 Lessons From Heaven turned out to be the kind of book that disturbs me It is a one size fits all experience based on meeting Jesus and other specifically Christian visions Why is this a problem Because we live in a world of many religions and many Gods and Goddesses Taking this narrow view and not taking other religions into consideration marginalizes others and that is never something good That said this is her experience This is how she views the world However this is not a perspective that should assume that it is THE experience for all 7 lesson from Heaven 45 Reading about her journey to heaven and back and her out of body experience was so beautiful Her lessons may comfort some of those who are scared of the unknown But it is a reassuring moment that when this world comes to an end that our life ends we will be fine if we are followers of God Star reasoning The uniueness of the story The writing style her before during and after was told as though we are their seeing as she sees The lessons5 It made me think5 semi repetitive I heard the author Mary C Neal being interviewed recently Two words that she said stood out and made me know there was a message in her book for me I was right Of all the books on this topic presented from a Christian perspective this is my favorite Dr Neal relates her near death experience in such a personal and heartfelt manner ou trust her completely I felt it was an honest account and the author was humble I also loved the numerous examples and stories in the book by other people Having lost my own son the stories of angels especially resonated with Ience which includes encounters with angels a journey to a city of light and what it was like to meet Jesus face to face Even Neal shares how she was sent back with the absolute knowledge that the God we hope for the one who knows us loves each of us as though we are the only one and wants us to experience joy in our daily life is real and present She offers practical insights and inspiration for how each of us can experience this God every day and begin living without regret worry anxiety or fear.

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See if the author s experience would contain a similarity to an other worldly encounter that I experienced on the day my mother died There was a similarity And I like the author find it difficult to find the right words I wanted to be with my mother when she took her last breath On the morning of her death I was awoken by a being I did not see it but I heard it It was not an audible voice et just as real More real The voice was melodic pleasant and somehow sounded like flowing waters The voice said Wake up sweetheart our mommy is going to die today The being was not sad She was excited And I do believe that it was my mother because those are words she would say It also sounded like her only musical somehow I think that God allowed her to visit me shortly before she departed for good There was a lightness in my heart as I made the journey to the hospital She died within about 30 minutes of my arrival I was holding her hand I am grateful to God for that gift I did not need proof of heaven But I do appreciate the gift of that foretaste This was a great book I enjoyed this one almost as much as Visions of Glory One Man s Astonishing Account of the Last Days Of course this one wasn t written by a member of the Restored Church of Jesus Christ but still just as good I still don t know how she didn t have any effects of being underwater for 30 minutes She wrote another book that I ll read in a few weeks Scattered Notes Apparently when people die they act like they are getting dressedI guess people aren t in physical agony when they die They also don t feel death during the moment The excitement of obedience is finding out later what God had in mind I liked this one a lotShe met two of the Three Nephites That s all neat I wonder why she had two other out of body experiences afterEvery Saint has a past And every Sinner has a futureCPR has around a 2% success rateIt takes a person an average of 7 ears to transform the effects of their NDE into their daily life In fact one guy that one changed so much even for the better that his wife divorced him What a hagAbout 18% of people have NDESome people that have NDEs meet unborn children or miscarriage children tooPeople who are mean and bitter on earth are loving and joyful in heaven Hmmm that one is iffyGlimpses into heaven are meant to change how The Alcohol Experiment you and I live now Sometimes people will see an animal or thing that was meaningful to the person that diedMiracles occur when God s desire and power overcome lesser forcesSupposedly Jeremiah 2911 is the second most looked up scripture in the Bible right That took her life and what happened next has riveted than a million readers But something happened as she shared her story in theears since Not only did Neal realize she had to tell she discovered she had et to answer the biggest uestion of all How does knowing heaven is real change our lives on Earth          I have never finished speaking at a venue including corporate settings without people wanting to know says Dr Neal In 7 Lessons From Heaven Neal takes readers deeper into her exper.

7 Lessons From Heaven How Dying Taught Me to Live a joy Filled Life by Mary C Neal MD Convergent Books5 Stars Through a markedly Christian interpretation Mary C Neal MD takes on doubters uestioners believers and most importantly miracles In the straightforward exploration of her near death experience and the truth of the mystical existence of God angels and divine comfort and guidance the author shares her rebirthing from the jaws of death and the death of a loved one coming full circle to live in a joy that revitalizes the human spirit Read through the lens of my own NDE I am continuously awed by others experiences and at the very least know I am in good company Highly recommend as a book club choice a stand alone or companion book to Mary C Neal s prior engrossing book To Heaven and Back A Doctor s Extraordinary Account of Her Death Heaven Angels and Life Again A True Story Love the cover picture as well Thanks to NetGalley and Convergent Books for providing this ebook for review I have read Mary s previous book as well as 7 Lessons from Heaven This most recent book is so much powerful Her story is told with detail and passion As a primary care physician I have the privileged of listening to life changing stories every day I pretty much only consider personal change if it is attached to a story Sometimes an individual can change me too by sharing their experience of trauma or challenge Mary s story can do that for her reader I don t think her readers will be bored hearing the story of her kayak accident and the story of her child dying The maturity she gained as an author between her two books will be a treat to those of ou who read her first book After retelling her stories and sharing those of many other people she goes on in give us a step by step guide for spiritual growth This book helps us to know in a specific sense ways to use our pain or even regular daily experiences to get to faith gratitude and being of service By sharing her story she shows us it is possible I read some of the few negative reviews of this book and wondered if I read the same book I didn t find it to be preachy or elitist in any way I think the book is approachable to those who have a traditional Bible based faith and well as to those who do not She shares her spiritual and physical experiences and leaves her reader to opt in or out Reading this book called me on to spiritual and personal growth I think it will for Spiritual Warfare for Every Christian you too ifou choose to let it A very powerful book I loved it I did not read this book because I needed proof of heaven I was curious to. New York Times bestsellerNeal combines spiritual reflection with medical facts to create lessons that are profound and eminently practical an inspiring work any believer can enjoy  Publishers WeeklyIn this inspired follow up to her million copy bestseller  To Heaven and Back Dr Mary Neal shares untold stories about her encounters with Jesus and powerful insights about how the reality of heaven can make each day magnificent     Dr Mary Neal's unforgettable account of a 1999 kayaking accident.

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