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Raphael s coterie Venom probably held the least interest for meThat s not to say he held no interest this is Singh we e talking about just that of all the intriguing men up for grabs Venom might ve wound up my last pickYou Y no Venom loveMe Umm bc probably a parselmouth You Pfft LiesMe Also he s POISONOUSAnd let s be ealistic just bc I m a proud card carrying member of House Slytherin doesn t mean snakey Voldemort is my dream man And try I as I might the only other mansnake amalgam I could come up with was Jafar which isn t any better and is also a Bad GuyBc snakes are ALWAYS the Bad Guyflinches bc hears Nalini Singh laughing from undisclosed locationSo that s the f Review Vanilla Spice Books 5 STARS When I started this series I was seriously impressed with all the so obviously different personalities Nalini Singh euipped her characters with No one was just an accessory they all had a purpose and they all displayed distinguishing features After Illium I was the most intrigued by Venom the sangfroid snarky member of Raphael s Seven Needless to say I was over the moon when I saw his book popping up and although it wasn t a surprise who the author paired him up with I was happy it was HollyHeads up ight away if you expect a mushy omance this is not what you get This installment is very story driven and while there is great chemistry between Venom and Holly the omance aspect comes pretty late in the story It didn t bother me though it was a natural development for them The snarky banter and uips from the beginning turned gradually into a good natured ibbing Individually Venom and Holly couldn t be different at least at a distant glance He has a coolness about him that keeps people at arm s length The only eal connection and friendship he h 444 A buddy ead with my GR family the Wednesday UF group BBBDo you guys emember when the Archangel Uram went completely nuts in one of the first books and the only person we met who had survived his blood and destruction ampage was the small Chinese American woman Holly Chang I emember her vividly because later on she chose to call herself Sorrow and the damage and devastation that was done to her psyche was horrendous I emember her feeling the grief for her friends who did not make it through the ordeal I emember her trying to kill herself ather than turning into this new type of vamperic thing made not the usual way and completely against her will And I emember the small bits and pieces we have been getting of her development through the existence of the series and her affinity to Venom the 500 years old vampire with the eyes of a Viper Eyes slitted like a viper s met hers the color a bright astonishing green I see you missed me 3 StarsI m going to keep this brief and vague so as to avoid any spoilersIn short I had eally high hopes for Venom and Holly We met both of these characters very early on in the series and I just knew both of their individual books would be epic Needless to say you can imagine my excitement when I saw that they were actually going to be a couple in this one WellI don t know if it s a esult of too high expectations or ahem the fact that a lot of the story felt like an AlienBody Snatchers horror hybrid mysterybut something was just lacking a bit here for me And I think that missing piece was the ROMANCE There was a lot of fun banter and interaction between Venom and Holly but there was very little omance and I don t just mean sex here I mean just a general sense of omantic connection sexual tension just plain INTEREST in each other for a vast majority of the book And when it did finally happen it felt too late and sudden in the story for me sadly Regardless I enjoyed this book well enough as far as the overarching plot in elation to Uram and Holly and I think fans of the series will enjoy it alsoso long as they don t expect too much in the love connection department XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXWantSoBadly Despite the heinous cover even 35 4 stars Review now posted 161017If there s one thing I love it s the hate to love trope There s something about the animosity and snarkiness mixed with chemistry that just does it for me You wait at the edge of your seat for the moment when the figurative bites become literal and their world ignites Especially when it s done ight And Nalini Singh definitely gets it ight here That said I did feel like there was something missing I think NS shot herself in the foot a bit by making Raphael and Elena so frigging fantastic that all the others pale in comparison Venom and Holly miss that indefinable something that transcends in Raphael and Elenas elationship And I ll add to that by saying I m not a big fan of coitus interruptus especially when it turns out to be hotter than coitus completus Being the pervert that I am I wanted a bit sexy times with these two and maybe a tad descriptive ones wouldn t have hurt either To be honest this book created uestions than it answered for me I find that frustrating because after 10 books I still have or less the same set of uestions view spoilerWe still don t know why Urams acid green taint is so similar to Venoms or why their poisons cancel each other out Or if Michaela is completely id of the taint now that she sort of expelled it from her body We also still don t know about Lijuan Aodhan Hummingbird those aven tattooed dudes from the first book that we never saw again Nivriti v Neha situation and the cryptic Legion answers If I missed anything pl. D allies who make her a wanted woman it’s the unknown power coursing through her veins Brutalized by an insane archangel she was left with the bloodlust of a vampire the ability to mesmerize her prey and a poisonous bite Now someone has put a bounty on her head Venom is one of the Seven Archangel Raphael?.

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If anyone says kitty kitties or kitten to me within the next 24 hours I may just go into a homicidal age Venom calls Holly Kitty 89 times in this book 89So my husband calls me baby or babe ight But he doesn t address me as such every single time he talks to me It isn t normal As a matter of fact it is so abnormal that I would think he either had a stroke developed Tourettes Syndrome or was trying to start a fight with meHolly even asks Venom multiple times NOT to call her that So it is a major form of passive aggressive behavior on his part And hey I can even allow it for a little bit at first when they are verbally sparring a bit BUT he never stops Even after they are all in lurv he calls her kitty excessively even though she hates it I am just not understanding this at allBecause of this and the fact that I hate snakes and the fact that if Venom looks anything like the book cover I am NOT attracted to I didn t like Venom enough to like this book much Seriously is there a woman out there that finds snake like features attractive and sexyKILL IT Kill it nowEww I feel a full body shudder coming on from simply finding that memeThe only good part of this book was that we had some Illium No Aodhan though sigh But at least Illium is brooding over AodhanI am willing to forgive Nalini Singh if she gives me the BluebellSparkle ship that I am desperate for 2032017Look at this awful cover It s ugly But I still can t wait for Viper and Sorrow s storyVenom s book is coming and I couldn t be happier unless it was the Aodhan Ilium one that NS just needs to write I only hope though that the heroine is Sorrow otherwise I won t be a happy camper Read with my UF buds at Buddies Books and BubblesNalini Singh has done the almost impossible and made a snakesy creature sexy I m not sure how she was able to pull it off but she totally didIf you google sexy snakes or sexy snake creatures do you know what you get A bunch of naked or nearly naked women posing with snakes OR big breasted women with snake tails There isn t a dude in sight unless he has a tattoo of a snake on him somewhere You also get that creepy American Horror Story Coven image So snakesy creatures not super sexy but she did it with Venom and Holly who isn t eally a snake but definitely has some weird stuff going onHolly who used to go by Sorrow after she was abducted in book one and made into something other when the Angel Urim fed her his blood has overcome part of that in the background during the last nine books and is now Holly again I eally wish we would have got a little of that eclamation of her life on page but at least she is in a pretty good place mentally She isn t perfect she went through hell and her body has a lot of changes to accept but I love that her family didn t abandon her Her mother is a trip You ve made up with your family Holly nodded My mother lays a guilt trip on me every so often though She folded her arms and imitated Daphne Chang s scowl Do you know how we felt Do you Holly We aised you to know you were loved that you could come to us with anything And what do you do the first time you have a small problem but turn your back on your family For shame Venom s shoulders shook A small problem Oh shut up But she was laughing too That s how she always puts it As if waking up needing to drink blood to survive is the same as being fired from a job or having a car battery die Laughter turned into a smile She s going to be mad at me forever but she ll love me while she s mad at me Venom has always been a bit of an enigma but he and Nassir are the same in that they are completely uniue and so I was a little excited to get to know about how Venom became the only snakelike vampire Let s just say that some Angels are like demons in their crueltyHolly and Vemon together is a fun experience because of all the banter They ve been opposing forces for so long and she is so uick with a jibe here and jab there that you know when the feisty banter turns to passion it is going to be hot Viperface is just as uick with a uip and teasing words to get under her skin It is a pretty fun game overall You play mean Hollyberry Like poison Coming from anyone else the latter words would ve been an ugly insult From Venom Did you just compliment me she asked her mouth falling open Take it back She couldn t deal with Venom being nice to her in any way shape or form Of course he said your poison is nowhere near as venomous as mine This was a fun addition to the Guild hunter series I won t go into much detail on the plot as it was basically about Holly dealing with what Urim left inside her There wasn t much movement on the overall cascade plot arc but at least we find out about Mikala and the supposed pregnancy The other area of a lot of interest for me was Vivek s situation since becoming a vampire We don t get a lot of info but at least we get to see how he is doing since the change There is also a little bit of Bluebell in here for all of you who are also longing for his book but not much Sparckles gets a mention or two as well I know there are a lot of people out there shipping those twoI m not eally one of them but I love the bromance between them I d eally love to see Illium fall in love with a human again But we will see how it all plays outAnd another Guild Hunter book was over all too uickly I can t wait to see what happens in the next NOW AVAILABLEReviewed by Rabid ReadsV E N O M I don t know about you guys but of all the mysterious mystery men in. Enter New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh’s breathtakingly passionate Guild Hunter world with the story of a woman who isn’t a vampire or an angelor human Once a broken girl known as Sorrow Holly Chang now prowls the shadowy gray underground of the city for the angels But it’s not her winge.

Ease let me know hide spoiler This book was EVERYTHING and so much Venom has always been a favorite of mine From the very beginning his elationship with Elena has been a source for hilarity and fascination He was something DIFFERENT Dangerous uniue intriguing and so very mysteriousAnd finally he got his own book and OMG he got Holly tooHolly I had so many uestions about Holly She was fascinating and intriguing and her entire existence was as uniue and mysterious as Venom s And even though both characters had been with this series since the very first book they had me curious than any other of the supporting cast But especially Holly Uram had changed her undeniably uneuivocally irreversiblyBut just how much he changed her had been unansweredUntil nowWe finally get answers Maybe than we ve prepared forFor me this book was addictive From beginning to end Archangel s Viper captivated me and didn t let go until I eached THE END The authors trademark writing style and whip smart dialogues entranced and pulled me in Her storytelling is in a class of its own The way she waved past and present was uniuely Nalini Singh Storylines that happened eons ago were picked up again uestions were answered knots unraveled nothing was left untendedNalini Singh is hands down one of the most skilled authors I ve ever had the pleasure of eading I went blind into Archangel s Viper all I knew was that Venom and Holly would be the main couple and that s pretty much all I cared aboutAnd now after finishing this book I don t think there is a perfect couple in this entire series except of Elena and Raphael of courseThe mysterious Venom distanced by his uniue looks coldish and abrasive at times absolutely devoted and loyal to Raphael and his Seven but otherwise alone finally found his match in Holly Holly a former Uram victim changed in such a way that no one eally knew what she was or would still become After years of struggles she finally fought her way out of an abyss that tried to swallow her whole Now while finding out what was going on inside of her she had a choice of trusting the man beside her or loosing the life she finally started claiming as her ownThe BIG unknown was as fascinating as thrilling in this book Not having an inclination what was going on with Holly kept me turning pages at warp speed The twists and turns came hurdling at me all I could do was hold on and enjoy the ideAnd that s what I did wholeheartedlyThis was hands down one of my favorite books about Raphael s SEVEN Maybe because it was not only about Venom but Holly too Two characters I ve come to love and admire I adored how the author kept their elationship progressing naturally and gradually In the past Venom and Holly aggravated each other to no end they were teacher and student at times and espected each other because of their uniueness Neither fit the mold of vampireHolly and Venom s story was not about instantaneity Their love story started slow and grew into a crescendo that was pure and overwhelmingly specialWhen Holly and Venom started working together they ealized that they could be themselves with each other allowing the otherness that usually was hidden away out and play They found in each other an antidote to their venomous bite Someone that understood their espective uniueness and accepted them for who and what they wereI especially adored Holly s journey It was heart achingly beautiful She changed from a snarky and closed off victim to a self assured and affectionate woman that was looking forward to the future I loved her character so muchHolly and Venom s love story was as beautiful as it was estrained and pure It was PERFECT in every possible way I personally think that the author outdid herself with this novel This couples was PERFECTIONFind eviews and book ecommendations on my blogFind me on Bookstagram Exhilarating Thrilling Relentless Archangel s Viper is book ten in the Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh It s a non stop action packed adventure full of hurtles twists and a little omance Before we get started you do want to ead this series in order We meet Holly and Venom at the beginning of the series and are treated to little teasers of them throughout but we don t dive into who they are or what they have become until now Venom was his sexy self We learn so much about his past what makes him who he is his uniue attributes and Holly is fierce strong and a survivor She didn t ask for the horrors that happened to her but even with the uff go of things she turns herself around and thrives I enjoyed Holly and Venom together and I elished the banter between them It was lots of fun As for the omance it was nice but I would have liked them to have had time together It wasn t until close to the end when the omanceget together happens and so it felt sudden and a little ushed to meBesides Holly and Venom there was a lot going on in the story These two had many challenges and hurtles to face which where invigorating and had my heart pumping I was on the edge of my sit and couldn t put the story down I was also not expecting to uncover what I ead And then add in the twists which where unmatched It was a delightful treat to be surprised and so captivated I m excited and a bit worried for everyone in this world What will happen nextRated 45 StarsDisclaimer I eceived a complimentary copy provided by Berkley Publishing Group via NetGalley with the sole purpose of an honest eview All thoughts comments and atings are my own. ??s private guard and he’s as infuriating as he is seductive A centuries old vampire his fangs dispense a poison deadlier than Holly’s But even if Venom can protect Holly from those hunting her he might not be able to save himself because the strange violent power inside Holly is awakening No one is saf.

I've been writing as long as I can remember and all of my stories always held a thread of romance even when I was writing about a prince who could shoot lasers out of his eyes I love creating uniue characters love giving them happy endings and I even love the voices in my head There's no other job I would rather be doing In September 2002 when I got the call that Silhouette Desire wanted t