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I m lad I m not alone on this one It s fantastic to Rko get books translated from their original language to English so we can learn about other countries and I was hoping that this one would have someood details about daily life and the Chinese landscape like Zhang s The Emperor s Riddle Instead it s a rather standard fantasy about tomb robbers with rather unsympathetic characters I loved this brilliant comment by Josie If I m so bored with a novel that I start hoping the main character will be brutally maimed to liven things up a bit that s your brilliant indication that I m not enthusiastic about what I m reading I m With Wings as Eagles going to hand this to one of my readers whooes through 2 3 fantasy books a day so as an 8th Edwin (The Northumbrian Thrones grader really has read just about all of my fantasy books but I m notoing to put it in the collection An inordinately large portion of the books that look brand new but have never circulated are fantasy books that are just half a bubble off I ll see what the 8th The Phoenix Project grader thinks The City of Sand has an interesting adventure wrapped up in a uest a desert journey to seek out an ancient city with a ueen of mythic proportions Unfortunately the delivery of the story was a snooze fest Look I don t know if things literallyot lost in translation or whether the form of the story is different than what you would expect in a typical YA lit book it is super dry to read It is fully fast paced but is so descriptive in it it feels like an AI is reading out an epic adventure I honestly cringe to think about an audiobook like that shudder Think Text to Speech in KindleUntil right at the end I was hovering at a 3 star rating The pacing was dreadful but the world building and the adventure was ood enough to somewhat balance it But then it ends in a very weird way with barely The City of Sand by Tianxia Bachang 243 pages Delacorte Press Random House 2017 18Language G 0 swears Mature Content G Violence GBUYING ADVISORY MS HS OPTIONALAUDIENCE APPEAL AVERAGETianyi is a 17 year old who uses his feng shui skills and an old book from his deceased randfather to locate buried treasure in tombs He and his easily provoked buddy Kai find some success and are recruited to help lead an expedition across the Taklimakan Desert in China While the two are hired to help find archeology remains Tianyi and Kai are essentially Finding a Dream (Conquest, grave robbers and don t want anyone to know their secret The desert and theravesites they find are filled with danger and soon it seems the. A multimillion copy bestseller in China now available in English In this heart pounding adventure a roup of individuals who have come together for an expedition each with a specific interest soon find themselves motivated by one common oal the sheer will to surviveTHE UEST To find the lost city of Jingjue a once lorious.

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Ut anyone else knowing From the beginning Tianyi and her friend Kai work well together Kai may not have the academic skills Tianyi has from her randfather s book but he is an adventurer and can be trusted with any sharing Their first encounters with Finding Robert Johnson ghosts andor reanimated corpses is hair raising but fun that readers will love After a while they realize they need to travel with others of like mind and even better skills They thereafter join the archeological expedition of a Professor Chen and the American who is financing the project as well the Professor s entourage to find Jingjue City one spot on the Silk Road sacred tombs may be found with accompanying cultural artifactsNo spoilers here Suffice to say that numerous adventures follow with some truth some lies and some betrayals pitching the action forward In some ways the actionoes nowhere with little of importance discovered at first and this may frustrate some readers But for the most part the this is a Young Adult novel for those who love to read about myths legends adventures and foreign locales A bit of a vague ramble about life in a different world few of us could imagine yet Toward the Zen of Performance get the chance to enter in these contemporary legendary pages In the book The City of Sand by Tianxia Bachang the protagonist Tianyi loves adventure as he travels to far away places in search of a better life He has to overcome trust issues with his friends and realizes that their opinion is important to him It helps him to make choices that would put their needs before his own This is similar to my experiences in learning how to be aood friend On several occasions Tianyi puts his life in danger but in the end it is worth it He becomes a stronger person and a Butt Workouts by Chia Booty good leader Iive this book a four star rating because it was interesting to read The adventures kept my attention on every page It has an Indiana Jones flare to it so the suspense keeps you reading to find out what will happen next The City of Sand is an adventure story that will keep you on the edge of your seat I didn t really like this book because when I was reading it it didn t make me feel the same as other books that I liked What I felt when I was reading this book was it kind of made me feel like I was watching an Indiana Jones movie What I liked about the book was there was a lot of action mostly at the end Read 105 of 349 pages up to chapter 8 Not well written Not very entertaining Not believable adventure Not much atmosphere re China. An whose father vanished on the same trek a year ago; Professor Chen who wants to fulfill a lifelong dream; and Asat Amat a local Celibacy, a Love Story guideifted in desert survivalTHE OBSTACLES Lethal creatures of the desert and an evil force that wants to entomb the explorers under the unforgiving sands of China’s Taklimakan Desert foreve.

Desert may have a new burial site unless they can work together to surviveI wanted to like this book The cover was Adulting 101: great it s translated from Chinese and the premise was awesome However it reads like a videoame The characters Pedal Control: Achieving Speed, Control, Power, and Endurance for the Feet go from oneravesite to another and face cool adventures but the characters are not fleshed out so it seems one dimensional I never really know what the characters are thinking or feeling which made it hard to relate to them I m not even sure I ended up liking them by the end of the book even though the setting was Poseidons Arrow (Dirk Pitt, great Just hold a video controller while you read and you ll be fineMichelle in the Middle Teacherhttpskissthebookblogspotcom2018 This book was pretty alright I think that the plot and premise were cool Like it had been a while since I ve read an adventure Indiana Jones esue story I totally forgot about thisenre and would like to read I was just captured by the concept of tomb raidingCharacterwise it fell short for me though I wasn t really attached to any of them save for the man man and his mouse at the beginning The others just seemed flat and one dimensional which kinda pulled me out of the story a bit I liked the book a lot because it appealed to my taste in books It reminded me of Indiana Jones trying to find a lost city and the tomb of its ueen It was packed with adventure and action fighting monsters like flesh eating ants and corpses While I appreciate the effort reuired to translate a book from Mandarin to English City of Sand wasn t worth it I think all the explanation reuired is this if I m enjoying a book I usually care about the protagonist If I m so bored with a novel that I start hoping the main character will be brutally maimed to liven things up a bit that s your brilliant indication that I m not enthusiastic about what I m reading City of Sand was what I would now call an Indiana Jones wannabe And while Indiana Jones is a fantastic set of movies that s the implication of the word wannabe you tried and you failed Boring Tianyi is an unusual Dmitri girl who doesn t want to do anything that otherood Italian Riviera girls do Unknown to her family herrandfather left her half a book about what westerners would call A Beach Party with Alexis grave robbing Then she studies the art of feng shui meant touide her to correct tombs that will provide blessings in wealth rather than curses all too possible in other Anak Bajang Menggiring Angin gravesites In China after all there arehosts snakes and other nefarious creatures that could kill uickly neatly and witho. Kingdom along with the burial chamber of its mysterious ueen Both lie buried under the olden dunes of the desert where fierce sandstorms and blazing heat show no mercyTHE TEAM Teenagers Tianyi who has the ability read the earth and sky through feng shui and Kai Tianyi’s best friend and confidant; Julie a wealthy Americ.

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