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At its core I think NO BIGGY has its heart in the ight place though one could argue that as the antics escalate the lack of lessonconseuences trumps the well meaning ode to dismissing frustration It s a great book for kids that huff and puff when the smallest things go wrong and I especially liked how the tiny mishaps took place in both the home and in a school environment which will show kids how that state of mind can be generalized no matter the setting Illustrations have an exaggerated effect and fit the contained chaos vibe of the text well I tend to prefer books that teach lessons without being too obvious about it Older kids would be bored with this one obvious les Getting frustrated is part of life This book takes you through a young girl s joys and irritations as she learns to cope when things don t go her wayTalk about grit overcoming frustrations working to solve situations Perfect for any feelings Storytime It gives kids the opportunity to put the situation in its proper place by shouting No Biggy Kids love books they can actively participate in and this is perfect for that Frustration is a tough subject as it s one kids feel often when they are learning and growing Put. The empowering book sweeping the nation that’s helping kids and parents successfully manage frustrationGetting frustrated is a part of life And whether Kiki is working on sueezing toothpaste ight onto her toothbrush getting the zipper to sl.

Rst grader to look for the solution instead of focusing on the problem This book is perfect Also we love big dogs and this story had one This book has a eally good lesson of taking things easy have patience and how making mistakes is okay by simply saying No Biggy Great concept The illustrations are wonderfully drawn with cute characters and awesome colors I would Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose recommend this book to preschoolers so they can see a good example of not getting super frustrated when something doesn t work out Great lesson for everyone actuallyegardless of age A good book to teach kids how to deal with frustration Although it seemed like an act first apologize later behavior but then I may have been having a cranky day when I The Kaya-Girl read this dealing with people who like to make mess in places they shouldn tApparently this was first self published then picked up andedid with a new illustrator I like the concept but I think that the message could have been delivered better The idea that things are no biggy is great but instances when there might be conseuences or a lesson to be learned are dismissed Perfect story for children with a low frustration threshold or those who struggle with learning new tasks. O yes grown ups get frustrated too Bright and encouraging illustrations picture Kiki throughout her day ight up to her big bedtime bubble bath Filled with love and positivity No Biggy is certain to become the go to favorite saying in your hom.

Ting situations in their proper place gives kids the coping skills they need for when they are on their own This story eminds me of an unforgettable moment at the library I was working in our holds area where patrons pick up items they asked for from other libraries and a mom with her three kids came into get their holds While the mom was picking up their holds her little tyke barely walking age started pulling a few books off the lower shelves Her brother probably not than five years old noticed what she was doing and politely tapped his mom on the side He waited and when she looked to him he said Mom Bridget is getting into a moderate amount of trouble at the moment No joke He didn t make a fuss or try to stop her He sized up the situation and Omnibus Films respectful alerted his mom Amazing Ever get upset when you try to brush your teeth and the toothpaste plops off into the sink What about when your doggy comes in and gets mud all over the place We all have moments of frustration and need to learn that iteally isn t worth being angry at A great book for both parents and children to handle stressful situation and ealize heyno biggy This book was just what I was looking for to encourage my fi. Ide all the way up her jacket or spreading cream cheese on a bagel she learns to take a deep breath say No Biggy and try again after all things don't always go exactly as expected on the first tryKiki even teaches her mom and dad a thing or tw.

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