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Posite to how it appears There are so many cute details the teddy bear baby aliens too many to list Really excited to see where this series goes next as it ends on an event that will clearly have big ramifications for human alien relations I met VC Lancaster at a book signings and bought The New Guy which is the second book in the Office Aliens series After reading the reviews it suggested I read this before diving into book two This is one of those hidden gems where you ve sat it for a while to find it was so so good you ve been missing out The ET guy is a fun alienhuman romance which shows culture differences Lois thinks Zir hates her He always acts different around her compared to others When he call her into the office for an emergency ruining her date Zir takes the opportunity to offer himself as a mate When Lois begins to notice the signs that Zir has been displaying she realises she misunderstood him I really liked this book The story was fun interesting heated and offers for the series KU read This was a fun alien office romance I really liked that the aliens in this read were truly niue both physically and emotionally The one of a kind alien traits made this feel like a really original read which I very much appreciate It made for a cute romance Glad it was offered as a kindleunlimitied Notes Adorable characters Loved the world building Rating 4 12 starsA near futuristic sci fiction ish tale with a human MC Lois Kennedy a young social services government employee whose job involves intake and processing the alien races from the planet Teiss Sweet Valentine upon arrival to earth Lois is the first to greet thempon arrival and ex 5 StarsThis story was a delightful surprise I was expecting something light and frothy Iss working in DETI's IT department Lois and Zir just can't get along As far as she's concerned he's rude abrasive and condescending She wan.

The story was very interesting and sweet It was a light book with believable concepts and plot The concept and execution was very good I loved how sweet and shy our hero Zir was And heroine louis was very mature and lovable Their relationship developed steadily but beautifully The aliens in this story was very different They had only few similarities with humans I loved this story wasn t insta lust or something And also there wasn t any alien human baby instead they adopted a adorable oneRecommended 35 rounding The Rancher and the City Girl up This reminded me a little bit of The Hating Game but it did not have nearly as much tension between the characters and the male is an Alien It focused on aliens immigrating to Earth for various reasons but many were refugees There is no back story about how earth just has atopic feel now so there is obvious suspension of belief on that area Also it seemed to just abruptly stop and didn t really explain anything to well at the end I still liked it mostly for the characters and the alien culture that she was painting This was a pretty good book I loved the world building and how niue the heroes species is and I loved how possessive he was I do wish the heroine wouldn t have fought the mating so much but this is a nice fun read This is one of the cutest romances I ve ever read One of my favourite things about stories where one person is pining for the other is that you get to see the oblivious person s perceptions slowly change through the course of the story and V C Lancaster absolutely nails this Lois starts off thinking Zir is rude and doesn t like her and while it s fair to say that his social skills aren t exactly exemplary she comes to realise that his attitude towards her is almost the exact op. It's 2266 and Lois Kennedy is an Intake Officer for DETI the Department of Extra Terrestrial Immigration Zir is a refugee from the planet Te.

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Aybe a little silly and OTT instead it was intriguing engaging thoughtful and originalAnother reviewer compared it to an intergalactic version of The Hating Game and in some respects that is true The MCs who work together do seem to be antagonistic toward each other but a lot of that antagonism is pretty one sided It takes the heroine a little too long for being so interested in alien cultures to figure out that her alien IT specialist has feelings for her Watching them connect and finally begin their courtship is a fantastic and romantic journey On a serious note this story was released in 2016 but much of the alienhuman politics are relevant and hit a bit too close to home regarding current immigration policies in the US The heroine is an intake officer at the Department of Extra Terrestrial Immigration DETI and the hero is a refugee from the planet Teiss working in DETI s IT department Some of the story deals with immigration issues and those aspects made me feel a bit pensiveSeriousness aside I have a huge soft spot for iet reserved MCs who are actually just shy and awkward and who pursue the other MC with a single minded devotion Zir the alien MC comes across at first as cold and stilted but as the story develops you realize he desperately wants to be able to love and care for the heroine There were ite a few times when I wanted to nudge the heroine along and make her see what she was missing However the endingepilogue does a lovely job of bringing everything and everyone so sweetly together This story is available to read via KU and I see that there are in the Office Aliens series so I will definitely be checking them out Highly Recommend I absolutely loved this oneIt was original funny and bloody adorable. Ts nothing to do with him So why does he never leave her alone He must be crazy if he thinks there could ever be anything between them right.