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To me after this In compliance with FTC guidelines I disclose that I received this book for free through LibraryThing Early Reviewers I was not reuired to write a positive review I received this book from Netgalley n exchange of an honest reviewThis book seemed really cute and adorable so I had to reuest Sweet Stallion it when I spottedt on Netgalley And boy this book was much than just cute and adorable It also caused me to cry a bitSakura a little girl from Japan The County And The Kingdom is moving to the US due to her father and his job Shesn t happy with Summer Heat! it she misses her grandma she misses the cherry blossoms she misses her words She has to learn a whole new language words she cannot pronounce easily Neko becomes cat sora becomes the skyThankfully for Sakura theres a boy next door who Crushed Ice is kind friendly and helps her out when she feels unhappy He has his ways Sakura loves the fleeting cherry blossoms and he loves the stars Both of them connect and I was just happy for Sakura Finally she had a friend finally she could make this place a new homeBut sadly something happens to her grandma Andt had me n tears I cannot magine how hard Risking It All it must be to not be able to be there for her not only for Sakura but also for Sakura s parents To only be there for a short while before having to go back againYou canmagine that Sakura returns Dog Food 2 in sadness but thankfully she has a wonderful friend who has a surprise coming for her she just has to wait fort And the surprise was wonderfulYes I loved this book Santa In Montana (Calder Saga it deals with subjects like moving to a new country sickness missing people making a new place home friendship all the while without makingt too heavyThe art The Moonshiners Daughter is pretty decent not entirely my style but I still foundt uite pretty at timesAll Emmas Orphans in all I would recommend this book to everyoneReview first posted at Lovely little story toldn verse Japanese tanka 5 7 5 7 7 of a little girl making friends after she moves from Japan to somewhere Saints on Stage in North America I m tempted to say Vancouver because of the cherry treesThellustrations are beautifu. L settled and when springtime finally arrives a gorgeous and fateful surprise awaits her Sakura's Cherry Blossoms captures the beauty of the healing power of friendship through Weston's Japanese poetry Fading Echoes (Warriors: Omen of the Stars, inspired text and Saburi's breathtakingllustration.

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A lovely book on several levels The story of a young girl s connection to her grandmother the crossing of cultures the beauty of the cherry blossoms missing someone you love The book childhood happy hours is writtenn tanka a Japanese poetry form Really nicely done This was a gorgeous little book I loved the mages and the story was excellent I can see this being a firm favourite and I loved the way t showed how Publish and Perish important friendship can be 5 stars Sweet story of a young girl moving away from her grandmother and the cherry blossom trees Sakura s Cherry Blossomss a children s storybook that Given Time is about a touching story of the young girl named Sakura She migrated from Japan to America and because of this they have to leave her Obaachan behind Sakura misses her every day and she also struggled to adjust to their new environment I could say that there are several lessons kids will learn from this story firsts the love for family second The Book of Lamentations is about friendship and lastly thedea of how to cope with the death of a loved one Those are just some of the moral of the story there are profound ones like how we should value what we have because someday they will be gone Sakura has a special relationship with her grandmother When she has to move to America and leave her and her cherry blossoms behind she Guide Through the Old Testament is very sad She has a hard time adjusting to her new home but with the help of the little boy next door she manages When her grandmother getsll they go back to Japan to see her Sakura The Best-Case Scenario Handbook is very sad when she returns to her new home and does not want to play with her friend IN the spring she sees all the cherry blossoms and knows that she will never forget her grandmother Thiss a very sweet story dealing with the death of a loved one It s mportant that children know they will not forget them It also deals with friendship and how a good friend can help The Fate of the Romanovs in so many ways Thellustrations are delightful and add a gentle feeling to the story This book will help children who are feeling sad due to loss of a loved one or the loss of th. A warm beautiful exploration of a little girl's experience Miss Julia Takes Over (Miss Julia, immigrating to a new country and missing her home and her grandmother who still lives far awayWhen Sakura's father gets a new job she and her parents leave their homen Japan In America Sakura

Eir home and old friends The story was written LOSER in the poetry format of Tanka and gives a description of what they are at the end of the book A nice addition to a family school or public library The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley Sakura s Cherry Blossomss surprisingly melancholy It begins light with Sakura and Obaachan s ritual of lunch beneath the old cherry tree Then Sakura relocates to America with her family and experiences moving blues even after meeting a new friend But there Home-Ec 101 is still conflict ahead and that s when the Big Emotions kickn It s worth Exterminating Angel it though That extra heft elevatest from a picture book about a girl whose name means cherry blossom to a girl who learns ab This picture book effortlessly covers so much ground Written Culture and Customs of Norway in tanka poems andllustrated with moving varied artwork The Billionaires Secretive Enchantress (The Berutelli Escape, it s about the connection to a child s grandmother and to home as well as finding new connectionsn a new home and saying goodbyeBeautiful Sakura s Cherry Blossoms Shake, Rattle and Roll is a sweet story about a girl who has to leave her homen Japan A Private Midnight including her grandmother She and her grandmother used to sit together and eat under a cherry tree ast blossomed and The Weavers Idea Book in America she does not see any cherry trees Learning English and making friends are difficult things that she has to navigaten this new placeThe story touches on feelings of loss not just of place but of people we love The Mission of Mooney Rooney it doesn t specifically mention that Sakura s grandmother dies but she does go back to visit her one last time to say goodbye sot The Road to There is assumedIn the end Sakuras sad but makes a friend and learns to find things Templars in America in her new home that help her remind her of her grandmother especially when spring comes and she realizes that some placesn the US have cherry trees too The last page of the book explains that this story Used (Getting Inside of V, is written entirelyn the tanka style of Japanese poetry which Inside a Barn in the Country is similar to haiku butncludes two longer lines at the end as well The phrasing and structure of some of the lines made sense. Isses the blossoming cherry tree where she and her grandmother would play and picnic How will she feel at home The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums in this new and unfamiliar place Whatf she forgets the beloved grandmother she left behind Making friends with her neighbour helps Sakura fee.

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