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O talk Gigi showed up then Vito s 16 r old daughter Billy was angry that she hadn t been told he had been married previously and had a child She let him know how angry she was and then announced that she was pregnant Billy was happy to have Gigi join their family And Gigi appreciated having a new hairstyle and clothes that weren t literally falling apart and stained Vito hadn t had anything to do with Gigi other than pay her child support He had intended to send her back to NY to one of the families she typically stayed with when her mother was out of town Graziella Giovanna Orsini s mother had been an actress who traveled a lot Her mother had gotten pneumonia and not taken care of herself and diedBilly took Gigi to Scruples to see her manager and clothing purchaser to discover that Spider and Valentine had gotten married They were celebrating when Dolly s publicist came in and announced that he and Dolly were soon to be married Billy announced her pregnancy and Vito arrived He put on a happy face and wondered what kind of witch he had married for her to change into a prospective mother without consulting or warning him He complained to Maggie MacGregor a news reporter who still wanted Vito even though their affair had been over for 4 Amok years They talked about his new project producing The WASP Then they resumed their affair Billy returned home after visiting Jessica in NY and miscarried her baby She was disappointed and knew that she had made a mistake in marrying Vito due to his attitude She divorced him while suing for custody of Gigi Over the next severalears Billy opened branches of Scruples in Chicago NY Munich Honolulu and Hong. Esistible story unfolds with an enchanting new cast of characters including Gigi Graziella Giovanna Orsini Vito's daughter from an early marriage Gigi with her charm independence and wild sense of humour changes the lives of everyone who knows her It is Billy and Gigi who together dominate the new chapter in a story millions of readers wish had never end.

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Rs same crap different peoplesave And a Bottle of Rum yourself the troubel and stick the the original Scruples Beautiful story linethis is my first book of the author Judith krantz The story from starting till the end of book was captivating Though this is second part of scruples it was easily understandable inspite of not reading first SCRUPLES 1SO if u love books of women in leading character definitely can go for itThe book is full of friendship love role of stepmother career oriented person faces ups and downs Success First book finished in 2020 Such an auspicious start to the decade This book was so much fun I can t wait to read the third one Billy Winthrop Orsini had grown up as a chubby motherless relation to the aristocratic Winthrop s of Boston She d graduated from a exclusive boarding school and then gone to Paris for aear and returned as a new version of herself She was a beauty and got a job as secretary to multimillionaire 60 Crochet yr old Ellis Ikehorn Billy was 21 She made two friends Jessica Thorpe now living in NY and Dolly MoonEllis had a stroke 7ears into the marriage and died 5 Playhouse years later She had traveled extensively with Ellis before his stroke and had become almost a recluse during the 5ears after his stroke After he died she threw herself into making Scruples her clothing store a success Two ears later she married Vito Orsini who had spent most of his time producing Mirrors He had just won an Oscar for Best Picture and Dolly won for Best Supporting Actress Dolly went into labor that same night and had a baby girl Billie wanted to tell Vito that she was pregnant but he was too busy accepting his congratulations to find for them Is a man who adores women and can read their minds He is than tough enough to stand up to BillyValentine O'Neill is the brilliant oung designer for Scruples As alert as a vixen hot tempered and thoroughly lovable she is as difficult to pin down as a mermaidNow Billy Spider and Valentine have explosive unfinished business Watch the sparks fly as this irr.

3 12 stars Tackling the seuel to 70s classic SCRUPLES seemed the right decision last summer Sun surf The first Scruples was an acceptable mix of smush and all out fantasy in the fashion world and the world of the very rich This however was a cheap knock off Beloved characters were killed off marriages were split and unrealistic characters were paired together The whole charm of the first book was completely lost I remember this book than the first Does that say something about me That I ve read both Krantz addictive than crackThis is my third Krantz and I m hooked One I ll need rehab Gone are the days when I d happily fork over 20 bucks for a sensible Paretsky or a tame Evanovich Ranger who Krantz is addictive than crack Luxurious locales mesmerizing characters over the top dramacreate a tantalizing tale that delivers a happy ending for Billy A convoluted mix of scenes that have no beginning middle or end as though forgotten sentences from the first book sort of made half efforts to produce a seuel to the first book A mixed up mess Also it is disgusting that we have to pay the same price as for the first book when it is just a few pages long Do not waste Desire and Deceive your money orour time on this one Though a seuel to Scruples it s a stand alone novelI have not read Scruples but Scruples Two was an interesting read though some characters are short live but lovable and the plot was beautiful but then why did I gave it 3 stars Because some section of the book was boring and I still look forward to reading other Judith Kranz This seuel is dull and blech in comparison to the originalKind of a rehash of the first book but with differnt characte. Billy Ikehorn Meet again the magnificent owner of Scruples Billy is imperious and stubborn a creature of rampant sexuality too rich too vulnerable and far far too impulsive The story begins on the day after Scruples ended the day on which Billy's husband producer Vito Orsini won the Oscar for Best PictureSpider Elliot who reigns like a pasha at Scruples.

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Judith Krantz was an American author of blockbuster romance novels including her first novel Scruples followed by Princess Daisy Krantz's books have been translated into 52 languages and sold than 85 million copies worldwide Seven have been adapted as TV miniseries with her late husband Steve Krantz