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Murder with Lemon Tea Cakes by Karen Rose Smith is the first book in the new cozy Daisy s Tea Garden Mystery series Daisy Swanson uns Daisy s Tea Garden with her aunt Iris where they serve specialty teas and desserts along with catering to eventsDaisy is a young widowed mother who since the passing of her husband has come to ealize just how important family is to her so she can t help but worry when her aunt Iris starts seeing Harvey Fitz What Daisy never expected was for her aunt to find Harvey murdered just outside in the garden and then become a suspect herself in the murderDaisy efuses to let the police point the finger at her elderly aunt and is determined to find out just who else would want Harvey dead The she uestions people the longer her suspect list grows but then she and her aunt find themselves in danger as they are looking for answersThe only thing eally that kept me from ating this one at a full five stars was I d would have liked the characters to have a bit uirkiness about them to make them stand out a bit My favorites cozies are the ones that the characters just pop out of the story and make themselves known and while likable enough Daisy seemed a bit too normal mombusiness woman The murder mystery within the book was one that was a good solid start to the series though so I would be interested in continuing on with these characters in the futureI eceived an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor eviews please visit I loved this book I m definitely going to ead a lot in this series It was pretty much I craved tea while eading about the delightful tea oom and I ended up drinking three mugs full while eading The MC Daisy is engaging and interesting and the mystery was uite tricky to figure out I m excited to continue this seriesSuper sueaky clean suitable for young teens also 35 stars I eally enjoyed this delightful mystery Every time I picked the book up to ead I found myself wanting tea and lemon tea cakes I ve never had a tea cake but all the aving over them has me convinced they must be delicious There is a ecipe included for Lemon Tea Cakes that I hope to make soonThe first half primarily describes Daisy s Tea Garden and introduces the characters The second half of the book focuses on the potential suspects and provides information on their possible motives This formula worked eally well for me the scene was set the characters were introduced and now it was time to get down to solving the crime Plus after eading all about the charming Tea Garden I must admit I had forgotten all about some of the lesser characters I was soon back on track making my own prediction and of course totally guessing wrongA great start to a new series and I can see many possible storylines to be explored in future books I m looking forward to the next book and delicious ecipes A light and elaxing ead the first book in a new series The characters are developed and will hold your attention Daisy Swanson a widow and her Aunt Iris have open a tea shop Daisy set into her hometown after the death of her husband and open the tea shop to order to support herself and her daughters Aunt Iris is dating a wealthy gentleman who is not yet divorced Aunt Iris finds her gentleman friend dead in the garden of the tea shop Aunt Iris is the leading suspect in the murder Daisy begins to explore the circumstances surrounding the death Meanwhile her youngest daughter who was adopted is looking for her birth Mother Will Daisy find the answers to both uestions I ecommend this book Recipes are includedDisclosure I eceived a free copy from Kennington Books through NetGalley for an honest eviewI would like to thank them for this opportunity to ead and eview this book The opinions expressed are. In an old Victorian in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Amish country Daisy Swanson and her aunt Iris serve soups scones and soothing teas to tourists and locals but a murder in their garden has them in hot water Daisy a widowed mom of two teenagers is used to feeling protective so when Iris started dating the wealthy and not uite divorced

My own Daisy and her aunt Iris co own a tea shop with delightful teas and pastries in Willow Creek somewhere in the Lancaster Pennsylvania area It s a good start to a series When the owner of a men s clothing store who has been dating Iris while divorcing his wife turns up dead on the shop s patio suspicion turns to Iris Daisy is determined to see her aunt s name cleared She does that with the help of Jonas a etired policeman who owns a nearby shop and to whom Daisy is attracted In another story line Jonas helps Daisy s adopted daughter Jazzi find her birth mother The main characters are developed pretty well and enjoyable I figured out the guilty party fairly early but that s not all that unusual It did not hold my attention uite as much as some mysteries and I m not sure if it was because of how busy my life was or because of a flaw in the writing I do plan to continue with the next installment although not immediately Murder with Lemon Tea Cakes by Karen Rose Smith is a 2017 Kensington publication A fantastic start to a new and efreshing cozy mystery series When Daisy s Aunt Iris finds herself under investigation for the death of her boyfriend Harvey Fitz who was murdered ight there in the garden of their lovely tea shop Daisy must ise to the occasion and find the eal killer before her aunt is arrested Meanwhile Daisy is dealing with her adopted teenage daughter s desire to meet her birth mother and wrestling with the possibility of dating again after the death of her husband Although this is the first book in a new series I felt as though Daisy and I were old friends I immediately bonded with her and eally enjoyed the tea shop setting The tea servings and all the various flavors of tea were described so beautifully and the shop seemed truly delightful even if it was a crime scene and oh my I could almost taste those lemon tea cakes Having all the female characters named after flowers is a nice touch as well The town suare is picturesue featuring other small businesses and the characters are all very interesting and maybe a bit uirky at times All these elements are very important with a cozy mystery of this nature and is part of the charm The author did a very good job setting the stage for future installments The murder mystery is also connected to a coin collection that Aunt Iris has inadvertently found herself involved in and is not uite sure how she should proceed which complicates an already tense situation The mystery was cleverly planned out with plenty of viable suspects which kept me guessing from start to finish I am very much looking forward to adventures with Daisy and am curious to see how her love life develops as well I picked this book out on a cold wet day and it was the perfect cure for a gray dreary day I love the bright yellow cover tooThis is a very solid introduction to this new series which also includes a few of the yummy ecipes featured in the book 4 stars Dollycas s ThoughtsI was captivated by this cozy from the first chapterDaisy Swanson s husband Ryan passed away about 3 years ago She and her daughters have moved to Willow Creek so Daisy can partner with her Aunt Iris owning and operating Daisy s Tea Garden Daisy also purchased and enovated an old barn into an extraordinary home Iris is dating Harvey Fitz owner of the men s clothing store down the street a very wealthy man The problem is that while he is separated he is not yet divorced making people a little uncomfortable with the arrangement Plus his wife appears to not be giving in without a fight Harvey may have changed his will cutting off his adult children tooBefore the divorce is final Iris finds Harvey dead on the tea garden patio and she and Daisy become the police s prime suspects Daisy is going to ne. Arvey Fitz she worried especially after his bitter ex stormed in and caused a scene at the party Daisy’s Tea Garden was catering Then there was the gossip she overheard about Harvey’s grown children being cut out of his will Daisy didn’t want her aunt to wind up with a broken heart but she never expected Iris to wind up a suspect in.

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Ed a little help but she is going to try to find the eal killerI love the strong family bonds in this story They are very believable Daisy ha I was lucky enough to win an ARC of Murder with Lemon Tea Cakes from Kensington I literally devoured this book almost in one sitting Karen Rose Smith has created a delightful setting a uaint tea garden in the middle of Pennsylvania Dutch Country as well as truly believable characters The family dynamics at one memorable meal were absolutely spot on The heroine Daisy Swanson is a widow with two teen aged daughters who has come to Willow Creek PA to help her Aunt Iris with the tea shop When Iris s significant other is murdered ight in the tea shop s garden Iris is a prime suspect In the face of a stubborn police officer Daisy must fight to clear her aunt s nameI loved this book and can t wait to ead in the series This was an awesome start for a brand new series I thought it was eally well written descriptions were just ight as in not over the top descriptive and I could totally picture this little town in Pennsylvania near Amish country with all its fun shops There were a lot of characters but I never felt overwhelmed since each one was dealt with in such a way that I felt like I knew them even if it was someone the eader isn t eally supposed to likeDaisy and her aunt Iris had opened Daisy s Tea Garden in Willow Creek PA a couple years ago after Daisy s husband Ryan had passed She and her girls Jazzi and Vi had moved back home from FL The tea oom and garden were doing pretty well until Aunt Iris s almost fiance was murdered in the garden Since the police had it in their minds that Iris was guilty Daisy knew she had to investigate and get it solved before her aunt ended up in jail Daisy s old friend Cade who had been her high school crush was cautious and didn t want her to investigate but her new friend Jonas who owned a nearby furniture store had been a detective in Pittsburgh and while he knew the dangers of investigating he understood Daisy s need to do that With two guys in her life now each one of them being super nice Daisy had her share of confusion although she admitted to herself that Jonas sparked a little something in her when he was around It ll be interesting to see which one she ends up with At this point I don t even know which one I prefer I like them both Jonas did seem attentive but he was also helping with a little side story of helping Jazzi Daisy s adopted daughter find out who her birth mom wasThe many fun characters weren t hard to keep separate They were distinctive and some were uirky Aunt Iris was very sweet and could be feisty when iled so I eally enjoyed eading about her I was sad about her fiance but knowing her she may find someone else I also eally liked Sean Daisy s dad who seemed to be the voice of calm and collected in the family when his wife Rose and her sister Iris didn t agree on things It wasn t daytime drama disagreements or anything though They were still a very close family and ealized that family did indeed come first I liked the addition of college age Foster helping in the tea oom Daisy s daughter Vi was eally eyeing him up I had a feeling and was ight about the killer but there were lots of clues sprinkled throughout early enough that even though I got distracted thinking someone else could have done it I kept coming back to the same person It was a great take down eually acted on by all parties and pretty exciting The ending was pretty sweet too There were some of the tea oom s ecipes in the back definitely the one for the lemon tea cakes along with a little teaser excerpt for the next book which I know I ve probably pre ordered or will be getting I am sold on this series and its delightful character. Harvey’s murder Now the apple bread and orange pekoe is on the back burner while the cops treat the shop like a crime scene and Daisy hopes that Jonas Groft a former detective from Philadelphia can help her clear her aunt’s name and bag the eal killer before things boil over Includes delicious ecipes for Iris’s Lemon Tea Cakes an.

Award winning author Karen Rose Smith was born in Pennsylvania Although she was an only child she remembers the bonds of an extended family Family is a strong theme in her books and she suspects her childhood memories are the reason In college Karen began writing poetry and also met her husband to be They both began married life as teachers but when their son was born Karen decided to try