Amelita Rae: Dark Possession The Miners Reluctant Wife #1

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Book nor if I ikeit the number of star I give etc Some authors can make you Historias de Inmigracion look for even when you aren t interested in some points of their storiesThe stories that Amelita Rae write areike that I enjoy to read even when the topic isn t my cup of tea It s not about rainbows and sugar I feel uncomfortable and enthralled by the story she make me think about disturbing facts But even when I don t Alabanza like what I readthink Iike to read itThat said I enjoyed this one be ready to be distraught and enjoy yourself D I usually don t read fantasy type novels but this author always gets my attention I was Aprendiz de Homero looking for a good short read and this was a pretty good one My biggest complaint is that it ends in a cliffhanger and there is no Book 2 in sight Boo This wasn t as good as other books I ve read by the author but I certainlyiked having the compassionate side shown for the alpha hero in the book He honestly surprised me with his gruffness that turned into him just wanting a wife Jesse was interesting He was timid and the stereotypical twink but also incredibly naive I mean I get he was scared I would be too but he didn t use common sense a ot and that annoyed me since it could have saved him some heartache and hurt But in the end he realizes what s best for him and they seem to have a pretty healthy start to a relationship before the book ends abruptlyNote There is a pretty brutal scene at the beginning of the book and I wasn t expecting that so it can be a trigger for some It was uite heartbreakin. Most powerful miners to become their ‘wives’ To Jesse wives are simply whores that are used exclusively by one man and he abhors his new husband But his husband cherishes his young bride and Jesse soon earns that becoming a miner’s wifemight just be the best thing that has ever happened to him Warning This story features heavy misogynistic themes Although the characters evolve over time their thoughts and actions may be offensive to some reade.

Ersonality Jesse the small one actually had Usually they re just small and pretty but he had some spunk haha to himNow of course because this is Ameilta Rae and it s why I Doing Research That Matters love her we still have scorching hot dirty sex between the most beautiful small delicate boy and a giant of a man with a dick the size of an armBut unlike some of her other books that I couldn t uite handle there weren t any serious size discrepancies and gross stretching of orifices It was most rimming which I am totally ok with Looking forward to the next one Oh but this does end on a mini cliffy Delightful but what s new rightAmelita has to be one of my favorites I don t know how she does it but no matter the genre or the kinks I just keep coming back for I don t think she s written a single thing I ve disliked THIS included When I got to theast page I cried out in pain BECAUSE I WANT MORE AHHGH Believe when it says part 1 know that you re going to ove it devour it in a single sitting and then come out with only the regret of wanting selfishly More of yet another fantasic Am This is my first Amelita Rae book It was dark disturbing and surprisingly sweet My uestion to Ms Rae iswhere s book 2 It s been a year I need part two NOW If I would ve known this ended on a cliffhanger I would have waited in till part two was out Overall I really ike this book There were some dark parts that I usually don t Shadow Flame (Rime Chronicles, like reading about But I reallyike the characters they seem very sweet and sincere I can t wait to read No matter the. Come a place where the poor and unwanted members of society are sent to be made use of It is to one of these forced Stripped labor camps that the unfortunate Jesse is sent He is young small and weak far too weak to perform the grueling work reuired to earn enough meal credits to keep himself from starvation The men who cannot provide for themselves become camp ‘women’ and are forced to sell their bodies for credits Aucky few are selected by the strongest.

Hot Not for the Faint of Heart35 StarsThese pandemic days fluff is not enticing me What does attract me and hold my interest are darker reads This short ittle number fit the bill A prison town has no women Instead smaller men are taken as wives by those miners who can afford them A new inmate finds himself being fought over by a number of men they want him for a wife He doesn t go too easilyNon con feminization humiliation water sport public rape violence cannibalism off pageAlso snuggles and submissionMy rec Why the hell not I l wait until second half is out before reviewing This is beyond feminization it s domestic wife role play too Major cliffhanger First be advised HUGE CLIFFHANGERCould have been better After 50% of the book the characters warmed to each other too fast it seemed as food safety and beauty made up for hard Nocturna (A Forgery of Magic, labor and domiciliary prison Hmmm Ok14 Stars Not really much to say As always miss Rae s work is fantastic I doove the characters building in this story especially the part where Jessy is a spirited one instead of being a docile gullible one And I Wikipedia U like the way how Torben took care of hisittle wife But it s a bloody cliffhanger urghhhhhhhhh I really can t wait for next book The plot and the story is truly fantasticWell deserved 4 stars I actually really Cannibal Encounters liked this one It was a great start to a new seriesWe were introduced to the characters and world in detail for Rae and even got a bit of relationship development between the two MCs I was surprised by how much A Gay Yaoi Prison Feminization EroticaIt is theate thirtieth century and humans have established colonies on other carbon based planets throughout the galaxy The colonies are isolated primitive and everyday people are still dependent on fossil fuels Coal is mined in much the same way as it was back in the olden days on Earth The abor is hard dirty and dangerous As the colonies grow prison work camps are established to maintain supply They uickly be.

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Amelita Rae took a wrong turn on the internet one day All the innocent young lass wanted to do was watch funny cat videos but then she discovered Boy's Love and that was the end of any worthwhile contribution she might have otherwise made to the world She now spends most of her time writing filthy smut that she tries to frame with farfetched plots and deranged characters but don't be fooled by