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I have read some of Doug Lansky s work and it has struck me as somewhat mixed and that was my impression of these travel essays as well Travel humor is a tricky subject and in this book a variety of authors some of them particularly famous Dave Barry Steve Martin David Letterman Bill Bryson Dennis Miller and David Foster Wallace among them attempt to convey some of the humor of some of their less pleasant and disastrous travel experiences There are some reasons why this book fell a little flat for me For one a lot of the humor of this particular book is insulting the people the writer is visiting and I m not interested in laughing at the accent of Virginians or the religious tourism of evangelical Christians both of which the authors of the respective essays send up for laughs This is the sort of humor that may play well to hipsters and leftists but not being either of those I found this book a lot less enjoyable because the authors clearly had enviable travel experiences and took themselves far too seriously and the people they were around not nearly seriously enoughThis short book of less than 200 pages is made of a compilation of travel essays of a wide variety of experiences The first essayist talks about the awkwardness of his visit to a nudist colony in Southern California Dave Berry then complains about his failures in learning Japanese writing and then a less well nown writer talks about how she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her and what she did about it which was grimly humorous Other stories include the editor s experiences getting locked out of and into a Dutch bathroom writings about potato bugs an experience with a witch doctor and watching movies in Cameroon There are stories here about goat racing travels in Iran an essay where the author fails to understand the danger of landmines and Bill Bryson s struggles with the numbers necessary to get tickets for a train ride The editor himself contributes an essay on the art of riding a third world bus an art some of us have mastered to at least some level of competence and a variety of other essays that combine reflect. The perfect trip where nothing goes wrong is surely not the memorable trip which is where everything goes wrong and one lives to tell the tale and laugh about it This collection captures the wackiest and most bizarre experiences of well nown writers whose travels have taken a detou.

Example motels no long ask smoking or non smoking for a choice of roomsThese essays are a satire on the misadventures that happened to famous authors during their travels Some of the stories were very funny and some were just good to read This is a good book to find a new author which I did A fun book to take on a trip to help you laugh at any snags in your plans There s No Toilet Paper on the Road Less Traveled but if you have this book along you won t be out of luck If this is The Best of Travel Humor and Misadventure then I recommend swearing off the genre Sufficient examples of swearing that is are included in the bookI imagine the experience of a starved goose picking through cow pies for corn compares well with reading this book You will find a little goodie now and then but you have to be be pretty desperate to eep looking A collection of reprints with 20 writers trips to places far away and not so far away like Joseph O Connor s smoke filled trip to Roanoke Virginia Calvin Trillin went to the south of France to explore the meaning of taureaux piscine which means just what says a swimming pool and bulls to win both the young bull fighters and the bull must be in the water at the same time On the plane from San Franciso to Tokyo Dave Barry tried to learn Japanese a language in which every character is important and in which one of them can change man holding broom to sex with ostriches Bill Bryson s Stroll Through Paris includes the memory of trips down hotel hallways that are lit by timed switches and a guest would have to proceed the last furlong in total blacknessA collection to pick up at your leisure for a uick and humorous adventure with a perfect title for a coronavirus imposed uarantine I didn t find the tales as funny as I had expectedhoped although Bill Bryson can always be relied on to be amusing The little extras that were at the end of each chapter slotted in here there the cartoons made me smile On the whole an enjoyable enough read uite a uick one too Warning Do not read this book in public It is seriously funny and you will embarrass yourself by laughing aloud. G on deep fried potato bugs in Burma There are even practical tips here too; readers can surely learn from Mary Roach who discovers that utilizing an Antarctic ice sheet outhouse at the very moment a seal chooses to use its opening as a blowhole may not be the best way to start the da.

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Ions on animals mockery of people and the authors cluelessness about the languages of the countries they are visitingIs this book worth reading That depends If you like your travel writing heavy on snark and coming from people who seem particularly entitled and also highly clueless but not always aware of how clueless they sound this is the book for you It was apparently this uality that endeared this book to the selectors of the small press best travel humor award that this book won when it came out Yet if your tastes are humane and empathetic towards Virginians and evangelicals for example then you will probably find many of the stories rather annoying and off putting There were some generally funny stories here and this sort of book is likely to be a mixed bag because it s hard for humor to necessarily resonate with all of the people who come across it but it wasn t really as funny a book as I was hoping for If the book did one thing right at least that was in demonstrating to me the nature of my own sense of humor or lack thereof when it comes to travel given my own perspective and my own approach to my travel experiences which is admittedly different than many of the writers here I m interested in poop and sewers and toilets as aspects of waste management and the built environment so of course I was drawn to There s No Toilet Paper On the Road Less Traveled The shorts are funny not all about poop of course just the various mishaps and oddities that occur during travel Glad to experience these through the written word I was hoping the stories were going to be funnier than they were Overall this is a good collection of travel stories just not as humorous as I was expecting Collection of stories about traveling Some are funnier than others but all togetherit s a FABULOUS book The story about the man visiting the nudist retreat was hilarious I literally thought I was going to fall out of my chair I was laughing so hard Printed in 1998 the short travel essays in this book were written in the 1970s through the early 1990s I give this only as a perspective when reading the stories As an. R Stories include Nigel Barley escorting a monkey to the movies in Cameroon Dave Barry vainly trying to learn Japanese than how to order a beer Alan Zweible high tailing it to a nudist camp Donna Marazzo bravely attempting to use a high tech Italian toilet and Richard Sterling feastin.

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DOUG LANSKY is an American travel writer and keynote speaker based in Sweden He spent about 10 years traveling the world nonstop visiting over 100 countries and has since lived outside the US for an additional 13 years Doug has contributed to Esuire Men’s Journal The Guardian National Geographic Adventure Reader’s Digest COLORS Magazine PublicRadio and many others He has written books