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Been horribly raped and murdered across the city ten in eight weeks on a map of the city the murder sites form an inverted star Sanguron s star the blood lord s sigil implying a magician may be involved Without giving away any spoliers towards the end we actually get an explanation for why the perpatrator has done this which is so often woefully lacking in real life Writhen s depiction of the city divided between the pper part of the land owning classes and the lower part of the slaves and powerless workers whose back breaking labour generates the wealth is extremely vivd In fact his descriptive abilities are excellent throughout though he tends to concentrate on the external rather than the internal inner monologues are kept to a minimum The cast is a glorious mix of mercenaries blacksmiths some show stealing gnomes palace guards archaeologists scientists bureaucrats escaped slaves striking miners and mine owners the landed classes and most creatively of all a priest from a supposedly extinct race descended from insects who derides mammalian fools and has his own agenda Writhen s world building is very good particularly dealing with myths legends and religion which I imagine will further come into play in the following books judging by the rumours of supernatural creatures revealed in this one I really have only one very small criticism one can rely on bold italic emphasis for added effect too much even in dialogue but if that s the worst that can be said then you re clearly heading in the right direction Overall this was a thoroughly enjoyable rollicking tale that any fantasy fan should enjoy I for one am looking forward to the next in the series Different If you re looking for elves orcs and dwarves you ve got the wrong book What you DO get is a very interesting tale with a lot of violent people behaving violently to each other although there is an Transcending Taboos underlying streak of humour Look forward to book two The Hiss of the Blade is the opening novella in a projected trilogy by self published author and personal friend Richard Writhen The interesting thing is it is not only part of its own trilogy but it was released as part of a trilogy of novellas which take place on the fictional planet of Cedron his other two novellas A Host of Ills and A Kicked Cur transpire over different time periods Further Writhen is carving out a name for himself by writing in a genre which he terms gothdark the simple take being grimdark with gothic tones The end result is very satisfying givings a dark moody tale which posits high stakes for all those involvedBefore getting into the review proper here s a look at the current blurb note I had gotten the original paperback and the blurb on that one was a bit vagueTwo petty mercenaries are falsely accused of switching sides in a feud between two rich and powerful magnates an ex miner on the run from a murder charge becomes a reaver and embroiled in a romance an industrial lieutenant is recruited to help capture a serial killer and an entire city is in danger of being ensorcelled by an ancient monkThat is a fairly accurate synopsis for what. Ex miner on the run from a murder charge becomes a reaver and embroiled in a romance; an industrial lieutenant

The Hiss Of The Blade was a book that I had high hopes for as I often enjoy darker turns of fantasy This book was a bit on the shorter side and while it offered some dark thrills It didn t Black Bottom Stomp uite seem that cohesive plot wise I liked how the author setp the story with a gruesome murder and the noir shades to the story were very interesting however the characterization was a bit flat Overall this is a story with some terrific scary bits to it but the execution wasn t all that good which is why the story seemed than a bit dry and I couldn t care much for it I read a lot a whole lot and enjoy many styles and genres I rarely happen across a modern narrative with a classic style In fact I keep some classics on my eReader for when I crave that styleThis is a fun tale with some shady Geographies, Mobilities, and Rhythms over the Life-Course uniue characters The personalities were fantastic though not typically heroic wonderfully engaging As they wound through the story I found myself fully wrappedp in them and their misadventures The pacing was page turning and steady keeping me flipping well into the night beyond my bed timeWhat really struck me was style and voice I was the student who always looked at the English syllabus with a twinkle in my eyes Reading classic works excites me The same thing I love about those works was found here Beauty Words were sed to paint worlds evoke emotions and sing a story to me Each word felt deliberately chosen for its melodic place in the sentence Sentences danced around each other to create paragraphs and then pages It was masterfully crafted into art with wordsMy highest praise goes to the author for creating an exuisite work of art This is a modern classic that would be right at home on the shelves alongside my old favorites It is also an exciting story with all the ingredients to capture and entertain a reader s imagination Contains assholes than a copy of MayfairSo when I picked this book p I had a feeling it d be a bit different It s definitely not your Progress or Collapse usual run of the mill fantasy there s a noticable lack of thesual tropes and I m also going to say this book has the most brutal fucked The New Goddess up opening I ve read in a long time So Kudos WrithosThere s a lot of violence in this book and as someone completely numb to violence through both past career choices my own previous fight career and emotional dampening caused by video games I was surp This evocatively titled novella from the author of A Host of Ills and A Kicked Cur begins with the poem from which the title is taken giving a clue and offering an analogy for what is to come The story commences with a nice young man to whom we just have time to be introduced before he is hideously raped castrated mutilated and murdered by a mysterious repugnant man Writhen does not stint to describe the grotesue details of the aftermath and all the way through the story the murderous violence is rather brilliantly brought to life if that is not a paradox There is a great deal of violence throughout at which the author excells in describing bringing it all off with aplomb This leadss to the discovery that a litany of defenseless stable boys have. Two petty mercenaries are falsely accused of switching sides in a feud between two rich and powerful magnates; an.

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Transpires in THotB Part of the allure of the rich tale is that Writhen weaves seemingly Firedance (Aubrey Knight, unrelated threads and story lines into a central convergence point The aforementioned mercenaries for example are tasked with hunting the rogue ex miner The story of the serial killer which bookends the novella and provides some of the best and most grotesue content holds portents for future installments And everything that transpires leads back to the two magnates a pair ofnion heavies one controlling the mining industry and the other the dairyagriculture channels whose game of perennial one The Buzzards That Circle the Throne (The Peacock King, upmanship generates waves which flood over the entire regionSince this is a novella too much detail leads to issues with spoilers It s better to focus on the elements involved especially since Writhen has a veryniue authorial styleWrithen writes in a style which he has termed as gothdark which is to say that it contains elements of gothic and grimdark The result of this genre copulation is prose which is dark rich and evocative Even when the action is at its most brutal or the most base slang words are being slung there is something inherently poetic about the delivery as if the entirety of the narrative is one of the baroue paintings sed for the cover come to lifeSeeing as though he packed a ton of characters as well as a multitude of story lines into a compact page count I also need to laud Writhen on being able to wrangle the maximum amount of detail out of the least amount of words Honestly there is no lack of vivid imagery throughout THotBThe action throughout is top notch as well The opening scene focusing on the serial killer at work is orchestrated in a manner both disturbing and brutal There are duels and fisticuffs throughout the story as well and in each instance the events are composed in a manner both bone crushing and balleticAnd finally there is the lore One would be hard pressed to generate a successful fantasy series without the nderpinning of an intriguing backdrop The reader gets dropped straight into THotB without preamble or fancy maps and from there they are immediately swept The Sea Lion Festival up in the action As the story progresses however details are revealed We learn the basic geography then the history religions etc The best part is that it is all well thought out detailed and believableIt s laudable that Writhen is able to pack so much mythology so many events and so many distinct characters into a tome that isnder 200 pages In fact if there is anything that works against the book it s that there isn t enough room for each character to shine Meaning each character could carry the novella as a sole protagonist but in the situation here they work as a fine ensembleSo we can look forward to the further development of these characters in Book 2 Well for those of the characters that made it through this installment at leastWith a classically beautiful cover and a name derived from the poem The Sewing Bird by Fitz James O Brien The Hiss of the Blade delivers a deep and niue experience Looking forward to continuing this seriesYou can read the entire review for this novella her. S recruited to help capture a serial killer and an entire city is in danger of being ensorcelled by an ancient mo.