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This might be the best one yet I enjoyed this even than Chase book even though I adore Chase A single mother of a n 3 starsThis book is normal length compared to the previous 2 books The audiobook is almost 8 hours whilst the previous ones were around 4 hours Our hero Griffin who has an eagle mother and lion father can t shift because of his duelling animals Then he meets our heroine who didn t know her ex lover was a shifter and her lion cub and knows that they are his mate and pride But when the ex lover lion comes back he had to submit because of his inability to shift and protect them It seems to take ages before the story ets to the logical conclusion where he is able to merge his dual animals together into the mystical The Philosophical Journey griffin Regardless I m a sucker for a lion cub and Danny is cute he calls his lion Simba So all in all I enjoyed it I found Firefighter Griffin from the Fire Rescue series by Zoe Chant a delightful and light paranormal shifter novel with an engaging story with fairly complex and fascinating characters particularly the MMCGriffin MacCormick who has both an inner lion and an eagle inside his mind who fight constantly Their fighting causes not onlyreat mental pain for Griffin but also the inability for him to shift into either his lion or his eagle FMCHayley is a human single mom with a young son Danny Hayley calls the local Fire Dispatch for assistance when Danny shockingly shifts into a lion cub and leaps high into a tree As a Fire Rescue dispatcher Griffin receives Hayley s panicked call understands this is not a normal emergency and Asset Protection goes out to assist Hayley with Danny Other characters from the 2 previous novels enter into Griffin s story as each is a member of the East Sussex Fire Rescue Services but this novel can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty Fire Fighter Griffin is the 3rd book in the Fire Rescue series and my favorite story so far I loved the complexity of Griffin s shifter character and how his shifting difficulty was resolved Part way through the book I even doubted he wouldet his HEA I look forward to reading the next book in the series Fire Fighter Sea Dragon There are 7 titles in this series at this time Although I found Fire Fighter Griffin a light and fun paranormal novel it does contain steamy fairly explicit sexual intimacy between the 2 main characters Those who find this offensive probably would not enjoy it ConnectedMy favorite so far I felt connected to Hayley being a mom and love how she reacted to having a lion shifter cub There was a lot of angst throughout the story especially as Griffin Enzymes Enzyme Therapy got sicker but it was easy to predict how he could eventually shift Anotherreat oneI love this series so much I loved how Griff and Haley just clicked It was reat to see how Griff accepted danny and wanted to be in their lives I can t wait to read about Hugh or ash next there is so many uestions about them that need to be addressed My revie. A curvy single mom burned by love a uniue half eagle half lion shifter firefighter with a wounded soul the little boy who brings them together one heart warming romance Single mom Hayley Parker has always had to face every parenting challenge on her own but when her five year old son unexpectedly turns into a lion cub she finds herself with than she can handle With her little boy stuck up a tree and yowling for help the only thing she

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Arity that most people never find I love the way this book took us on a journey through such emotional turmoil to a HEA that had me crying in relief I can t wait to see what happens next Sweet story but a little predictable I think everyone who picks this up knows exactly where it s oing Reviewed at Shifter HavenFirefighter Griffin has that just right combination of sadness and despair countered by hope and triumph in the end It is an emotional roller coaster of a read and one that will keep you turning pages to discover how a happy ending can emerge from this chaosGriff is the dispatcher for the Fire Rescue Once a firefighter himself now due to an injury he is maintaining his contact and works with the elite Shifter Alpha team of firefighters through another aspect still important his job as dispatcher On this night he overhears a call that seems to be a prank or at least that s how his fellow dispatcher is treating it of a cat up a tree But for some reason Griff At Land gets an eerie feeling about it andets the address to check it out himself Little did he know that he was rushing to the rescue of a little boy he d be proud to call his own and his mateHaley was an American working in England Who knew that in this country the friendly firefighters On the Run got annoyed when one called for helpetting your cat down from a high tree Well alright it wasn t her cat but her son who was stuck up the tree but she knew the response that would have The Price Of Blood (Phil Broker, gotten her hauled off to the crazy house herself Pretty much at the end of her rope hysterical and trying to control it for her son Haley wasratefully surprised to see Griff enter her backyard and take control of the situation How he knew that the lion cub up the tree was human she had no clue but he looked at her with confidence and saved her little boySo begins Haley and Griff s romance It is the skill of a very talented author who can make me cry true tears of sadness frustration anger and joy all in one story To say this story is packed full of emotions is to say the Grand Canyon is a nice little rock formationYou will absolutely hate Danny s biological father You ll feel the love and passion between Haley and Griff You ll experience the bond between a boy and a man that euals if not surpasses a natural born father son relationship You will feel the tender deep bonds of friendship and see just how far true friends will o for each other You cannot help but feel Griff s intense sense of freedom and joy when everything falls into place By the ending you will be an emotional wreck and be thanking Zoe Chant for the experienceI will not hesitate to say that I ve yet to read a Zoe Chant story that I didn t love This one broke my heart and mended it so beautifully I haven t truly had a favorite of her works so far I ve enjoyed each one for it s own merits but if I did Firefighter Griffin would top that particular listI read this story through my Kindle Unlimited subscription. Iff meets Hayley both his lion and his eagle instantly recognise her as their one true mate But how can he ask Hayley to risk her heart on a dying man when she’s already been abandoned once in the past And when Hayley’s arrogant lion shifter ex unexpectedly reappears on the scene with a horrifying demand how can Griff protect his mate and her cub This is a sizzling hot standalone BBW lioneagle shifter full length novel No cliffhangers.

W and an extended sample of the audiobook are posted at HotlistenscomI continue to enjoy this series I will say I was a bit surprised by this story Griffin works at dispatch for the fireteam He is a shifter just like the rest of alpha team He makes sure that they et sent to the incidents that reuire their special abilities I m trying to remember if it was mentioned in the previous books about why he wasn t able to work out in the field with the rest of the team I can t remember but I don t think soWell Griffin isn t healthy He is half eagle shifter and half lion shifter Most people who are hybrids end up shifting into one species or the other Griffin had both but couldn t shift into either Both of his animals fought in his head and their instincts pulled him in different directions But when a call comes in where a woman says her son turned into a lion and was stuck up in a tree he knows he has to do something not to mention Meg and the Mystery in Williamsburg (Meg Duncan, get things under wraps because the world at large doesn t know about shifters Alpha team is busy on another call So Griffin who s shift was over anyway decided that he could helpet the cub downHayley is a single mom She Pregnant Man got pregnant and the father never wanted anything to do with the kid She was okay with that She is also a school teacher from the states now living in the UK She knows nothing about shifters so you can imagine her horror when her son shifts into a lion cub and the proceeds toet himself stuck in a treeSo this is a really cute story I really liked Hayley and her son Danny Danny takes to Griffin instantly I think the fact that he understands the kid s shifter side really helps That is until his dad realizes that Danny can shift and decides that he should have Danny There is a legal battle alpha challenge battles and Just an overall cute story I also liked what happens with Griffin in the end tooNarrationI continue to enjoy Lucy Rivers narration of the series She does several different accents mostly British and Scottish since it takes place in the UK She does well with Danny s little kid voice He is a five year old boy if I remember correctly There are a lot of men and she does a ood job with them tooI like to thank the publisher for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review This is an excellent story with a new kind of shifter from the amazing Zoe I love how protective Griffin was of Danny within minutes of meeting him I fell in love with Danny He is just so adorable Hayley and Griffin are a fantastic couple that are both fiercely loyal willing to let each other help in times of weakness and draw on each other for strength and support One of my favorites by Zoe Chant At war with himself What an awesome book This book is the embodiment of finding an inner peace between all of yourselves Okay this may actually read like a multiple personality But in the end it took one moment of intense desire to bring the kind of inner solid. An think to do is call the fire department Ex firefighter Griffin MacCormick has the heart of a lion and the eyes of an eagle literally As a uniue shifter with two inner animals his battling beasts are slowly tearing his body and soul apart Forced to retire from the elite all shifter Alpha Team by his degenerative condition he struggles to be content working as a dispatcher until one day he takes a call that will change his life When Gr.


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