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View of RO click here What is Ruby Olivia about Can you summarize it a bitA It s about these kids who go to a mansion because Olivia s sister Emma is shoplifting and steals lipstick and Olivia takes the blame Ruby id a prank at a Raising Gods Girl different school where sheid something with glitter in the hallways so both of them are sent to Camp Chrysalis They are sent to the Live Oak House mansion to clean up and they went to creepy rooms and creepy things kept happening like a kid got bit by the house The reason that it s called the Live Oak House is because the house is built around a live tree The tree actually almost killed Ruby and Olivia because it was kind of possessed by the spirits of Mr Rexhall s The Gulag Handbook dead twin sisters What would you rate this book WhyA 5 stars It s a good book I I enjoyed reading Ruby Olivia It was a fun cute andelightful middle grade read with a spooky edge and an interesting mystery that Ruby Olivia have to try to solve at Live Oak House Live Oak House is rud to be a haunted mansion and that s exactly where Ruby and Olivia end up The Beckoning Lady (Albert Campion doing community serviceuring the summer after each of them gets into trouble only Olivia is completely innocent taking the blame for something her twin sister Emma oes just so Emma can go to a fun summer camp Talk about loyalty Ruby Olivia aren t considered friends in the beginning of the book as Olivia and Emma had a falling out with Ruby previously So there is immediate tension between the girls as they start Camp Chrysalis to catalog creepy items at Live Oak House These girls have to learn to work together and evelop a comradery June Fourth Elegies despite theirifferences Mysterious and spooky things start to go on in the house and this becomes the glue that binds these girls into an otherwise unlikely friendship in order to solve the mystery of Live Oak HouseI liked how Ruby Olivia eventually bonded at Camp Chrysalis and how their relationship strengthened authentically towards the end Each of them also had to resolve issues in their own lives and learn how to Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes deal with people in a way that was authentic to who they really were But growth wasefinitely observed in each of their personalities Spunky brave and outspoken Ruby softens a bit and learns to have some boundaries while Olivia learns to speak up about how she truly feels about things Each of these girls take something important away from Camp Chrysalis So that was a good thing And an added bonus is that they had fun at Camp Chrysalis than they thought they would have Who knew oing community service could turn into funIt was so much fun reading about Ruby Olivia s investigative activities thoughts and paranormal sleuthing when it came to the strange activity going on at Live Oak House I really wanted them to figure out what was behind it all At some points you can t help but laugh at their antics in an enjoyable way And the length these girls go to is incredibly honorable even at the scariest of times at Live Oak House Definitely impressive for young girls It was also refreshing that the story is told in alternating points of view by Ruby Olivia so you really get an in epth look at what each of the girls are thinking and feelingOlivia s twin Emma isn t a central role in this story only mentioned sporadically so I wish Emma was integrated into the story I felt that being a twin myself Olivia would have wanted to talk to Emma while she was away and she would have wanted to tell her all about the creepiness of Live Oak House and maybe ask for her help on what to Der Illusionist do But the authoroes a good job of explaining away why this Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue doesn t happen often even when some attempts to make contact are made but are not followed though But I truly believe Emma being away at camp to create an intentionalistance between the twins was an essential part of the plot It was necessary in order for Olivia to become independent from her sister evelop her own identity and grow as a person I also liked how loyal Olivia was to Emma but I wish the opposite was true as well Too bad the loyalty had to be under these circumstances of being punished uring the summer Hawkins Ask the Past did a good job ofescribing the Riding Class (Saddle Club, dynamics of twin relationships and how they feel I couldefinitely relate especially when I was Olivia and Emma s ageI liked the integration of the history of Live Oak House into the story I love learning about history especially if it pertains to a house that is considered haunted Rachel Hawkins made this history lesson fun and interesting for kids so they will want to be immersed in it Also the initial owner of the house Felix Wrexhall and his son Mr Matthews were well known in the town Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, due to happenings at Live Oak House so this added to therama for the kids in terms of the spook factorThe ending felt a bit rushed and not as thoroughly Different Class developed as I would have liked I wasn t completely satisfied with how the mechanics of the ending happened or the explanation of things and I was left with some uestions at the end But Iid like the final outcome of the story And I liked the overall message of the story Ruby Olivia was full of self Short Stories by Roald Dahl discovery sisterhood friendship second chances and the importance of learning from your mistakes We can all learn something from Ruby and Olivia It was a highly entertaining read and I am sure not only middle grade kids and young adults willevour this book but so will adults who are kids at heart I enthusiastically recommend reading this boo. To stuffed Goldilocks the Three Bears deer heads and wait is that stuffedeer head watching them When the taps run freezing cold and oors slam inexplicably Ruby and Olivia wonder if the other campers are having a bit of fun or if the abandoned mansion is looking for new residents To solve the mystery Ruby and Olivia will have to put their grudges aside and figure out how to be a team with or without Emma.

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Hawkins Rachel Ruby and Olivia Pgs 240 G P Putnam s Sons Penguin Random House 2017 1699 Language G Mature Content G Violence GOlivia and Emma are twins Ruby is Emma s former friend who Olivia is sure has led Emma astray When Olivia takes the fall for Emma s shoplifting stunt she can t believe she is going to be stuck in etention camp all summer with Ruby while her sister gets to spend her summer at the fun camp Olivia never expects to become friends with Ruby but when the Socialist Realism detentionirector puts the kids on clean up I Look Up To... Michelle Obama duty at the old Live Oak mansion that s exactly what happens Oddly Ruby and Olivia seem to be the only ones who canetect the mysterious things going on at the mansion After one boy gets hurt they realize they must work together to solve the mystery even if that means Olivia must commit a crime for realThis is a book about friendship set within the context of a mysteryghost story Ruby and Olivia both think there is little chance of them ever being friends In the beginning they both judge one another and find the other annoying As they spend time together they realize there is a lot to like in the other This can teach kids about looking for the good in people and not pre judging The ghost story aspect will also appeal to kids who like a mystery The ending is a little far fetched similar to the movie Monster House but most kids will like the extreme paranormal ending Chapters alternate narration between Ruby and Olivia It s fun to see the Doctor Extraño developing friendship from both girl s perspectiveEL OPTIONAL Reviewer Valerie McEnroe Media Specialisthttpkissthebookblogspotcom2017 My Rating 3 starsFull Review Here guysThis adorable spooky middle grade book was sent to me for an honest review from Penguin Random House All thoughts and opinions are my own Ruby and Olivia follows two young girls who are sent to a community service camp after getting into trouble The kids are sent to a spooky house to inventory and count the items in preparation for renovation Two of the girls Ruby and Olivia become unlikely friends as supernatural and spooky things begin to happen to the campers They begin to investigate the house in order to figure out what s happening and when they begin to find clues to the answer who knows what will happen I was so excited to receive this book for review I m such a sucker for twin books and the fact that it had a spooky element to it really reeled me in I really enjoyed those aspects as well however Io not think they were incorporated as well as they could have been I feel like the characters could have been a bit ynamic and their relationships could have been realistic The relationships in this book felt like plot evices rather than something that should have been a concrete part of the book The plot could have been fleshed out as well I think that Rachel Hawkins has a really sweet base to an even spookier story However this is an adorable middle grade novel I really Never Tell did enjoy the characters and I really enjoyed the premise of the plot I really enjoyed the spooky bits of this book but I reallyidn t think that they were fleshed out enough to actually be spooky There just wasn t enough happening for it to be legitimately spooky Granted it s a middle grade book but I know plenty of kids in the age group that would like to get scared pantsless I really Feminism is for Everybody didn t think that the sister relationship between Emma and Olivia was resolved either I just felt like it was resolved too uickly and too efficiently There wasn t nearly enough said to resolve their issues I alsoon t like how the Deterring Democracy drama between Olivia and Ruby was resolved It was too convenient and too uick I just felt like the characters were twoimensional and static I wish there had been Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, development I really loved how Ruby and Olivia s friendshipeveloped I think that their friendship is really interesting and as they grow closer they ll become really good for each other I love how Ruby helped Olivia grow as a sister and I love how Olivia helped Ruby communicate and express herself This book perfectly showed what it s like to be in the awkward middle school age These girls were super cute I Hunters Heart d love to read about them For what this book is and for the age group that it is marketed for I think this is a cute book I think that it is thoroughly entertaining I would have loved to read this ten years ago This would have been one of my favorite books I m sure As a twenty year old it just wasn t all for me My sister Bailey will love this book though I can t wait to show her it She loves Liesel and Po by Lauren Oliver and this gives me some spooky vibes so she willefinitely love this one E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineRuby has to attend Camp Chrysalis because she got in trouble for spreading glitter around her school Olivia has to go because she took the fall for her identical twin Emma who stole a lipstick and got caught To make things even worse Emma gets to go to a summer gap she s been eager to attend Olivia and Ruby have always vaguely irritated each other and the camp members have to wear bright pink shirts that identify them all over their small town of Chester s Gap as bad kids Olivia is very uiet and just wants to make it through the summer but Ruby has nothing to lose since Emma stopped talking to her and her grandmother passed away she has no friends and acts flamboyantly all the time When the campers have to go to clean and catalog Live Oak Hous. A spooky middle grade story that's full of fun friendship and humor perfect for fans of Ingrid Law and Lisa GraffRuby is best friends with Emma but she and Emma's twin sister Olivia are Menneskefluene (K2 definitely not friends Unfortunately Emma will be away for the summer while Ruby and Olivia are going to be stuck at a community serviceay camp for troublemakers together To kick off the spirit.

E a rundown house that has been Nazi Gold donated to the city Ruby and Olivia seem to be the only ones who hear the creepy music box or are concerned that the place is haunted Theyo their research investigate the house and with a cryptic note left in Ruby s grandmother s belongings figure out the century old mystery of why the house is haunted Strengths The strongest part of this was the relationships Middle grade is full of Mr Majeika and the School Inspector drama and this encapsulated sisterrama friend Selected Poems drama and a tiny bit of boyrama very nicely Ruby was a fun character while Olivia is like most middle school students The ghost story was fairly ecent as well Weaknesses The pacing on this was problematic for me I wasn t sure that it was a ghost story for the first hundred pages the next hundred pages the girls slowly unraveled the mystery and it wasn t until the last fifty pages that all of the scary ghost things happened What I really think Do I put creepy olls in strengths or weaknesses Just Doctor Strange, Vol. 2 depends where you stand Creepyolls on t o as well in my library as I think they should but this author s books usually The Train Robbers do well Love the cover but Secrets of Goldenrod which is somewhat similar hasn t checked out much Putting on that end of year if I have money list This MG book is an eclectic mix it is a coming of age story and a ghost storyOlivia is the fall guy for her twin sister Em and her punishment for her wrongdoing is a summeray camp for miscreants where she meets her old adversary Ruby who is surprised to find her there After all Ruby is the feisty bad girl troublemaker and Liv is the good girlThrough their unexpected adventures at the camp and in particular at a creepy mansion Ruby and Olivia who o not get on at first grow to like each other and become best of friends This is a big surprise since until the cooling of their friendship Ruby had been friendly with Olivia s sister Emma The outsider Olivia is no longer the outsider and finds her own voice and identityThe themes of the story are carefully interwoven loyalty values belonging and friendship on one side and adolescent angst exclusion and conflict on the other Hawkins shows that by being our authentic selves we grow to respect and embrace ifferences in others True friends overcome Naked Risk (Shatterproof disagreements which in the long run strengthens bonds between them Hawkins also shows that we have to put the past to rest in order to move forward in our lives and her handling of the taboo theme of bereavement in the book is compelling I particularly enjoyed theepiction of Ruby for whom we feel compassion towards the end of the book The story is set in small town America and Live Oaks the mansion in the story is a character in the book and a metaphor for writing unheard histories Hawkins takes issue with labeling people as good or bad and the story makes us uestion authority figures and the remedies society takes with young people whose lives are troubled At the same time it shows that characters are transformed and grow through working together with shared experiences with the choices and Raking The Ashes decisions they make revealing their true identities Hawkins admirably challenges gender stereotypes with two young women facing up to their fears and emerging as stronger peopleMy only criticism of the book is that the first few chapters lacked pace and I would have liked to have seen foreshadowing of the creepy mansion experiences earlier on in the story Ruby and Olivia is a book about two girls an unlikely friendship and a house that is haunted per sayI personally really liked the book as it was written in the two girls perspectives every chapter and that made it interesting to read It would go from Olivias perspective on a situation to Rubys thoughts afterduring the situationThe ending was the best part in my opinion because Iidn t expect the twins to be behind all of the haunting The concept of the tree being the mastermind behind all of the creepy bone chilling noisesthings was a very smart idea W It was an entertaining story Just not really what I was in the mood for at the time But I Ellie (Ellie, didn t mind it I think my son would like it and he just turned 11 It was a little late elementary then I was expecting This was so cute and so fun I loved Ruby and Olivia Ruby reminded me a lot of Rachel Hawkins honestly It was just creepy enough to keep me thoroughly invested without being TOO creepy for me to handle I had a hard time putting itown and read it all in one Dear Office-Politics day It was just what I needed I read Hex Hall years ago and remember liking it and I m not sure why I haven t picked up another Rachel Hawkins book I am SO glad I read this one First Hawkins nails how kids speak I swear it sounded like my teenager was narrating this in my head Second the story is cool and moves along at a good clip This was FUN It was a good read and just perfect for kids who want a little something extra in their fiction My Rating 5 starsReview on my sister s blog reviewHey guysToday Bailey and I are bringing you an amazing A review for Rachel Hawkin s Ruby and Olivia Back in late October I recieved an ARC for Ruby and Olivia and I reviewed it It wasn t one of my absolute favorite middle grade novels and Bee wanted to read it so I just gave her the ARC In the past few weeks Bailey has read and reread this bookshe loves itso we had to review it I hope you love this review We worked really hard to make this great and I m so proud of how far she s come EnjoyMy Re. Of service the campers are outfitted with bright pink polkaotted t shirts with smiley faces on the front then tasked with cataloging the contents of an abandoned mansion Sorting through objects in an old house sounds boring and working with each other is that last thing the girls want to o but the stuff is actually pretty cool There's everything from mink stoles to golf clubs.