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R s block and indulging in personal fantasies As well as ow the film in essence is an exercise in style where substance is secondary He also discusses Fellini s relationships with the church women marriage and other obsessions It s another worthy addition to the BFI series Miller s thesis that 8 12 Devils Gate has no significant message in it s core seems like a reasonable one to argue However this essay is so rambling and disjointed that Iad difficulty understanding both the structure and the validity of The Old Myers Place (Halloween, his argument Not to mention that inappropriate analogies and word choice eg Miller goes on at length of the role of the ass in the film make this a fairly unpleasant read Disappointin. R “ Iave nothing to say but I want to say it anyway”  8 12’s deepest commitment is not to this man who is never uite ‘all there’ or to Witcheskin his message which is lacking entirely but to its own flamboyant manner  The enduring timeliness of  8 12 lies Miller suggests in its aggressive shirking of the shame that falls on the man – and the artist – who failsis appointed social responsibilitie.

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Miller s essays are all filler flitting from one idea to another and not bothering to cohere to any logical argument This book was interesting at the beginning and Jack Glass highly frustrating by the end To beonest I felt somewhat condescended to as if the reader should blindlingly accept whatever ad oc observations the critic makes about the film There are pages and pages on the uote I ave nothing to say but I will say it anyway which Miller treats as a black Me Write Book hole swallowing up allis knee jerk theories Many of which are contradictory I read this immediately after watching the movie for the first time to Cosmological Enigmas help understand the subtle aspects of 812 A lot of what s inere is At Hells Gate helpful. Federico Fellini’s masterpiece 8 12 Otto e mezzo shocked audiences around the world when it was released in 1963 by its sheer auteurist gall Theero a film director named Guido Anselmi seemed to be Fellini’s mirror image and the story to reflect the making of 8 12 itself  Whether attacked for self indulgence or extolled for self consciousness 8 12 became the paradigm of personal filmmaking and nume.

And insightful but the overly academic style is grating and frankly some of the points made are a bit far fetched and smack of a college English essay making grandiose leaps and speculations I Never Goodbye (Albany Boys, have come to appreciate the films of Frederico Fellini very much and 8 12 is considered one ofis masterworks In this volume DA Miller takes a closer look at one of the auteur s signature films in BFI 8 12 2008 The book is divided in to three sections 1 From No One to Someone 2 From Auteur to Person 3 From Substance to Style Throughout the book Miller analyzes the film with great detail and makes some interesting points for example e addresses the narcissism of a director aving write. Rous directors including Martin Scorsese Woody Allen and Bruce LaBruce paid Hunted by Herne (Otherkind Kink: Horned Gods, homage to it in their own workNow that 8 12’s conceit is less shocking DA Miller argues we can see clearlyow tentative even timid Fellini’s ground breaking incarnation always was  Guido is a perfect blank or is trying Lady Lorena’s Spinster’s Society his best to seem one  Byis own admission On the First Night of Christmas he doesn’t evenave an artistic or social statement to offe.