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Ew twist on your daily devotions but you ll ind plenty of meat here Claiming His Desert Princess (Hot Arabian Nights for youraith life 4 stars Gil Girls Secret Baby, Surprise Parents fans will love this devotional Someone lookingor a deep devotional will not It s like a Guideposts devotional with Gil Girls references Like Guideposts it contains positive uplifting messages and occasionally the resonate gem of wisdom My sister in law read the devotional at the same time and I told her that part of the problem might be my own carnal nature Each devotional starts with a GG uote and then a short description about the Gil traitplot which gets me thinking about Stars Hollow not about how I can be a better person This was a nice little read I couldn t hold off and save them all Mystify (Mystyx, for 22 day s I just kept wanting to devour it all to soak up the wisdom and maybe see scenesrom this tv show in a new light and boy did IHoping I can take some of these little wisdoms with me through life now So good that I could not wait 22 days to The New Baby finish itSo good that I could not wait 22 days toinish it This was done extremely well and I loved every part of it Highly recommended I don t read a lot of daily devotionals these days but oh how I LOVED this one The concept of Wild Streak fusing bite size devotionals with Gil Girls uotes and musings is BRILLIANT Mary hit it out of the park with thisast reading. Iveness kindness and gratitude partner well with lessons P.I. Daddys Personal Mission (The Coltons of Montana, from the Bible Christians who loved this show will be encouraged and inspired toollow this season of daily devotions reminiscing about their avorite Gil Gi.

If you like Gil Girls and if you are looking or a different sort of devotion book this one is Rafaellos Mistress for you Each day Mary uses an illustrationrom an episode of the Gil Girls shares a devotion and shares a Scripture verse It is light and The Boleyn King (The Boleyn Trilogy, fun but encouraging and thought provoking too Really enjoyed itLoved this and would ve given it 5 stars but I ve seen GG soooo many times over and over that Iound an error they did return the coat rack to Emily the monkey lamp was what Lor exchanged the candlesticks Rascal for and it bugged me I love Mary s wit and down to earth ness I didn t even watch Gil Girls but still loved and totally tracked with this uick and meaningful devotion That s how good it is I enjoy Gil Girls and both read and write devotions so was curious how Mary Carver s idea to combine the two would work out I wasn t sure if it wouldeel Another Day of Life flippant or sacrilegious I was pleasantly surprised by how well Mary s book came together Each day s reading begins with a uoterom the TV show The reading itself makes a connection between the uote and an issue to consider or act on What Would You Like? for the dayor example Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, forgiveness and concludes with a Bible verse The readings are short but relevant relatable and leave you with something to contemplate throughout your day Really enjoyable and modern Fast Talk Faith is aun Gil Girls was a TV show known and loved Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, for itsast talking pop culture referencing coffee chugging characters but it was also a show devoted to love of Friend Foe family and community These themes as well as topics likeorg.

E book I actually wish there had been a paper version of this book it makes a great gift I also really appreciated that author Carver tackled not so easy subject matter in this context in a way that was well written thought out and not at all trite which I think is very difficult to do in a devotional of this kind Mary s writing style is conversational like you re chatting with your best The Longevity Diet friend over coffee in a way that doesn teel cliched or Grassroots Innovation fake Which unfortunately Ieel like I see all too often in this type of devotional ormat If you re a diehard Gil Girls like I am you can rest assured that Mary is too and ound some of the best uotes and moments Architecture and Utopia from the various seasons of the original series Add this devotional to your reading list its a great one I loved this because I love reading about the Gil Girls and what others had gleanedrom it Very sweet to see the lessons tied into every day meditations PLUS the author is Perfect Cities from KC which makes it better I thought this little devotional was charming and relatable As an avid Gil Girls watcher I appreciated all the connections made between things the Gils and theirriends said and did and Biblical lessons Each one was long enough to explain and expose a connection but short enough to be read in whatever window of time one might have Prometheus Wired for devotion. Rls scenes and perhaps seeing themrom a whole new perspective When life makes you say Oy with the poodles already grab your mug of coffee and settle in or a conversation that will warm your heart and eed your so.

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