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Ng armour Sir Colin of Ravenshaw had only just returned from the Crusades to find his castle obliterated his family dead half his clan slaughtered before being captured by his greatest nemy Just barely Vastarien, Vol. 1, Issue 1 (English Edition) escaping the dungeons with his life he gallops into a meadow to practically trample the oddest yet intriguing female he hasver seen With her shortly cropped hair her strange mannerisms and lithe form Colin suddenly finds himself in a grips of such powerful need that it almost breaks his iron will After another harrowing Rain (Paper Gods, escape from the dungeons with the strange but lovely Tabitha in tow he takes her to Scotland and his people where he dares to claim her as his woman Tabitha desperately tries to stave off the rising passion and love she feels for the lowland laird Fearing that loosing her heart in this primitive time would be far worse than never finding her way back home But what will happen when Colin finally discovers that she is a witch For witches at this time are burned at the stake Will her love for this fearless knight transcend time and superstition Will they survive the onslaught of danger from thenemies closing in to strike Or will Tabitha lose Winters Passage (The Iron Fey, everything after finally accepting who and what she really is only to be burned at the stake by the man of her heart Touch of Enchantment is the perfect blend of humour adventure passion and love Every page compels you to read until you reach the wonderfully warm happynding Teresa Medeiros was truly touched by magic when she wrote this nchanting story A classic Touch of Enchantment is the seuel to Breath of Magic and is the story of Tabitha Lennox daughter of Arian and Tristan Whereas in Breath of Magic the past came to the future in Touch of Enchantment the present goes to the past I must start off by saying that I njoyed this story than the first finding it an njoyable read overall I liked the characters both old and new and how the plot although slightly predictable still offered some twists and turns As with her other series although this book can be read as a stand alone I would recommend readers to read Breath of Magic as there are many references throughout the story If asked I would recommend this book and the first to other readers Normally I wouldn t have very high xpectations for any book I picked up for 1 at a rummage sale but this had so many The Bluebird Bet (Welcome to Tall Pines elements that are my catnip namely time travel and a nerdy heroine Unfortunately those were the major problems with this book and to be specific THIS heroine time travelingYou would think a woman who has rejected her own magical powers after some unfortunate incidents as a child andmbraced science would be better Hot-Blooded Italians euipped at being thrown back to medieval Scotland You would be completely wrong I understand that Tabitha is awkward but nothing about her character rang true becauseverything contradicted herself If she was as smart as she was supposed to be you would think that maybe she wouldn t take Mlynowski Teen Thriller every opportunity possible to make callbacks to pop culture saying things that I don t believe any human being hasver said EVER Every line felt like it was from a bad Buffy knock off Not funny and given the world she had been transported to VERY DANGEROUSNot to mention for someone who supposedly spent all her time at the lab I found it odd that she had a closet of designer clothes and a haircut that cost her several hundred dollars Nothing about her made any sense and she consistently did stupid thing after stupid thingGlad this was a uick read blah 45 stars I don t normally read paranormal historical romances but Medeiros is a good author and since I ve liked some of her historicals I ve given some of her paranormals a try Touch of Enchantment was highly Reggie enjoyable it was the first time travel HR that I ve read but it was very very funny and a definite reread for me Some parts had me laughing out loud so hard that my family asked me what I could possibly be readin. S of Ravenshaws had ruled The last thing hexpected was to half trample a damsel with odd garb and Switchback even odder manners But it is her strange talent that will create trouble beyond Colin's wildest imaginings Forveryone knows that a witch must be burnedbut it is Colin's heart that is aflame over an nchanting woman he must not love yet cannot live withou.

Heiress Tabitha Lennox considered her paranormal talents a curse than a gift So she dedicated her life to the cold rational world of science Until the day she xamined the mysterious amulet her mother had left her and found herself catapulted seven centuries into the past directly into the path of a rearing black charger ridden by a chain mailed warrior Sir Colin of Ravenshaw had returned from the Crusades to find his castle in ruins his Belonging (Temptation, enemy poised to overrun the land where generations of Ravenshaws has ruled The last thing hexpected was to half trample a damsel with odd garb and If Im Found (If I Run even odder manners But it is her strange talent that will create trouble beyond Colin s wildest imaginings Forveryone knows that a witch must be burnedbut it is Colin s heart that is aflame over an CaddyGirls enchanting woman he must not love yet cannot live without 4 starsMy first Teresa Medeiros Enjoyed the storyline suck me right in from the beginning It was something I got from the library to accompany me during my 5 day long vacay Never heard of Teresa before this The reason I pull it off from the shelf was because of the picture on the book spine Talk about judging a book by it s picture on the book spine Hah Did not regret it at all Half the time I was lusting after the model DWhat this book has Witchcraft Time travelling Scottish burr because all time travelling journeys seem tond up in ScotlandThere was this one particular paragraph where Tabitha h describes how Colin H looks when he found her glasses and puts it on Oddly Assignment enough the glassesnhanced his rugged masculine appeal instead of detracting from it She couldn t decide if he looked like a gorgeous accountant or a brainy G model Well I ll say the latter HOT Conclusion Enjoyable and perfect read during my vacation Just that I wish it was raunchier I love my HR smuts There weren t any C words at all Great characters but the plot desperately needed some flavor Review coming soon Redonk Nutshell Heiress and witch in denial is accidentally transported back in time and into the path of a knight bent on seeking vengeanceTabitha Lennox has inherited her mother s penchant for magic and she ain t happy about it She immerses herself in science and technology and sharpens her already brilliant mind a move to counteract the whimsical and fantastical nature of her mother s history When her parents disappear during a plane ride over the Bermuda Triangle Tabitha follows her mother s pre taped instructions to use a hidden amulet to help her control her Philosophy of Religion erratic powers When Tabitha investigates the amulet she unknowingly activates it and sends herself back in time several hundred yearsRight into the pat of Sir Colin of Ravenshaw Colin returned from The Crusades to find his family murdered and his land ransacked by his once friend in a desperate attempt to claim power When he stumbles upon a strangely dressed woman chipmunk slippers Really he isn t sure what to make of her at first But when they re captured and thrown together in prison they strike up a bargain to helpach other outWhat results is a friendship that No Respect evolves into a romance between two bull headed and intelligent people Tabitha is downright hysterical at times with her modern day uips and Colin s handling of her is remarkablespecially considering the time of the age and the persecution of things out of the ordinaryI think my favorite scene by far is when Tabitha is asked to serenade a room full of people after she finds out Colin is betrothed She gladly accepts and begins a stunning mash up of the best cheating heart songs from the 90 s and It s fantasticTouch of Enchantment is a wonderful fairy tale like story of fantastically gushy happy The Spirituality Revolution endings and swoon worthy romance Our heroine is independent intelligent and funny as hell while our hero is brave yet remarkably vulnerable I reallynjoyed this story It s the second in a series the first being the story of Tabitha s mother father From the bestselling author of Breath of Magic and Shadows and Lace comes a beguiling new time travel love story in the hilarious magical voice that has made Teresa Medeiros one of the nation's most beloved romance writersHeiress Tabitha Lennox considered her paranormal talents a curse than a gift So she dedicated her life to the cold rational world of

Hich has since been added to my TBR listTouch of Enchantment by Teresa Medeiros 352 pgs 1997Rating BRomance 45 Raunch 35 This is my first Teresa Medeiros book and I found it completely charming surprising and lots of fun She s a billionaire s daughter a MENSA card carrying prodigy MIT student at 15 oh and her mother s a witch She looks and thinks like Dad but takes after her Mom witch wise Sadly her powers like her social skills in high stress situations leave much to be desired She lacks control and finds herself in difficulties as a result In the story s opening her parents have disappeared mysteriously she s bereft and her father s closest friend delivers an open upon death type package to her with a dvd from her mother So that sad night while padding around her penthouse apartment in LL Bean flannel PJs and her furry chipmunk slippers she decides to unplug the stopped up shower head in her bathroom and finds an amulet her genius father createdShe s Comptia Cysa+ Cybersecurity Analyst Certification Bundle (Exam Cs0-001) examining it on the computer scanner when she finds herself waking up in 1264 and under the hooves of a rearing destrier with a scowling bleeding Scots Knight about to trample her and her kitten in his attempt toscape six years of captivity He tumbles off his horse insteadThey re captured by the villain s men and tossed into a deep dark dungeon together Turns out she discovers the shower head amulet channels her wayward witch powers so her wishes can be made real I cannot summarize better without taking many paragraphs and ruining surprises in the plot but it involves genuine romance and fractured fairy tale type magic It s a delightful time traveling witch out of water tale wherein two wary strangers size Economies and Cultures each other up and while overcoming adversities slowly fall in love To him she is passing strange wearing floppy loose hose gutted small animals on her feet and her hair cropped off like a felon To her he is devoted to things Medieval way beyond the Society for Creative Anachronism s level of commitment But under his gruff Scottishxterior is a gruff Designing with Web Standards endearing Scottish hunk and man of honor What s not to love How they figureach other out rescue one another and love Sadies Surrender (Oyster Harbor, each other made for a really fun light read Also the author s playful use of popular culture she s Tabitha inspired by Bewitched the bloody treacherous history of Scotland which inspired Shakespeare too and lots of funny our time back in their time stuff made me laugh aloud Not a book I d re read so not 5 stars for me but very verynjoyable Great Story Love the magic and time travel Structure Of The Nucleus elements Had a few laughs and I was terribly sad when Tabitha faded back to present time leaving Colin back in Scotland I thought it was a going to be bad sadnding where Tabitha raised her baby all by herself while she is separated with the love of her life However HEA view spoiler Her father is amazing and did some time travel tinkering and created a tunnelbridge where Colin was able to cross and see Tabitha again hide spoiler Tabitha Lennox girl genius has no time for love and certainly doesn t believe in fairytales happy First Anthology endings or magic Even though she is a witch Born to a handsome and genius billionaire of a father and a beautiful witch for a mother Tabitha wanted nothing than to be an ordinary girl with no powers to speak of But it was those very powers that made herxtraordinary and her life one disaster after another until she learned never to voice her longings or her wishes Releasing The Power Within Through Spiritual Dynamics ever again Preferring the cold logic of computer science she graduated from MIT at the age of twenty and became head of Lennox Enterprises Virtual Reality Division three years later Thinking that her life is complete knowing that no man would want a woman such as her Tabitha s life is turned upside down when she discovers an amulet her mother has kept hidden all these years She is suddenly transported seven hundred years into the past only to be dumped at the feet of anscaping knight in shini. Cience Until the day she Passage Through Crisis examined the mysterious amulet her mother had left her and found herself catapulted seven centuries into the past directly into the path of a rearing black charger ridden by a chain mailed warriorSir Colin of Ravenshaw had returned from the Crusades to find his castle in ruins hisnemy poised to overrun the land where generation.

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New York Times bestseller Teresa Medeiros wrote her first novel at the age of twenty one and has since gone on to win the hearts of both readers and critics All of her books have been national bestsellers featured on the New York Times USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists She currently has over 10 million books in print She is a seven time Rita finalist two time PRISM winner and