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Read with Rachel for Friends with ARCsTHE BLOOD SPELL was tterly enjoyable It s a well done YA spin on Cinderella and I enjoyed every second I spent reading it Blue and Kellan were truly wonderful characters to follow and I m so happy with how their story plays out Loved this take on the Cinderella story I was so wrapped Perdido Street Station (New Crobuzon, up in the story that it didn t even feel like Cinderella at allntil the slipper at the very end Really well done Loved this whole series and wish there were books coming If The Bachelor had deadly conseuences for losing contenders magical intrigue around every corner and legit badass lady villains and heroines it d be this book Just enough suee ey romantic moments too Book Four I m so excited to be able to keep writing dark epic fantasies inspired by fairy tales I grew p in a public library checking out at least one volume of fairy tales every week so this series feels like coming home 3 35 starsI ve enjoyed all of CJ s books so I don t even read the synopsis any longer It was a bit of a surprise to see this was Cinderella I loved Blue and Kellan I loved their history and that they fought so much I loved how good they were and how loyal they were I especially enjoined their confusion when the feelings started to change that may have been the best part I also really liked Nessa and could easily read a book about her Plot wise it was good and boring at the same time I thrive on dialogue and there were so many long passages of inner monologue that it did get a little old I enjoyed the magic and the imagery of the world And of course I loved the slowest of slow burns romance Overall it was a great story with characters who were easy to root for and a near perfect epilogue I look forward to reading whatever CJ comes p with next Huge thanks to Balzer Bray for providing the arc free of charge I am such a fan of the Ravenspire series This may be my favorite one so far but I m still trying to decide I liked everything about it I m a sucker for a fairytale retelling You don t need to read each book in order for the Ravenspire series but it is best if you do There are appearances and mentions of characters from other books We do see Hansel and Gretel for a brief moment in this one There are multiple things from Cinderella but for the most part the story is very different When Blue s father dies a woman she doesn t really know comes forward with papers showing that she is to be Blue s guardian if both her parents die She brings her two daughters with her So it s not really her step mom but close enough Dinah is not nice to Blue at all She is abusive and is Contemporary Plays by African American Women using Blue Dinah s husband had recently died and he had left her in massive debt Not only with the creditor take everything she has he is also going to choose one of her daughters too While Dinah is a horrible person it did seem like she loved her daughters in a wayKellan is the prince and he must choose a girl to marry He can only choose someone that will benefit the kingdom Each family brings their daughters to spend time with him Kellan and Blue grewp together but he didn t like her much He thought she was an ptight rule follower and he was always reckless Blue is a lower class and he never thought that would matter much But Kellan and Blue start spending time together after her father is killed He starts to confide in her and realizes that she is the only girl he could love But Kellan knows the kingdom must come firstMagic has been outlawed There was a witch that started drinking the blood of children for power and became a blood wraith Blue s mom was involved in helping capture the blood wraith Blue has fae blood so she has magic that has to be kept hidden She is an alchemist and spends her days making potions and creams to sell Her grand mere has a wand but it s only sed inside Grand mere s magic is transformative magic so I m betting you can guess what part of Cinderella she plays Magic starts being sed to kill people and children are going missing Blue and Kellan work together to try to figure out what is happening and need to see if they can save the kingdom from the witchI don t want to give anything away so that s pretty much all I can share I absolutely loved Blue Kellan was great and I also adored his sister Nessa This was a great addition to the Ravenspire stories and I cannot wait for the next oneWarnings for abuse I gave this book 5 stars Thank you to HarperTeen and Edelweiss for my copy for review Buddy Read With For Love Of A Book Omg I love this book As the gray black light within the forest sank into the total darkness of yet another night the wraith stalked the edges of the vast prison hurling itself against the invisible spell that bound it here feeling the magic spark blister and burn One day it would break free It would rush over the hills and move through the long stretches of farmland that stood between it abd the city It would find its sister and those who had helped her hunt it down and it would. Blue de la Cour has her life planned hide the magic in her blood and continue trying to turn metal into gold so she can help her city’s homeless But when her father is murdered and a cruel but powerful woman claims custody of Blue and her property one wrong move could expose her and doom her once and for all The only one who can help The boy she’s loathed since childhood Prince KellanKella.

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Destroy them all First off the cover is fanfreakingtastic and the beautiful blue map on the inside cover Anyhoo More kudos for another character with some kind of issue Dear Nessa can t talk and they se a sign language with her She s also an awesome character Blue is one of the main characters She has magic blood and she just wants to work on things but you can be killed for sing magic Then her sweet father is murdered and the evil jerkhole Dinah and her kids take over Blue s life Ohfor the love of Pete I wanted someone to drop kick Dinah off the roof Then there is Prince Kellan sweet pea So things happen some twat let out the wraith oh and it feeds on kids and such Then some other stuff and some smack downs happen then happy ever after I have to do it that way or my big old mouth with spoil something Anyhoo Happy Reading Mel MY BLOGMY REVIEW Check out reviews Perspective of a WriterBlue loves doing alchemy with her father in their shop even if it means having to hide the magic in her blood When she falls into the hands of a cruel and powerful woman she turns to an nexpected ally the boy she s loathed since childhood Prince KellanThe short reviewSo I see this really compelling title The Blood Spell ooooh what is this Sounds intriguing Oh no It s number 4 in a series YAY It s a companion story a sort of standalone in a series Funny enough this is the second book I ve found in a long running series that standsalone It s a neat idea and I have to say its fun to be able to dive right into the middle of a series and be intrigued enough to want to read the previous stories tooI really loved how this was lowkey diverse Our Prince and commoner were both dark skinned and she seemed to have the characteristic hair It was just mentioned briefly like it was no big deal but its really just great to me And I was sucked in I loved the subtle growth of Blue and Kellan s relationship They started out as enemies but events caused them to give each other a chance they d never given each other before I also liked exploring his duty to the kingdom which made the romance forbidden it was ite the dilemma This was ite a fun retelling romanceCover Title grade BSeveral bloggers have told me how much they love this cover I do like it It s so nexpected with that totally white pumpkin and the red words and the ominous title It doesn t really say a lot about the story though except to give you a hint that its a Cinderella retelling I would have rather had a table with alchemy ingredients that included a pumpkin goldish bars a caldron since one was sed in the story and perhaps some dark ingredients opposite to give a sense of the villain That would have pulled me in right awayWhy does The Blood Spell make jumping into the Ravenspire series worth it A Uniue Cinderella StoryThis isn t your straightforward retelling in fact for a while I The Ascent of Man uite forgot that this was a Cinderella story I didn t anticipate how that would come into the story at all because i was caughtp in the mystery of the witch the children the girls and how Blue would get out from The Grand Sophy under this horrible powerful woman Don t worry the details are there there is a ball and shoes involved Live in the Head of the VillainessWe spend a lot of time with the powerful woman who has taken control of Blue s life We really explore the evil stepmother part of the Cinderella story It adds a lot of tension to see her side of it and all she has planned for Blue Alchemy Blood Magic and Sign LanguageI really was drawn to the connection between the alchemy and Blue s magic She knows when ingredients should be harvested and it was really a handy ability Nessa s sign language was another element that really added to the story And the evil witch It all comes together in a fun rompAs a WriterI really loved how creative this retelling of Cinderella was Cinderella is a rather simple story of a girl with gets a prince to fall in love with her at a ball If you leave the story to this basic of an idea its rather dull We ve read that story many a timesSo how do we make a well done trope new again Well CJ Redwine did it by givings a couple of great characters who are real people with real problems Loved that and is my 1 advice if you want to make ANY TROPE your own Tropes are tropes because readers love to experience them but they must stand out from other stories with the same elements Give Winners Dream us characters we can root for even though we know what is going to happenCJ Redwine goes one step further and givess a villain worthy of going O viziune a sentimentelor up against this couple that we fall in love with I really love this too Remake stereotypical villains by givings their entire sob story while we probably won t root for them we will read on knowing they are worthy adversaries for our protagonistsThe Blood Spell is a creative romance driven retelling of Cinderella I was so happy to visit Ravenspire and witness Blue come around to seeing Kellan in a different light to their childhood together And seeing Kel. N Renard crown prince of Balavata is walking a thin line between political success and devastating violence Newly returned from boarding school he must find a bride among the kingdom’s head families and announce his betrothal but escalating violence among the families makes the search nearly impossible He’s surprised to discover that the one person who makes him feel like he can breathe is.

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Lan be the grown Harveys Revised English Grammar up Prince made me fall for him along with Blue Want to be a part of the Ravenspire world jump into The Blood Spell Authenticity Writing Style Plot Pacing World Building Thanks to Edelweiss and the publisher for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review It has not influenced my opinionsYou can find this review and many others on my book blog Perspective of a Writer See my special perspective at the bottom of my reviewsnder the typewriter Please like this review if you enjoyed it bow bow It helps me out a ton I didn t really click with The Shadow Como agua para chocolate ueen the first of hers I read I think that had to do with me not being in the right mood for a YA fantasy fairy tale retelling than anything to do with the book well except for the fact that my favorite character was killed off Not that I m at all bitter about that But when I saw this author was releasing a Cinderella retelling I knew I would have to pick this series backp And I m so glad I did The romance in this one is adorable And very niue I loved the clash of personalities the slow build as the two of them realized they had really been friends all along even though they had semi hated each other growing p the snark and banter between them So well done And since this was a slow build romance it didn t have the sual annoying descriptions of the guy s hotness the girl s beauty and passionate kissing This romance still had plenty of sizzle but the characters were very clearly falling in love with each other because of who they were on the inside and it was very refreshing Like The Shadow een this book doesn t pull punches when it comes to character deaths or gruesomeness If you re sensitive to blood sucking wraiths and a bit of descriptions of blood then this might not be the book for you I m not sensitive about such things so it didn t bother me at all In the end this book hooked me into this series in a way The Shadow Multiple Mayhem (Gabby Duran ueen didn t once again probably not that book s fault and I can t wait to go back and read books 2 and 3 of this series So glad this series can be read in any order so me jumping around the series randomly isn t an issue 455 stars The kingdom needed a girl full of poison and reckless courage It s official CJ Redwine is now on my auto buy author s list Because god DAMN this woman knows how to writeIt s so strange how each of her novels has a similar formula and cast of characters but the three out of four books I ve binged so far ALL have different feelings to themIn The Blood Spell we follow our two protagonists Blue and Kellan in an incrediblyniue twist on Cinderella Blue and her father are the alchemists of their The Eagles Nest (The New Avengers, uarter of the kingdom and Kellan is Prince After growingp together because their families were extremely close things happened and Kellan made some bad decisions that led to the two of them hating each other s guts Fast forward to the present where certain horrible developments lead to Blue and Kellan being forced to work together to save the kingdomLet s get one thing straight I REALLY do not like the tale of Cinderella Disney version original version and retelling whatever It just isn t my favorite fairytale for anyone asking Hercules is my favorite Disney movie But holy hell I couldn t get enough of this book Blue and Kellan are extremely diverse main characters who bounce personalities against each other in a way that makes every interaction between them exciting and refreshing Blue is a rule follower to the extreme mainly because she s hiding her illegal magical blood and doesn t want to risk getting caught when she lives in a kingdom where magic almost certainly means death On the other side of the coin we have our troublemaking charismatic prince Memories of his father s death and the responsibilities of being heir to the throne keep Kellan away from his home as much as possible He prefers to spend every minute he can at his boarding school where he pulls off wild pranks and excels in almost everything from partying to classes to warfare It isn t ntil Blue suffers through the aftermath of losing her father that these two begin to get over their grudges and form the start of their strong AF bond from childhood again It s also at this time that I started liking Kellan than I did at the beginning of the book because now he gets the opportunity to express than one side of his personality I always wished someone would ve told me it was alright to scream and cry and be broken over the heartache of it allSo I m going to tell you It s all right to miss your father Blue It s all right to be angry that he s gone when he shouldn t be You can fall apart for a little while if you need to It s a world with than one hero than one villain multiple side characters that bring their own strengths and splendid personalities disabled characters and differing versions of familial and friendly relationships that you re bound to fall in love with just like the previous books in the Ravenspire series. Blue the girl who once ruined all his best adventuresWhen mysterious forces lead to disappearances throughout Balavata Blue and Kellan must work together to find the truth What they discover will lead them to the darkest reaches of the kingdom and to the most painful moments of their pastsWhen romance is forbidden and evil is rising can Blue save those she loves even if it costs her everythin.

CJ Redwine loves fairy tales Harry Potter and going to the movies If the novel writing gig ever falls through she’ll join the Avengers and wear a cape to work every day To learn about CJ visit her website at