Robert Gillett: Georg Buchner

Eteen essays in the book some in English and some in German uniuely combine close readings of individual assages and images with wide ranging intertextual comparisons linking Buchner to than twenty five writers thinkers and theoreticians from his time and ours Der Ba.

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To the hilosophical scientific and religious discourses of his time while also investigating the ways in which Buchner's intersectional writings anticipated sometimes uncannily uestions and roblems which were to become central concerns in modernism and after The nin.

SUMMARY Georg Buchner

Georg Buchner Contemporary Perspectives examines the continuing relevance of Buchner in the early twenty first century in terms of Protectors of the Stars (Theias Moons, politics sciencehilosophy aesthetics cultural studies and erformance studies It situates Buchner's interdisciplinary work in relation.