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Y unsavory characters that are impossible to kill and they all think Nate has it Nate s girlfriend s new powers are uncontrollable and funny and not so funny events unfold that change lives These books are always filled with humor even during a horror scene which makes it even funnier The fight A very good book five continuation of the urban fantasy Nate Temple series There is a big cast of interesting characters from myths Many have been carried over from the previous books with a few new characters added The characterization of these mythical characters makes them not ust interesting with their uniue histories and magical talents but also believable which is on the top of the list of a good story reuirements for fantasy reader sAs in the previous books the story is fast paced with lots of action and there are many seeming unsolvable problems for Nate to solve using his wits and magic muscle and magical friends some of whom are having problems with new uniue magical skills Nate includedAt the end of the book I did not hesitate Hooked on NateI was having a hard time getting back to the Templeverse but this book 8 Sissy Nights just sucked me right back in I m anxious to start 5 After I read the first book I fell in love with this series Nate Temple gets thrown some pretty hard life punches but he s resilient His best friend is a werewolf and his fianc e is a Grimm He is now a Maker and is trying to learn what his new powers can do Toss in some gods a Minotaur and Baba Yaga and it makes for rip roaring good fun The books are well written with plots that keep moving and characters that keep your attention What I particularly like is that even if you haven t read the between books Mr Silvers givesust enough background and references that you are able to deduce what you need to know to understand the current book I d recommend this book and the others in the series to anyone who likes fantasy in the present day and adventure However I d suggest you start with Obsidian Son to set up this world I received a copy of this book from the author I decided voluntarily to review it and this is my honest review. Ear because the world I thought I knew was all Maestro just smoke and mirrors and I wasust a puppy playing amongst wolves If you like Jim Butcher Kevin Hearne or Patrick Rothfuss you will LOVE the fifth installment of The Bestselling Nate Temple Supernatural Thriller series.

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I am Starting to like the serie and now the protagonist learned and keeps learning some hard needed lessons in humility and ownership of conseuences along the way Because he is a arrogant asshole who acts like he s better then everybody else from book 05 he slowly gets layers when life knocks some sense into him each time he fcks up By the time we reach book 4 silver tongue his life is totally upside down He was betrayed by 1 best friend and his poeple twice now he lost his parants company his pride and Judgment Under Uncertainty joy aka his bookshop is blown up good friends died his fiance died and WooooeeeeeThe series keeps you on your toes When you think you are going right Silvers comes through slaps you in the face and then body slams you leftIt s truly a good thing Nate Temple hasust faced down and defeated the mighty Grimm Brothers His family s company was taken out from underneath him and his fiance died Luckily she was brought back to life by Death one of the four horesman of the apocalypse What could possibly go wrong next Nate is contacted to find a book for a client Little does he know the trouble that book will cause in his life Let s ust say fairy tales come to life in this book Making Nate Temple s life a living hell Nate Temple is by far one of the best written series I ve ever read The dialog is awesome with great character development I love how Shayne brings together so many mythological stories in this series He has a uniue uality to his writing style that I love You are always on the edge of your seat and then feel like you fall off it when a huge twist hits in the story Silver Tongue is an award winning book in my opinion Impossible to get bored of this seriesAt least for now Nate is an asshole especially to his friends but I like him anyway weird I still like death ANNND THE MAD HATTER Yes The writing is good And the book is action packed But I have to admit to being somewhat confused about the plotAfter the ravages to his business and his friends done in Grimm Nate Temple has been forced to rebuild his bookstore Plato s Cave to generate some income for himself And he is back to buy. Alternate cover edition of ASIN B01N9CYNK4 My resume is pretty full I’ve cow tipped the Minotaur decimated a gang of weredragons sucker punched an Angel and eaten pancakes with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse I’ve kidnapped one of the most powerful wizards on.

Ing rare books with magical implications for mystery clients And apparently he never got over his tendency toward devious dealings regarding these books Also the mysterious clients and their competitors for the possession of these books continue to pose a serious threat to Nate and his friends they are seldom open and above board in their dealings eitherThe confusing thing this time is that there appear to be three or four different books in play this time It isn t clear until the end which book is causing so much trouble and I already forgot But as I said there are at least two or three others confusing the issue as wellOnce again there is a host of characters from myth legend and fairy tale tangling with each other We have most of the characters from the previous books that haven t already died and some that have plus a few new ones notably the famous Russian witch Baba Yaga The main evil genius of this story is a demon called Silver Tongue only as so often happens with these things it turns out he is not who he seems eitherThe girls in Nate s entourage are starting to come into their own They have always been beautiful and intelligent even if this last trait was rather glossed over in the early books of the series but since their encounter with the Grimms in the previous book they have acuired serious magical powers of their own Nate s girlfriend Indie and his former business manager Ashley who is now engaged to his best friend the werewolf Gunnar are still having some trouble controlling their new powers But one is left with the impression that when they learn what they are doing they will leave Nate in the dust And Tory who has always possessed supernatural strength but was so easily swayed to silliness in the first book of the series can now stop bullets and other weapons cold and nullify magical attacks from some of the worst in the business These girls are no longer ust eye candy Silver Tongue The Temple Chronicles 4 by Shayne Silvers is another awesome novel He ust keeps them coming This one is also kept my heart racing as a Demon makes a deal with too many a book is wanted The planet and slaughtered the Brothers Grimm I’m kind of a big dealBut I never thought I’d find myself at a crossroads a pawn in a deadly game that I hadn’t known existed willing to sell my soul to save the life of someone I loved That’s when I learned true

Now let's talk about this specimen of a man named ShayneShayne Silvers writes the Nate Temple Series which features a foul mouthed flawed young wizard with a chip on his shoulder attempting to protect St Louis from the various nasties we all know and fear from our childhood bedtime stories Nate's been known to suckerpunch an Angel cow tip the Minotaur and steal Death's horse in order to prove his point His utter disregard for conseuences and self preservation will have you laughing and cringing on the edge of your seatBut he has a lot to learn Namely how not to be so big of an A HoleGet your FREE Nate Temple Starter Library TODAY at