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Ime money earners She obviously idn t have the money necessary to promote train and show her horses or buy money earners in order to command American Musicians decent prices for the foalsSo the premise of Sage s little world is a fantasy but it s nice to think about as possibleI liked the part about Adam finally finding his place in life and Sage getting a second chance OMG What a fantastic story I love to read Samantha A Cole books This one is not like her other books The Friar she taken the readers in a totallyifferent way I love the storyline of this book I could not put His Convict Wife (Convict Wives down the book at all I wasrawn into it with each page Sage is a widow trying to keep her husbands family ranch going with two kids While Adam is trying to find his patch again You can understand Adam s thinking about why he Toyota Management System did what heid you will love the chemistry between Adam and Sage You The Perfect Indulgence definitely need to read this story to find out what happened I promise you won t beisappointed in this book Keep up the amazing work Samantha I can not wait to read your next story Adam was a man of God and in a moment of rage Stonebrook Cottage (Carriage House, did the unthinkable That had me hooked to read the book This is a totallyifferent style of book that Samantha has brought her readers I was wondering how a romance between a Godly man and a widow would work out but Samantha nailed it Sage and Adam are perfect together and they need each other When things begin happening at the ranch she is trying to hold on to she s glad that Adam is around The story was great as there was a build up to the sexual part of the characters relationship which I m glad of I couldn t put Samantha A Cole has a way of pulling a reader into the story that makes the reader feel like the book is happening around them Even though The Friar is not the usual type of book I m used to reading from her as I was reading it it had the same effect on meAfter Adam Westfield a former Franciscan Friar is released from prison he wanders wherever life takes him A Seductive Revenge doing odd jobs until he feels the need to move onThat how he came to be at Sage Hammond s ranch when she is threatened by another rancher to sell her ranch He intervened and their story takes off from there Sage is a widow raising two young kids trying to save the ranch that has been in her husband s family for many yearsSomeone wants the ranch at all cost Adam and Sage are working hard to try to save the ranch and at the same time try toiscover who wants the ranch enough to California Living destroy others in their pathI absolutely love the characters in this book Adam is one of the most honorable men I know Went to prisonoing what others would consider as an act of heroism He also kept a young kid from testifying so they would have to relive what had happenedSage is just about working herself to the point of exhaustion after the So Damn Lucky (Lucky OToole, death of husbandoing everything she can to save the ranch It would of been so much easier for her to sell She s one very strong womanI like that this story Wild Embers: Poems of Rebellion, Fire, and Beauty didn t focus a lot on sex Not that there wasn t anythere was plenty of sizzle It has a strong story line that has a build up of intrigue that had me guessing on who wanted the ranch why they wanted it and if Sag Samantha A Cole is best known for her Trident Security series and her Malone Brothers books While the Trident series and Malone Brothers are BDSM and Domination The Friar is a standalone book with less emphasis on sex but still the amazing storytelling that Ms Cole is so well known for Adam is sent to prison for ma. Find a ranch hand willing to work for meager wages she’s close to giving up Then an answer to her prayers appears a uiet handsome stranger Adam is falling in love for the first time in his life however strange things begin to happen at the ranch things that are putting Sage and her children inanger and he finds he’.

Nslaughter a former Franciscan brother he spends time Ryugakusei no tame no Kanji no Kyokasho SHOKYU 300 - Japanese Writing Study Book drifting until he comes upon the widow Sage Hammond He is told she needs help with her ranch but when she finds out he s an ex con his prospectson t look so good But a neighboring rancher shows up with his lackey and threaten Sage into selling her ranch Adam intervenes Sage A Study in Scandal (Scandalous decides to keep him on and he s worth his weight in gold to Sage and her 2 children Events begin happening at the ranch and it s up to Adam to keep her safe but who from Ms Cole has written another 5 star mega hit that will keep you riveted from the very first page all of the way to the very end 375 Stars The Friar is a romance between a religious man that paid for his sins and a strong single mother trying to keep her ranch afloat The story is sweet and easy to read It also has a bit of a mystery and suspense Overall it s a solid book Adam was just a bit too perfect for my taste Honestly Iidn t find anything special about any of the characters so to me this was a bit boring A stunning read Although the characters have a Letting it Go different background from her Trident Security Series Samantha A Cole s characters and story lineo not The One Who Stays (Summer Island, disappointI uite enjoyed reading a bit away from her norm and having a man of faith as a main character was great I really enjoyed the intimate scenes being a bit tonedown than her usual erotica it was very fitting for Adam His restraint at times was very endearing Sage is one hell of a woman She s real and tough and yet still vulnerable Yet she s Shadow of the Wolf (Hearts Desire, definitely NOT aamsel in Smijurija u mjerama distress She is first and foremost a mother but she s still a woman Theuality of it makes for an extremely realistic character I must preface this review with a statement that Samantha s books are a 1 click for me I have very few authors in my 1 click category I first sample authors through KU as this is the only option in which I can afford my reading addiction Yeah no not interested in giving up this particular addiction I have read ALL of Samantha s books She writes about male characters who are strong love women but once they find the one they are committed to her from Speer day one The female characters in her books are strong independent women No fainting couch for these ladies The Friar is aeparture from her previous books It is about a man looking for redemption who stumbles upon a strong widow The widow Sage realizes she is ready to move forward after the tragic Ultralearning death of her husband and embrace the possibility of love again This story is about them finding each other with some twists in the story line as always there is an element of suspense The sign of a good author is being able toemonstrate versatility in their writing style Samantha has The Ring Of The Dove done it again I have loved all of her books and each time she outdoes herself Knowing that this book is a standalone and aifferent story than her normal series I was very excited to see how she would The Lost Literature of Medieval England do it Adam and Sage are my new favorites Adam has been wandering around taking odd jobs after getting out of prison Searching for where God will lead him on his journey when he meets Sage a widow with 2 young children Is it Divine Intervention or just another stop on his journeySage hasn t even been interested in other men since the untimelyeath of her husband Mark Adam is an ex con a wayward traveler but she is A Curse of Kings drawn to him She needs to be careful though he could beangerous not only for herself and her children but he might just steal her heartA Terrific Read. S willing to sell his soul to protect them But will it be enough A man trying to overcome his past A woman trying to secure her children’s future Can they both learn to live in the present and Garfield Dishes It Out (Garfield, discover that second chanceso existThe Friar is a stand alone novel and not related to any of Samantha A Cole's current series.

The Friar I am happy to say was wonderfull I should clarify I had no small amount of trepidation about reading this after all I love Ms Cole s Trident series her sexy strong honorable navy seals all into BDSM but I feared a book about a friar would it ruin my love of Ms Coles writing Hell no it Im a Narwhal did not Why you ask Ms Cole s Friar may not be an ex navy seal but he is a handsome honorable strong and protective man with a heart of gold so in picking her hero Ms Cole never really left her formula she still gave me an honorable hero Adam Westfeikd was raised with his foster brother by a loving couple both solid community members their fister father a police officer who believed they needed to know he to protect themselves which is why Adam a friar had a black belt in Krav maga the very skill that would protect a young boy but land him in jail Friar Adam was sentenced to 10 years in prison which he accepted to save that young boy from testifying in the accidentaleath of his attacker but after five years of time served and being a model prisoner Adam was released Having resigned his position as a Friar he felt he could not impose on his stepbrother and his family and took to the road picking up small jobs and moving on finally landing in Oklahoma and the Hammond FarmSage Hammond had been widowed and was now running her husband s family ranch by herself while raising two young children and was in need of a ranch hand Leary about giving an X con a job she sends Adam on his way until he comes to her aid and gains her trustAs time passes Sage gets to see just how honorable sweet and caring Adam is he is wonderfull with her children and continually their for her and her attraction to him grows but is it wrong to feel this way for a former celibate friar Adm feels the same attraction and one longer a member of the order is frets explore his attraction but his experience is limited and over twenty years oldThese two make a lovely couple and face several challenges a neighboring rancher trying to buy the ranch to a barn fire to a sniper shooting at Adam nevermind the wagging tongues if the town gossips Sage fears that Adam will move on while Adam fears that Sage Madame Timide does not care as much for him as heoes for her Will they work out their issues Will they keep the ranch a float Will you read this book I hope so Ms Cole Girl, Woman, Other delivered a great read Arc copy supplied in exchange for an honest review Is there redemption for Brother Adam Westfield the killer of a child molester in the midst of his Franciscan OrderJust over five years later Adam is out of Sing Sing prison for good behavior and overcrowded conditions Where is he to goAdam ends up on a small ranch in Rosewood Oklahoma working for a widow named Sage An unfriendly neighbor wants to buy her out force her out Can the former Brother who was also trained in many forms of selfefense by his police officer foster father keep Sage and her children safe She needs money to keep up loan payments Where is that going to come fromARC Received from Hidden GemsThis ebook was 399 at the time of this reviewOpinions Expressed here are entirely my ownHate to break it to the Author but Sage would have had to have an outside job in order to keep her tiny ranch going The acreage given in the story is too small for subsistence living She needed a thousand acre ranch or access to leasing a large acreageShe possibly could have made a living raising race horses cutting or reining horses but they would have to be big A 2017 Readers' Favorite Award Silver Medal WinnerThe Friar has been retitled The Road to SolaceAdam Westfield is an ex friar just released from prison Unsure of his estiny he roams America hoping to find a purpose and forgiveness A widowed mother of two Sage Hammond is struggling to keep her horse ranch afloat Unable to.

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