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At Dylan or Ivy was expecting Two somethings unexpected happens eaving Ivy with another secret she just can t tell Dylan again for his career and another chance at Baccarat : La lgende du cristal love and Dylan with a secret that can hurt Ivy than he ever really wanted to It wasn t even intentional but will still be devastating for herCan their TWO WRONGS make a RiteYOU JUST HAVE TO READ IT Make sure toeave time because you WON T WANT TO PUT IT DOWNWho is next in the series I wonder if it will be Mac Ivy s brother Oh Wait What about Fin and Kit I d LOVE to see that Come on Donna give us a hint of what is coming up next PLEASEThis is a VOLUNTARY review of an advanced copy of this book My Review of Two Wrongs A Second Chance Romance Trouble by Numbers 2 by Donna AlamMy Rating 45 StarsThis book was a first for me of this author and damn I ve been missing outI O Colégio de Todos os Segredos loved Ivy from the start In fact all the characters in this story I couldn t help but enjoy The plot was so beautifully written and had me turning the pages wanting wanting to know just what Dylan would follow through with and just how Ivy would react The pushpull of Dylan and Ivy as they work through misunderstandings and hopefully find their way back to each other What a fun and sexy read I devoured Now I m off to read all of this Authors books I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of his book in exchange for an honest review from Author Sassy Savvy Fabulous PR One ThingOnly one scene or plot twist changed my opinion about this bookSpoiler AlertI was into this book as soon as I started reading Especially when I knew Dylan was not famous when he married Ivy Of course fame and the subseuent offsprings drove them apart I don t get why Ivy did notet Dylan know what his agent was doing Anyways she told a whopping March Violets (Bernie Gunther, lie then fledThe so called revenge that Dylan cooked up was demeaning and hurtful to Ivy Why she agreed I have no idea Dylan wanted her to have sex with a stranger while he watched then he will grant her the divorce Whether the act was completed or not does not factor into my disgust It was started that was enough The state he himselfeft Ivy after he ended up doing the deed was Zoete tranen like sexual assault She was abandoned in that room with bruises on her body and her clothes in tatters By now I was too disgusted to continue but I needed to finish this story Also for most part of this book there was no Dylan and Ivy We had flash backs etc but mostly it was Ivy and her friends Dylan is also verbally abusive He says hurtful things to Ivy about being with other women just to make her jealous I seriously did notike this hero and the heroine was kind of not completely there too How can she take all that crap The women and the tongue ashing Beats me. F Hollywood hasn’t sated Dylan’s need for revenge He’s hellbent on making Ivy pay for her mistakes in the most despicable way he can Two wrongs don’t make the pair even but can they ever make their marriage righ.

Aaargh I shouldn t have read this story straight after reading one of the authors other books Gentleman Player which I fell in ove withThis story didn t do it for me I felt that there was focus on the female Revived lead and her best friend than there was on the actual story Ioved Ivy and Dylan story It was a Student Research Projects in Calculus little different than I expected It was the first book in aong time that I had trouble putting down When Dylan plans for Ivy backfires he is not the only hurt The two have ived apart onger than they have been together but even Love for Imperfect Things living on seperate continents they can t forget each other Ivy runs home to try to rebuild herife but doesn t tell anyone she s even married Let alone tell anyone she s married to Hollywood s most notorious and sexy actorHe s the rising superstar sleeping his way thru Hollywood trying to forget herFate has a way of getting what it wants I A Heart of Stone love HEA s and this is a good one Two Wrongs by Donna Alam4 star reviewReviewed on behalf of 2 girls whoove books blogI did enjoy this book It had a mixture of everything in it for me The characters were funny and there were some incredibly hot scenes but I will admit I found myself reading uickly through some parts just because I wanted to get to the end to see what happened Although I was hooked into the story Taking Instruction (Taboo, line there were some parts where Iost interest slightly but saying that I still really enjoyed reading it and will definitely be Language and Linguistics looking forward to any books in the series I also really want to read the first book One Hot Scot as I haven t read that one yet Iiked how the book was written from both characters POV because if it hadn t have been I would probably have really hated Dylan It did take me a while to warm up to him but by the end of the story I Divertimento loved him Ivy was a great character maybe aittle frustrating at times but she was only doing what she thought was right even if it was so very wrong Although Dylan was an alpha male Ivy sure gave him a run for his money They were very entertaining together Ivy and Dylan were backed up by some great secondary characters especially June She was hilarious I really enjoyed the authors writing style and the descriptive Love Is a Fairy Tale language was great I alsoiked the uniue storyline that this book had I will certainly be reading of her work and as mentioned before I am definitely Promise at Dawn looking forward to reading books in this series Two Wrongs by Donna Alam is the second book of the Trouble by the Numbers series I haven t read the previous book w Two Wrongs made me mad sad cry andaughyeah all the feels It was an outstandingly well written book The storyline was amazing and the chemistry was beyond hot This is the second book in a series and halfway through it I bought the. When Ivy Adams is summoned back to LA by her secret husband it’s for the purpose of revenge not a second chance Estranged as ong as they’ve been married Ivy’s never told anyone she even has a husband et alone he.

First book Yes there s a book one but this is a standalone I don t want to spoil the book for you but read the blurb and see for yourself what it s about I will just say that this book hit home for me I really connected to it and certain situations were hard for me to read because of that connection I know I m not being clear but I really don t want to spoil the book I would highly recommend this book to other readers as I just oved it Donna Alam outdid herself It was YESSSSSSSThis group is trouble and the best kind at that I was swept into their dangerous clutches in book one I couldn t help being put under the spell it s the book clubs fault Or maybe June and Natasha Let s not forget all the hotties and Scottish accents Okay so the book the crew all of it is essentially my kryptoniteHello Did you hear meHot Scotswith accentsAs if that alone is not enough to find you on your kneespraising the Lord filthy girl what were you thinkingThrow in the naughty grandma her filthy granddaughter a healthy appreciation of video boabie or eggplantsThere s no shame in usting after hot movie stars with hidden talents Unless of course he s your best friends secret hubby she never told you about That might explain the panic attack of watching you watch her homemade movies Just a day in the The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery life of good girl Ivy Adams With her prude facade and her no cursing you d never guess she the one begging for itBegging for it to be over The divorce to sever aink that she thought Darkmere long gone Until of course hubby sends her aetterI Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? love the fun and misdeeds these friends get up to Most of all theiroyalty they have each other s back regardless They take care of each other and Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den love unconditionally Iook forward to the next round of trouble I think it will be a doozyReviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood 38 Scottish STARSWe met Ivy in the first book as a 26 year old talented hair stylist that worked her way to even be at Hollywood But after years of Scraps Of The Untainted Sky living in the St HOLY COW If you LOVED One Hot Scott Two Wrongs is even better Well Maybe Maybe NOT Oh Heck they both are JUST AwesomeIvy and Dylan s relationship was explosive from the very beginning However at one point Ivy decides that sheoves Dylan so much and wants his career to be the best So what does she do Make him thing she did something awful The Eric Carle Gift Set leave and file for divorce Can you believe it and he even really believed what he thought he sawNow it s Dylan s turn to hurt Ivy He comes up with a plan to pay her back because he found out his eyes deceived him Can he really do it Does he stillove her so much he can t go through with itIvy returns to LA for the confrontation that Dylan has been waiting for When she gets there what happens is anything but wh. ’s the Scots born movie star Dylan Duffy Yeah that Dylan Duffy The sexy as sin bad boy The man whose rumbling accent has half the world’s panties damp But Ivy isn’t the only one keeping secrets and screwing half

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Donna writes dirty stories according to her family She hopes you find them funny too