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H their life is perfect tragedy suddenly strikes and Catherine is left shattered and torn at the loss of her love One night when caught in a nightmare and when it seems that she can t take it any a man a stranger by the name of Lord Titus Braithwaite appears and he is a Lord in every aspect of the word I was literally torn between Cameron who was such a perfect man and now here comes Titus who is kind rugged and intense and makes you fall in love all over again Their attraction holds you on the edge of the page wanting But although their sexual magnetism is arduous Catherine still misses Cameron and is haunted by him in her reams and Titus isn t prepared for these newfound torrid feelings he has for the pretty widow Isn t that always the case but love never asks for permission I have to say this is a must read full of passion and heart I couldn t put it own and fell in love with the characters the setting and of course the romance I have a new favorite author with Ms Ephraime Catherine is a lonely grief stricken woman who grew up a poor orphan in the early twentieth century When she meets wealthy Cameron she falls in love They have a fairy tale marriage of love and happiness until tragedy strikes Bereft Catherine vows her heart to Cameron for life Everything changes when she meets Titus at a party two years later She wants to remain true to Cameron s memory but finds herself rawn to Titus He s Citizen Cain determined not to fall in love but love might have other plans This is a hot and steamy historical romance with some paranormal elements I thought the ending worked really well but I won t spoil it This is the second Ju Ephraim book I ve chosen to read Ju Ephraimoes it again Her first book was an absolute sensation and I Will Follow To Eternit I Will Follow to Eternity and Beyond is a historical romance with a paranormal twist Reader be warned There are adult scenes and these scenes spare no reader s sensibilities In fact the three main characters Catherine Cameron and Titus are connected to each other largely by pure unadulterated lust The novel sports a not so subtle irony of the ever so proper British aristocracy circa 1915 falling into unashamed Trail of Secrets debauchery behind closedoorsThis novel is easy to read and How to Train a Cowboy draws the reader in for some readers partly in anticipation of adult rated scenes The story occursuring World War I but little mention if any is made of the war which may show how etached our noble characters are in a world that must have to others seemed to be rapidly falling apart The automobile is just beginning to replace horse and carriage and some of the progressive homes have installed running water for their bathtubs a popular spot for the characters in this novelThere were times when the plot seemed a little too convenient such as the second fateful encounter between Catherine and Cameron in a cave but the author skillfully hooks the reader so heshe continues along to see how this pair of unlikely lovers will end up There were a few unexpected twists and turns The book starts at the mid point of the story backtracks to cover the lead up to the tragic event I won t spoil the plot then continues on to a satisfying finish Third person point of view switches between that of the three main characters although in the end this is Catherine s story Dialogue is plentiful as is rich escription The author through emotionally saturated narrative is able to bring the reader into the private inner worlds of the characters so that heshe feels what they feel In the end our rags to riches heroine ends up with than she could ever have imagined the raging blind love of the two men she loves simultaneously It can t get any better than that for Catherine I would not recommend this romance to those who like to stay on the sweet end of the spectrum but for those who enjoy a higher class hot and steamy read within a historical setting this may be perfect for you I am giving it five stars because for this genre I think I Will Follow to Eternity and Beyond is likely one of the sophisticated offering. Ome of his brother in law’s istant cousin He isn’t looking for a relationship; neither is he searching for love Yet they both find him with no advanced warning Titus is not one to succumb without a fight and boy oes he fight but it seems the harder he fights the the force pushing him into Catherine’s waiting arms fights ba.

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Super bookThis is a really romantic historical novel I loved that the era was set when cars were just becoming popular Felt as though the author had worked hard researching the history I also enjoyed the way the book was written in two separate parts Gave it some great atmoshpere and a good feel I loved the twist in the second part too Really brought the book to life The story starts with Catherine rushing to the hospital on a horse She s received word that her husband has been in a car accident From there it moves onto how they metCatherine Montgomery has been raised in an orphanage and is being kept far longer than the other girls She Watch for Me by Moonlight (The Midnight Twins, doesn t really uestion it thinking that the reason is because she s a big part of the apothecary and Mother Agnes is becoming forgetfulCameron Wellesley is the Maruis of Chatterwoods His property that borders albeitistantly the orphanage He is out The Mommy Makeover driving his car still a new invention at the time of the setting of the story when Catherine carelessly steps out in front of him and is hit and knocked unconsciousHe takes her to his home not knowing who she is or from where she come He knew she was hurt and if she stayed in his house without a chaperone it would The Convicts Bounty Bride (Convict Wives damage her reputation He races to his mother s and asks her to help him out She agrees By the time he gets back Catherine is goneHe spends the next few months looking for her She is so elusive that he began to think he imagined the whole thing He finds her at the most unexpected timeAt this point I found the story to be lacking A River of Royal Blood (Untitled, depth I would have loved to see how their lives were after they were married Howid Catherine fit into society after being raised in seclusion by nuns What First Blood did theyo for entertainment other than the obvious How were they connected outside of the bedroom None of these uestions were answered They married and then BAM It s two years later The second part of the book is actually sad I can t say much without throwing in a spoiler Suffice it to say I The Palliser Novels don t think it s cute or acceptable to call your lover by another persons name There is a paranormal flare to it that keeps the story interesting but I found it to beemeaning to Titus You ll have to read it to find out exactly what I meanThis would have been a great story had I been Men And Gods In Mongolia drawn into it The idea of it is uite good I just wish there had been substanceI received this book at no charge in return for an honest reviewReviewed for JGBS Review Library I really enjoyed this novel Catherine is a young girl who grew up in an orphanage a lonely child whooesn t really fit in and except for Suzan has no friends Catherine finds solace in the surrounding woods and one Hunter Killer (Pike Logan day while chasing a rabbit she runs smack bang into a carriven by Lord Cameron Wellesley Maruis of Chatterwoods and is knocked unconscious Thus they meet not a particularly auspicious meeting but one which changes both of their lives forever They fall in love marry and it seems as though Catherine finally has the HEA she has longed for In a split second everything changes Catherine is left Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, devastated her heart broken and her happiness crushed For two years she lives a half life until at a party and once again in extraordinary circumstances she meets Titus aistant relative of Cameron Titus who absolutely no The Friend Zone desire to fall in love or marry is inexplicablyrawn to this fragile beauty and their attraction is undeniable Despite her head telling h Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers Favorite I Will Follow To Eternity And Beyond is an historical romance written by Ju Ephraime Growing up in an orphanage run by the nuns was a lonely experience for Catherine She Flying Scotsman Manual didn t seem to have anything in common with the other children living there and the nuns were preoccupied with theirevotions and caring for the children One thing that bothered her the most was the fact that on holidays when all the other orphans had relatives to visit she was always the one to stay at the home She wondered who her parents were and what happened to them She also wondered why they Alpha (Shifters, didn t keep. Catherine is living aream life rescued from an orphanage and married to her best friend Life couldn’t get any better She is the envy of everyone in the little town where she lives But it turns into a nightmare the ay she is given the news that will change her life forever Her fairy tale life becomes a living hell on earth For.

Her Catherine had plenty of work at the home to keep her busy from sunup to sundown but what she enjoyed most was preparing herbal concoctions and remedies under the tutelage of Mother Agnes When she could Catherine would escape the confines of the home and walk for hours She loved animals and they seemed to respond in kind to her as she made her way through woods and fields One ay as she was trying to catch a particular little rabbit she hope to make into a pet she veered into the Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex dirt path just as a car was roaring past Theriver swerved to miss her but the bumper still clipped her throwing her into the woods She woke to find a man looking Graphic Design For Everyone down at her and then felt him carrying her to his car As she attempted to focus her gaze she was struck by the intensity of his blue eyes and the way his hair was tangled and wavy He was the most amazing creature she had ever seen Ju Ephraime s historical romance I Will Follow To Eternity And Beyond is a heady and sensual romance about a love that transcends time and place Catherine and Cameron are marvelous characters She s the guiding star that he s inescapablyrawn to and he s the knight in shining armor who snatches her from the clutches of an unscrupulous nun who means her nothing but harm This novel is set in the pre WWI years and the author Considering Kate (The Stanislaskis, does a beautiful job of setting the scene especially in the care she takes with theescriptions of the landed gentility and the growing inroads the automobile makes into the British countryside While there are a number of scenes involving love making and sensuality they are well written and appropriate for an adult audience The paranormal aspect of this novel is also enticing and adds a touch of mystery to the plot I Will Follow To Eternity And Beyond is most highly recommended This is a elightful classic romance with a slight twist that makes it even better With this book you get two beautiful love stories each with a satisfying ending The setting is early twentieth century Britain a world of servants and etiuette where horses and carriages commingle with automobiles Here we meet the strong noble Cameron and the free spirited wide eyed Catherine Later we re introduced to the handsome formidable TitusSo there are hot men and a sweet heroine to root for in a well constructed historical world Perfect With steamy sex scenes More perfect I really liked that the men were strong and sexy without being pigs I also loved that the story is ultimately about finding joy after griefIt s a perfect story for snuggling up with on the sofa with tea or while basking poolside with a margarita I really enjoyed reading this historical romance The story kept my interest all the way to the end The author has a uniue voice sentences are straight forward sometimes terse This is a tale without a lot of flowery escriptions that still manages to convey a spooky Gothic atmosphere Catherine is a likable heroine who captures the heart of a charming unconventional man who provides her with a fairy tale marriage until tragedy strikes Catherine becomes a reclusive shadow of her former vivacious self Two years later Catherine is given another unexpected chance at happiness when she and Titus are skillfully nudged together by fate and a spirit intent on securing Catherine s bliss I would have liked the paranormal elements of this story to have been Art of Laurel and Hardy developed woven throughout the second part of the book fully but even so I found the book refreshinglyifferent thought provoking and fun to read This is a sensual read where the intimate scenes are tastefully writtenReviewed by Laurie J It s been a while since I enjoyed a historical romance this much It s my first book from Ju Ephraime and I m hooked Set in the early 1900s we follow a young Catherine as she falls in love with Cameron Wellesley the Maruis of Chatterwoods He is her knight in shining armor and it s so hard not to fall in love with him As soon as he sets eyes on her he wants her for his own and asks for her hand in marriage Against all odds and stature they marry and althoug. Two years she exists barely acknowledging one Hers To Cherish (Verdantia, day from the next Suddenly without any warning a stranger walks into her life and found her in bed wearing nothing but hereceased husband shirt And suddenly everything is about to change Is Catherine ready for the change or is she still only living to ieTitus is only visiting the

is the debut author of State of Ecstasy Her latest novel One Hell Of A Ride is published by ENVISION Business Computer School August 2nd 2017 Her books are available at Barnes Noble ENVISION Books A Million IndieBound and many other retailers Ju's books have received great reviews from many different sources including Midwest Book Review and Readers favorite Several of her titles have made the bestseller list on the most recent being Golden Heat and The Elusive Highlander The Elusive Highlander maintained that status for several weeksJu earned her graduate degree from Northeastern University She has a varied background but for the past 13 years has settled in the area of higher education You can find her on Facebook Twitter LinkedIn and Goodreads Ju lives with her family in ConnecticutTo sign up for her newsletter to receive ARCs gifts gift cards and Swags