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Nd reconnecting the old with the young was priceless and the idea behind this chapter is well worth the price of the book if it opens up the eyes to others as to how damaging age segregation is and how widespread. Actions within each circle that will help rescue our kids Through a rich blend of heartwarming anecdotes and creative practical strategies Stopping at Every Lemonade Stand affirms the age old wisdom that the power and responsibility to heal our communities rest in our own hand.

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Children There were countless examples of people on their own who are doing what they can to cultivate such communities It was uite encouraging to me and its setting my own mind a whirling The chapter on elders Blueprint or transforming our unstable and disconnected culture into a healthier supportive one Vollbracht bases his approach on six overlapping circles of community our personal circle amilies neighborhoods larger communities business worlds and elders and outlines simple.

The topic of communities is a avorite one of mine All of my most The Adventures of Rusty favorite pieces ofiction are centred around the theme of community This was a valuable book on cultivating a culture and community that values. Children's lives today are complex stressful and dangerous Kids are overscheduled come home to empty houses and neighborhoods where they don't know a soul and in school ace violence all too often rom their peers In Stopping at Every Lemonade Stand James Vollbracht provides