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Another wonderful addition to one of my favourite series Content warnings include sex on page violence and death misgendering and deadnaming effects of colonialism execution through stakingexposure to sun kidnapping misogyny mentions of patricide The Mercenaries of the Stolen Moon fourth book in the Tales of the High Court series gives much deserved oved to some well established characters from previous books Jac Myra and Charlaine As a secretary and two bodyguards for varying reasons they seem so entirely different and ike there s barely any connection but they fit wonderfully I oved all three of them and especially Jac was a delight to read about The book is casually diverse with many characters including the protagonists being PoC Myra is trans and Charlaine is exp I was so excited that we were finally getting Myra s backstory and I wanted to The Insider love this so badly and while some parts I definitely did it just seemed to drag on for the most part However I their relationship may be one of my favorites from the series I feltike they really had enough time for it to naturally progress unlike some of the others This had been a Football Dynamo long awaiting seuel for me Since this is the book about Myra the head secretary of Sarrica I doike it overall But the middle arc was slow I am not sure if it was meant to reflect the characters Rating 3 starsThis book was extremely hard for me to finish There was just so much detail I think the book would have been better if it had been shorter I found all the political stuff a bit boring I did Payback (The Secret Life of Samantha McGregor, like the relationship between the MCs The fact that all three didn t get together until about 70% in didn t bother me I think it was because they all knew each other for aong time prior to the events in this story It would have bothered me had they just met Overall I was somewhat disappointed in this story It was okay but way too Band of Soldiers long and a bit boring I do find myselfooking forward to the next one in the series I can t uite figure out how the author is going to redeem Chass but am The Jewels of Manhattan looking forward to finding out An alright read view spoilerjust aittle too heavy handed on the romance at the wrong or highly inappropriate times when all of the characters are in deadly peril for instance Each time it happened that fourth star eroded until it crumbled away to dust If Derr could have kept all the schmaltz to the parts where it actually made sense I probably could have saved the ware and tear on my eye sockets I missed most of the Nation as Mother last chapter I really didn t want to read about Jac s strapon hide spoiler Well One star I wasooking forward to this one because I The Tryst Betrayed like the High Court and the bickering between the MC s Insults and sarcasm are my kind of humor And that didn t occur. For twenty years Myra has served the High King so familiar respected and envied the rest of the palace calls him the High Secretary For twenty years he has kept his secrets buried and after soong he dares to believe he has eft his past behind But during the Festival of Harmony tragedy strikes and Myra's past is.

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D Charlaine and Myra have interesting backstories than Jac although that doesn t mean she s ess interesting I think she s still one of those characters who are always in the forefront even when she was a side character Charlaine was of a background shadow but MyraMyra really piued my interest here I wouldn t say he carried the story but his history was so fascinating and so different from his current role as High Secretary although don t call him that he doesn t Amrita Sher-Gil like it PIt felt focussed on Charlaine and Jac only because it was up to them to move the story along We did check back with Myra uite often but I felt he had a bitess screen time than the other two I would have Flashback My Life And Times In Bollywood And Beyond loved to have of Shemal and Kamir in here even Jader but alas those characters wereargely missedI ve seen some reviews that have noted that the pacing was rather slow For me I rather City Improbable liked it because each slow step along the way weearned about each character Perhaps it s because I The Big Bookshelf love seeing character progression and peelingayers off one at a time Sure it did not have as strong a story as the first book but I don t know I am oddly satisfiedI m now very very intrigued about Chass story though Can t wait I No Future for You liked it but I didn tove it SOS Schlank ohne Sport - like the other books in this series For me there was too much inner dialogue and tooittle actual communication between the MC s The tone of the story felt slightly off to me I can t really explain it The middle part of the story dragged on and on I also missed the presence of the former MCs and their interactions Charming the Firefighter (In Shady Grove, luckily we did get to enjoy some SarricaLestoLooking forward to the next one in this series I m really enjoying this series as a whole I wasn t sure what to make of this one going in as I didn t remember any of the characters that much other than Myra since it d been awhile since I read the other books but it didn t take meong after diving in before I was fully up to speed and on board This was a strange trio in some ways and yet it worked beautifully I could totally see this working as a menage and part of that is due to the uniueness of this world If there is one thing Megan Derr does beautifully it s develop her worldsI was cheering for these characters right from the beginning I ve really Making India Work liked Myra in the other stories andoved that he was getting his book now And boy what a book it was His background once discovered was Everwar (Cal Leandros, loads interesting than anything I could have imagined Charlaine and Jac were wonderful opposite sides of the soldier coin Jac s youthful energy is balanced by Charlaine seasoned campaigner The adventure just drew me aong as I waited for our duo to save Myra from his past It was alive and vivid in the descriptions and I truly enjoyed what was happening. FriendsThough Jac is a member of the Three headed Dragons and primary bodyguard to the High Consort she is used to being overlooked and underestimated But she didn't earn her spurs by backing down and she's not about to do so now even if she must defy the High Throne itself to save the man she's falling in ove wit.

In this bookOn the plus side I noticed only two editing errors A record for a Megan Derr bookThe plot was identical to the other three books overs get separated and travel through the countries Lots of history and politics while waiting for the story to pick upYou have to excuse me for rating a book which contains something I knew beforehand I do not No Way Home like female erotic scenes It bothered me in book three a bit when I was surprised one of the he s had female genitals I should not have read this Another one eyed guy gets a book That seems aittle excessive I mean there have been 4 books in the series so far and 2 of them have featured men who Sequins and Spurs lost an eye That makes half of the series one eyed books I feelike this disproportionately represents eye oss in a typical society even medieval fantasy society I mean correct me if I m wrong but I haven t heard anything about a giant eye related problem back then that would have taken out half the eyes of the male speciesOooooh Now I get it Medieval medicine My badSo okay I dealt with the first one eyed oh fuck I m going to abbreviate that I m writing it too much From now on when I write 1IF I means One eyed Fellow ok and I even could see a very slight appeal of him but this second 1IF He has one normal eye and one milky eye And we are supposed to find him sexy Plus his name is Charlene It s ike this author is just fucking with me at this pointI feel In The Name of God like I m being fucked withAnyway this book was about a polyamorous group of three All three of them are side characters that have been around for most of the series But the problem for me was that I ve never felt a burning desire for these people to get their book None of them are very compelling It wasike a story where Millhouse Eeyore and Mrs Potts decided to get their freak on and hook up Nobody wants to see that Certainly don t give Mrs Potts a strap on for fuck s sake And why did you even think of itThere are some things that none of us want to seeSo I ve noticed that so far the author has separated the couples for most of the books I am hoping that won t be the case in the next one whenever that comes out because I am really ooking forward to both of the next characters and I want to see them interact Another great addition to The Tales of the High Court I absolutely adore this world and Myra in this book sums up why I ove it so much when he talks about Sarrica and his posse I mean family P It has heart it has kindness and it has a Operation Lipstick lot ofove for friends who have been chosen as familyThe three main characters had been side characters in the earlier books in this series so they re not completely strangers except that now we get to get to know them better Get to know their backstory and backgroun. Dragged into the presentOnce third in command of Fathoms Deep Charlaine is used to shadows and secrets but even he is shocked to From Blah to Awe learn what his best friend and the man he secretlyoves has been hiding all these years In the wake of a terrible tragedy he doesn't know what to do except whatever it takes to help his.

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