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Ia would become a bitch Love that Victoria role in the end Spunky It all must end to beginThe Family Series is now finished but in 2018 a new series is coming with old grudges and new dangers Amazing Story I loved The Family books I now some may not like the ending to book 6 but I dont think it could have ended any other way Such great story telling and it really pulls you in Amazing series I loved the whole series It made me smile laugh scream and cry It was one of the best series that I have read Angelica was just misunderstood she only wanted was best for her family and would always take the blame She made sure that everyone got their happy after even if it was for a short period of time The last book I hated it I didn t want everyone to die But that s the way it is Angeliue Jones wanted the story to be real and she did It had everything and in real life not everyone gets their happy ever after but one person did and I won t say who but I can t wait for next year for the new series The truth never stays hidden and I can t wait to see how Angeliue Jones unfolds the truth I wanted to walk away from the book after chapter one I new this conclusion would be one of the hardest stories to get through ever I ve read each and every story grown to love the characters and then this madness I m reeling I m numb I m in denial I m totally messed up This story certainly proves things are not always as they appearIf you re a fan of mafia you want to read this story The action is crazy the betrayal and intrigue are crazier and your experiences and emotional exploitationno wordsDamn What is life After this befuddlement I dunno I am at a complete lossThe emotional babble is my personal opinion of this amazing story My emotional beat down should have ZERO INFLUENCE on your perception of this amazing storyFive emotionally charged stars. S would haunt

Like it get why it ended the way it did but I m still not happy because I fell in love with A LOT of characters I was stunned by this bookNero Maria books were my favourite in the seriesbut it was something elseTough I have always loved Angelica but she was never my favouritebecause she way too perfectShe never made any mistakes she will always do the right thing always being the victim etcBut in this book she appeared like a goddessI hated this book at the first chapter when Nero diedBecuase he was the only good male lead of this series and all the feelings I got from reading Mariawere so hurtbut then the game began and I was like wowOnly problem with this book was what the writer did to MariaIt isn t MariaAfter nowing her from beginning and after all the abuse she went throughher character should haven t been damaged like thisIt doesn t make senseMaria was a good personShe never hated Angie even she used to verbally attack her after her family abandoned herthen also she trusted AngieNow suddenly she hate Angie without any reasonThey were sister sso where did Tori come fromAnd She could die for Nero and after City Girl in Training know her new husbandilled Neroall she could cry was about her unborn foetus with her family s murdererI hope they give Maria the justice she deserves because Tori was always very boring character but still she never had to face the abuse Maria has always faceMs Jones didn t need to damage Maria s character to hype up dumb Tori OMFG That can NOT be how it ended So many feels Such an amazing fucking book series A few points Angie is the baddest bitch out there but will she really never get any sort of HEA The other families members are just so stupid do not deserve Angie s love protection Time time again they have accused her of betrayal only to be proven wrong time time again How can they not have learned there fu. I have long fea.

Cking lesson by now I love Angie as a character but her biggest flaw is she never learns from her mistakes She than anybody should Mystery at Kittiwake Bay know that nothing ever stays buried So why in the world does she think hiding her daughter will work Thomas is an even bigger whiny bitch than his dad I just can t even the end hinted at the story continuing so I lleep an eye out AwesomeAngelica the woman many love to hate did so much for her family only fit them to turn tail on her I can t wait to see what happens next She s BackThis book had my attention from the very beginning to thew very end It may have been brutal but family is everything Why give it up She made her family powerful in the end but how can they raise an empire without Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files knowledge and guidance In the end no one saw the bigger picture to give them that much power The only person who understood anything and why was Angelica She gave power to Thomas withoutnowledge He s his father son stubborn He will never be a strong person or understand how to rule He didn t see one corrupt thing done to his father or family She didn t leave him with any ammunition to become strong Just money That was my only flaw The overall book and patience Angelica had was amazing and I love every grueling revengeful thing she did in this book to get back at everyone Priceless how well this book was written and told I love this author Book one the praise couldn t do this book justice The rest of the series were just okay The Matriarchs was priceless I hope she can sueeze out one book with mother and daughter teaming up to becoming the perfect family assassins Mom with experience and a daughter as a skill doctor that perfect at surgery Daughter remembering what happened I can t wait I have no clue which way this author comes up with plots Who would have thought she would ill all the men in the book Mar. Red that my sin.

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I can’t help but smile when I read that someone was inspired by the voices in their head and how they just had to let them out Yes I smile because once my husband read what the voices in my head were saying he started sleeping with one eye open and with one foot on the floor