Elle Thorne: Flirtation Shifters Forever After #5

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Bout the ShiftersKeep up the good work Elle Great stories loved very word of it Can t wait to read from this author Own in Shifters Forever After The Boxed Set Flirtation by Elle Thorne is a wonderful addition to Shifters Forever Worlds series You will fall in love with her amazing new characters and catch up with some of your favorite characters from the series Braden is a polar bear shifter He is a loner plagued by past demons Dakotah is the pregnant shifter that Doc and his team helped Unseen City escape captivity Both of these characters are damaged in their own way The uestion is can two damaged and injured people learn to trust forgive and love themselves andach other This has become one of my favorites of the series It s full of hope love friendship and recovery I received an ARC from the author This is my independent honest review Love those shiftersAs the story continues to unfold we get a glimpse of a future full of new adventures Can t wait to read book 6 These Shifter Forever stories are completely amazing I really Art enjoy how the storyline continues with many of our past characters making an appearance This is the story of Braden Dakota and baby Larsen Great story I always love when wend up back in Bear Canyon Valley Not only do we get to see the characters that stole our hearts from the first series but we get to. T now finds herself in Bear Canyon Valley a place that is teeming with shifters As if matters weren’t complicated God Is in the Crowd enough she’s pregnant with the child of anxtremely dangerous shifter Griz Mae Doc Tanner Teague and Joe all come together to help the newly arrived duo only to find that maybe this duo can help the Bear Canyon Valley in xchange BBW Paran.

Meet the new additions and fall in love all over again Both our main characters are suffering some humongous trauma related ffects you might The Matriarchs (The Family even call it Shifter PTSD Dakotah is a human that had thexistence of shifters forced on her and is frightened of those that want to help Braden is fighting his own demons but can t fight the protective instincts he has for Dakotah his bear says she is theirs Who is he to argue with his bear In typical Bear Canyon Valley fashion the community will have to face danger and misunderstandings to help this couple find their HEA Lots of action and drama take place in this storyline love acceptance and friendship leave you with that happy felling inside However true to fashion Ms Thorne throws in that wicked tidbit that I am sure is going to make for some fantastic reading when she decides to put pen to paper but will ultimately drive me crazy waiting for that to happen I volunteered to review this wonderful story for my honest opinion and true to form I was not disappointed FlirtationA very delightful read Funny and loving Short serious and passionate Great new characters with returning characters from other series Angst filled shifters galore Disappointed I ve come to Notes for the Everlost expect a lot in Mrs Thorne s book so I mxtremely disappointed in this book Hoping the next book in this series is bette. Ormal Shape Shifter Romance If hot sex skeeves you out you may want to pass on this book If freaky downright dirty sexy talk bothers you yeah for sure you gotta pass on this one We believe in sex hot dirty delicious sex Yup make it sweaty too It's not just sex it's about the romance But good romance has sex and we keep the doors open Oh and the lights on

Man do I love Bear Canyon Valley and When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) especially it s residents Mae Doc and Griz what can I say about Griz that big hunk of lovingBraden Cartwright a hunk of Polar Bear goes for a visit to Bear Canyon to see his nephew BainIt s a sweet reunion but Braden has deep scars from being a POW not only physical but mental as well He feels broken and unable tover have a lasting relationship till he sees Dakotah and a cure for his nightmares But will his bond to her and her baby be No Biggy! enough to get her past her own and accept himDakotah a human has only known torture and torment at the hands of shifters She hasven been impregnated by a lion shifter and all though at the beginning she hated that she carried a shifter now not the devil himself will get her baby When she is rescued by the Bear Canyon Valley shifters she realizes that in the shifter same as the human world there is good and Crush It! evil And she isven surprised and a bit perplexed at the feelings she has for BradenThese guys are really the best group of shifters always ready to give a hand wherever it is needed and take shifters into their familyWhenever I read one of these books I get so Attracting Birds to Your Backyard emotional and wish they were real and my friends Very good againLove reading about Bear Cannon Valley and all the people who come there to stay never leave Looking forward to the next story Braden Cartwright’s a polar bear shifter that fights demons Except the demons he’s fighting are within him He’s headed to Bear Canyon Valley to catch up with his nephew Bain and hopefully to catch a break from his demons Dakotah Lopez wonders if she jumped from the frying pan in to the fire She ran away from Deep Hollow toscape the vil shifters bu.

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