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Beit in the same city or will a shared house be on the horizon I do hope so So onwards we go and hopefully towards a HEA for all involved Whilst this storyline isn t for everyone and some may find the broken and dysfunctional nature of CM Stunich s characters difficult to appreciate if you can read this series with an open mind you will surely be able to feel the love growing between these Rock Hard characters We are proud to provide honest and unbiased reviews written from the heart Email jezabellgirlandfriendsgmailcomWeb Facebook Twitter Tumblr Google Pinterest Instagram So I picked up this 2 book in the Rock Hard Beautiful series as soon as I finished Groupie If you ve read my review of the first one you ll now I was very undecided of whether I loved it or hated it and I m proud to say I FINALLY now In Roadie the individual characters and the group dynamic becomes better Lilith seems calm collected and perfectly flawed as she embraces her new place in life She nows her love for her men euals their love for her and she wants to help every single one of her men feel loved and beautiful I love how she becomes of a we instead of me or I and at the same time she embraces her individuality and recognizes that she needs to do stuff for HER tooThe relationship between Lilith and her 5 rock gods becomes much than sex and transforms into something deeper and much meaningful and heartfelt Lilith steps out from her selfish bubble and spends a lot of time and emotion on helping her men and herself Together they start to face their demons from their pasts This book is just as hot if not hotter as the first but at the same time it s so much deeper within the storyline and at times it almost made my heart breakI love how CM Stunich handles the sexy times between the 6 people Whilst Muse might have a talent for A Village with My Name: A Family History of China's Opening to the World knowing who needs the first cup of tea Lilith has an eual talent when it comes to sex She s not shy in taking what she wants and needs but she alsonows which of her men seems to need her the most and when I was over the moon with the development between 2 of her men and I really think CM Stunich nails the perfect balance between love sex and erotica This story would probably be better as a one off novel but it still manages to Anthropology as Cultural Critique keep my interest Granted it s mostly because of all the hot sex but hey I m not complaining How s this jewel of a conversation Pussies are a lot stronger than balls Lilith says startling both me and Pax Why would anyone say he s got balls to reference strength when a swiftick to the nether regions drops a man to his nees As far as calling a weak person a pussy well pussies birth babies Plus they can take a pounding and enjoy itOver and out. Ut finding beauty everywhere even in a lie Roadie Book #2 in the Rock Hard Beautiful Trilogy a New Adult Erotic Rocker Romance from International Bestselling Author CM Stunich ROADIE is a 90000 word novel about strong emotions difficult pasts and vibrant love It contains bad boy rockers rock 'n' roll concerts handcuffs friendship explicit sex scenes and forgiveness This is a MMMFMM book with a STRONG focus on the woman although there is some light MM in here too aka a reverse harem novel one woman five guys It has a happy ending NO cliff hanger and is the second book in a trilogy.

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Kill me nowI haven t slept in DAYS I cannot stop reading these books This is how it should be This is how stories should be told THISI feel wiped out Soul drained Hot jesus I am utterly obsessed with Lilith and her guys I love how dark and gritty this book is while also being incredibly sensual and sexy In Roadie Lilith her guys decide they want a real shot at a relationship between all of them However the past still haunts each and every one of them with grief and dark trauma I love how Lilith helps her guys work through their issues and they do the same for her in return I felt them all growing even closer in this book and it s just so goodI don t only love Lilith for her relationship with the guys She proves she s not just searching for fuck buddies when she gives Octavia a second chance after what she did in the end of Groupie I loved that Lilith stuck up for herself but also gave Octavia room to admit she was wrong on her terms and make amends I really hope these two become amazing friends I need supportive girl best friends in booksWe definitely learn a lot about the guys in this installment but I feel like there s still so much to learn about each of them I never want this series to end AmazingWow CM Stunich is such a fantastic author The way this book seamlessly carried on from the first book was brilliant great little and subtle referrals back to the first book on occasions to re jog your memory of certain things is just incredible I loved the way we got to now a bit of the background of these characters in this book too but still a Hot Sexy and totally gripping read Let s say that this one was a bit betterWe get to now them all a little be better tooand they get to now each other a little bit better as wellSexual boundaries are explored in this polyamorous relationshipeven the boundaries of love are being extended as long lasted friendship between two band members slips into a hawt mess from hatred filled linked pasts over piled up guilt and self deprication towards the release of emotionaly sexual outburstsThere are no labelsthere are no limitsThere s only six of them being there for each other in the right momentAnd still it s a journey of inner growth and acceptance of the facts of life That s me Lilith Tempest Goode the girlfriend of Beauty in Lies lover of five gorgeous men Adult orphan Artist Groupie Even though this whole group menage looks too fuckin ideal to be functional on a long run the way author revealspeels off layers of each and every character she makes it hard to choose just one memberjust one manbut is it possible to hold them all togetherforever The girl without a father or a mother or a sister But the girl who although she d nev. WARNING This book features one stronghearted young woman and her five rockstar lovers All six of them are struggling to overcome their dark pasts while falling deeply in love PS Nobody said she had to pick just one Turn the page only if you enjoy true love raw grief genuine human connection rock 'n' roll and books with unfiltered unashamed sex “I'm in love with five bad boy rockstars But is our love strong enough to overcome our tragedy” Lilith Goode is dating and in love with five gorgeous rockstars She shares her body her heart and her soul with each one of them Paxton is

Er rejoice at the loss of her loved ones is starting to be okay with who she s becoming Hot damnYes seriously This Is So Freaking HOT Ahh I love following Lillith and her men while they navigate into becoming a relationship and peeling away the layers to everyone It s addicting delicious enticing steamy where you want to grab your man lady and have your way with them in the bedroom because of how hot and bothered you get in some of these scenes just YUMMY So excited for the last bookAlso it s amazing it s also on Audible with awesome narrators that make the book even better as you read along This was a really good seuel I have no idea who s gonna be endgame though Wonderful Love love love this series They are all so broken but together they can put themselves back together like A puzzle sad to start the last book 5 Stars Words are not enough to express my love for this series so far I was blown away by Groupie and couldn t wait to start Roadie and the emotions that I m feeling now having read both books are almost impossible to put into words but I ll trySo a reverse harem is a thing who new and it s a thing that has me wanting especially with Lilith and her 5 boyfriends Yes most people struggle to cope with one man in their life but for Lilith the boys of Beauty in Lies are just what she needs following the unexpected death of her father Groupie ended on a sad note after Lilith is once again hurt by her ex Now Lilith is back in the bat cave with the boys that she is rapidly falling in love with but will their bond continue to remain as strong or will jealousy and insecurity take over their emotions To say that this story is wrong is too judgemental Yes it s morally uestionable but what s to say that love can be determined by a number I love the connection the Lilith Pax Michael Cope Muse and Ransom have formed and despite their painful backgrounds they all seek solace in each other I can t decide which of the band members that I love the most so I can appreciate Lilith s dilemma For now Lilith is happy with her life and being surrounded and protected by the boys she is falling in love withThere was an inkling in Groupie that some MM action was soon to be had and this was explored in Roadie which given the characters involved was so sweet and tender despite the warring emotions and the domineering personalities Whilst trying to understand these new physical emotions Lilith is still the sexual anchor here and is than happy to be the middlewoman so to speak With the tour ending and Lilith s family home visited it s now time to see if this group relationship can continue to flourish when the band returns home to Seattle Will they be able to survive living apart al. He leader covered in tattoos and cocky as hell Michael is the bad boy determined to change his ways Ransom is the scarred one dark and beautiful Muse is the practical one the enigma with a silver mohawk Copeland is the boy next door with a penchant for reading romance novels Together these six twisted souls make up one beautiful whole But can one woman really love five different men What if they're all tattooed pierced scarred and broken And what if they all need her as much she needs them Their love is as unconventional as their music Rock 'n' roll romance redemption A story abo.