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August 3 2010 This is the only one in the series that I own so I will definitely have to reread the others soon I love Hermux Tantamo watchmaker He s the perfect main character Lovable uiet unintentional detective who has a pet ladybug named Terfle He just seems so real even though he s a mouse This time he s hired to save a theater and encounters strange ventrilouists someone out to hurt Terfle and Tucka Mertslin once again Along the way he s trying to et up the courage to tell Linka exactly how he feels about her Can he save the theater from destruction Can he find a long lost star All the answers and in this thrilling yet amusing detective story As strange as it may sound i love reading books about talking animals pouruoi but this book was very fun to read Actually my friend recommended it to me after i finished reading a recent series and was waiting for some other kind of book series to read I decided to ive it a try and I really enjoyed how there were several different conflicts happening at the time though there was a main conflict there was also smaller privateemotional conflicts in the story Theres an amazing climax in this story Also i happened to find a part in the book that i very much enjoyed and a few chapters in it happens again Lucky me Though it isn t boring it is presented in a completely different way and you can draw tons of connections to the other occurrence I also enjoyed the smaller details like the newspaper and the fact tha. Hermux Tantamo s'aventure dans les coulisses du music hall pour démasuer un dangereux saboteur Dans ce monde fou du show business démasuer les coupables n'est pas de tout repos.

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Ite you to find outNo Time Like Show Time takes us yet again to our favorite little town inhabited by our favorite crime solving watch repairing hero Hermux is a tale that readers of all ages can enjoy and while I didn t enjoy the story uite as much as the others it is regardless a worthy addition and I urge you all to try it out Although not literary masterpieces the Hermux Tantamo Adventures are entertaining and fun An unlikely detective combats against a beauty tycoon used to etting what she wants The characters are enjoyable and keep you reading Good to read when you are in the mood for a fluff book i really like this book it was a mystery and it is really sweet this book is the third in a sereis the first is called Time Stops for No Mouse the next is called The Sands of TimeHave fun reading Apparently I love stories about mice How else could I explain loving this book as much as I did It had a Inverloch Volume 4 great plot to it and the ending was terrific Needless to say I ll be on the lookout for of MrHoeye s books Read in Spanish a bazillion years ago don t remember anything except that I enjoyed very much This was a cute mystery book for middleraders but I just wasn t wowed and didn t The Good and Beautiful God get sucked into the story as I like with some books So the book justot a two star rating from me It was just an ok book for me I do think it is a ood book for middle rade kids though so if you are looking for new books for any children in your life then this is a ood on. Rètement amoureux tandis ue d'inuiétants accidents surviennent au théâtre Cela fait beaucoup pour une seule souris même secondée par Terfèle la plus futée des coccinelles.

T the main character lived in a world very similar to ours I loved how the ending tied everything perfectly together I enjoyed the third in this rodential mystery series though I think the first is still the best and I don t entirely understand why Hermux s pet ladybug seems to be developing communication skills over the course of the trilogy Still she s a nice silent character and these are fun books Yes this is a kid s book but its still a ood read I own the whole series and have thoroughly enjoyed every one The story continues in Michael Hoeye s No Time Like Show Time where we once again join watchmaker detective Hermux Tantamo as he ventures into the world of theater Having retrieved the famed King s Delight Hermux looks forward to taking a breather but the world seems to have other plans when Fluster Varmint owner of the local theater urges Hermux to join the cast of his current production in order to solve the mystery surrounding threatening messages he s been receiving Hermux considers himself far out of his depth Having no experience in the world of drama or set design Hermux sets out on yet another story of intrigue and ood ol fashioned luck Joined by his pet ladybug Terfle it soon becomes obvious that high ranking members of Pinchester are involved in a plot meant to steal the theater right out from under them and the only one that can stop it is a silver screen actress that hasn t been seen for years What can a simple watchmaker do I inv. Bientôt Hermux reçoit des lettres de menace Mais le pire reste à venir Un célèbre cinéaste a décidé de séduire Linka la belle aviatrice aventurière dont Hermux est sec.

Michael Hoeye has worked as a farmer fashion photographer stagehand and high school teacher He and his wife Martha live in a stone cottage in Oregon with their cat Lionel They enjoy the company of nine big oak trees six bigger fir trees three fat suirrels a noisy family of woodpeckers and a travelling circus of nuthatches blue jays crows finches and robinsMichael's first novel for c